Wulfhere – A Woman of Power – Staring Down a Rebellion in Sphere Three

The spirit Arnel recounts an amazing story of a powerful spirit. Her name is Wulfhere. She is a dynamic leader, she had been tasked with an extremely difficult mission … she must subdue a rebellion in the third level of heaven.

Wulfhere was in one life the birth mother of Shonar, a spirit who brought order from chaos. Wulfhere was described thusly:

“She was near the height of Shonar and of perfect build. Her face was rounded, but of beautiful shape and complexion. Her eyes were dark with the deep blue of the sky at night. Her hair was very dark but not quite black, and was braided into strands which were arranged about the crown and back of her head and above her ears. It gave her a look of being girded for action; a strong but sweet personality. She seemed to mingle within her person the sweet devoutness of Mary of Bethany with Boadicea’s warlike heart – a strange blend, but comely. She might have been twin to Shonar.”[1]

The spirit Shonar was used to restore nations after major upheavals in different eras and locations in earth’s history. He was born in Russia after Ivan the Terrible, and was in France during the time of the French Revolution. His tunic seemed more like a coat of armor than cloth.

Wulfhere and Shonar still worked together in the spirit realm. The spirit Arnel, who told this story to the Rev G. Vale Owen credits Shonar with picking him to undertake a mission under the leadership of Wulfhere.

Sphere Three

Arnel, became a member of Wulfhere’s group, who were responsible for setting tasks to be completed by residents of a colony located in the third level of heaven. Arnel tells us that the people of level three were not content. Arnel explains the root of their problem lies in the fact that they are still close to earth:

“It is so in Sphere Three, for here they be not in whole released from the influences of Earth, being but two stages in progress beyond it, and that advancement is not so much in result an access of greater strength as a training out of certain elements of weakness. It is not so much a progress ahead, as a preparation for that time when the call is given to them to go forward in their ways.”[2]

The third sphere of heaven, from Arnel’s description above, seems more a place of unlearning than learning. A stage where a spirit begins to release themselves from the tribal instincts that engulfed them while on earth. An area where one should begin to comprehend the minuscule time spent on earth against infinity in the spirit realm – and how that should reshape one’s perspective.

Arnel explains the emotional ties that bind the residents of sphere three to earth:

“So it is that the Sphere Three is sequestered into many departments of people, each with a special line of training. Most of those who are admitted into this sphere needs must pass through many of these, and some through all of them. It is a sphere which is still very sensitive to Earth and the thoughts of those there still incarnate, because, first, it is so little removed; and, second, very many of those in that sphere have friends yet in earth life. Between these and those there is much responsive feeling, albeit neither are able very clearly to understand the cause of such effect, nor where and how it comes to them.”[3]

Hence, the knowledge of how thoughts and force of will affect spirits and incarnates is not yet completely understood in level three. From this gem of insight, one can infer that many other aspects of the processes of the spirit realm are still veiled to the inhabitants. While they have demonstrated a desire and a certain level of goodness of heart, they haven’t progressed further. But they are being prepared for the upward journey.

The Rebellion

Arnel describes Wulfhere standing high on a flight of stairs, while her staff, one hundred and twenty of them, stood beneath the platform, held up by arches. There were ten thousand disgruntled spirits who wished to confront her.

Arnel begins the narrative:

“At length she spoke to them after this fashion.

‘Now you are quieted somewhat, my children, I would know your tale and, when you have made it complete, I will try to help you. So do you contain yourselves while this one tries to tell me what you feel to be amiss.’

Then to the bottom of the stairs there came a tall and not uncomely man, and stood there for a moment away from his fellows. After which he lifted up his head and spoke to her.

‘We have come to you to state what we feel to be no amiss alone, but unjust also. What is amiss we feel is that you, a woman, be placed above us, who are not used to leadership as yours is like to be, but have hereto followed after the leading of men, and men also whom we have elected to lead us and, further, to lead us in the road we ourselves indite. That is our complaint in its first count. That is what I name by the word ‘amiss.’ “[4]

The good souls who are in the crowd protesting their current plight, have not discovered the complete meritocracy of the spirit realm. No spirit is given responsibility without earning that right; without traveling through many tasks and years of training.

Additionally, they are not yet aware of the fact that a spirit must explore all combinations of sexual perceptions. Eventually, a spirit melds the best aspects of feminine and masculine and rise to a greater strength. Hence, whatever gender a high spirit wishes to display, that spirit has powers, perceptions, and attributes that lesser spirits can’t imagine.

Jesus told us to approach heaven humbly and to open our hearts like a child. This was not to force us to feel inferior, but to prepare us to learn amazing revelations. And in doing so, we may accumulate knowledge and wisdom all the more rapidly.

The man wasn’t finished, unknowingly he continued to demonstrate his own unreadiness for ascension:

“’The injustice, which tries us in our patience somewhat sorely, madam, is that we are not yet preferred into better quarters. This is not a just complaint in all of us, for some there be most apparently who are not fitted yet to be advanced, either by length of service, or by their attained qualifications in the work of this realm. Yet the most of us are so fitted and do merit advancement, and that is our complaint in respect of injustice, and that is our claim.’

‘I think,’ said Wulfhere, ‘ my little one, you –‘

But he cut her short, and said, ‘I do not wish to barter words with you, you being a woman, madam, but I protest at your assumption of motherhood on my behalf. I am not your little one, madam, and I will ask that you treat me as the chosen delegate of these comrades of mine who are out to get what we now do you the courtesy to ask of you. We know not who set you where you are, nor whence you came. But when my lord Shonar left us we found you had been placed in the House of Orders. It is therefore we come to you, willing to speak fair. But we are able-bodied men of maturity years, and with wills all our own to use. If we get what we want by your consent it will be well. If you do not choose to listen to us –‘

‘If I do not listen, yes?’

‘Madam, I will ask of you your answer, and I hope you will frame that answer wisely.’

‘I will answer you, my little one,’ she said, ‘and I use that term in no unkindly way. You are delegate to your fellows here, and you are one of the strongest of them all. That is why they chose you to speak to me. Your strength of will and mind is not small, and that is good. But you use it ill for lack of humility. For your own sake, but more for the sake of those behind you whom you are misleading, it is necessary that I should show to you the limit of your powers. Come hither to me.’”[5]

Many truths are revealed about heaven in the exchange between Wulfhere and the delegate of the ten thousand. First, on level three, the spirits who reside there are not able to construct buildings by their collective will. Otherwise, they would not have complained about their quarters, since spirits at higher levels create their abodes to fit their needs and desires.

Second, the leadership of the spirit realm assigned to lower levels must be very benign. Otherwise, the souls at the third level would have realized that a threat of force against a higher spirit would be as if an ant challenged an elephant.

Up to their present the colony had followed suggestions and orders, without seeing the force behind the commands. Shonar, who was Wulfhere’s son in one of his lives, may have deliberately sent Wulfhere as a slight provocation to elicit the rebellious response so the colony could learn an important lesson.

The Solution

The man did as he was bidden, yet slowly, with hesitation, as if he was under the control of a more powerful mind. As he was walking up the steps Wulfhere told the gathering that she would guide them as a mother guides her family. Whereas, their chosen leader, although superior to most of the people gathered, was not yet fit to lead. She would help them all to learn the path of ascension. And she would start with their leader.

Arnel describes what happened to the man when he reached Wulfhere:

“So she turned to him and placed her hands upon his shoulders and, as she did so, he became changed in aspect. His hair became white, and his knees began to falter. His clothes were of an ashen hue, and his eyes were dull and sunken. She removed her hands and spoke to him, not unkindly, ‘And now, my little one, do you own me strong and wise, and will you follow me in my leading?’

And in a weal voice he said, ‘Madame, you are what you say you are. You are fit to lead us. But I will not follow you, by your good leave. I know the message of your mind upon me madam, I will go where you would advise me to go, madam.’

‘Now, my child, you have more of sweetness in you, and more dignity, than you had when you spoke to me with larger words and less wisdom. You see already it is well that you traverse once more the way you came, and this time more carefully. For that reason your progress will be speedy. So take heart of me, my son, for I will send to you of my strength and goodwill, and when you come hither to me anon you will be able to help me in the governance of this people, and I shall value your service.’”[6]

 No hatred, no rancor, only a firm hand, as a parent would control an unruly child. With firmness, but with love, always attempting to keep their dignity intact. Secure in the knowledge that one day the child shall grow up to be a responsible and wise adult.

Softly put is the heavy hand of command laid upon spirits who have attained heaven. But still it must be placed, when dialog fails to persuade.

Arnel explained to the Rev. G. Vale Owen that sending a person back a sphere one or two isn’t unusual in the first three levels of heaven. Some people make great strides in one area, but lack in another; they are promoted thinking they will improve the other areas slightly lacking, but in some cases this doesn’t work out. Hence, returning back to an old level gives them the opportunity to work on that one or two deficient areas.

Nosso Lar

There is another example of a colony in quasi-rebellion – over food.

Nosso Lar is a transition colony, where people who have newly arrived to heaven stay until they are accustomed to the ways of a celestial city. People arriving from their physical sojourn on earth or the Lower Zone (called Umbral in Portuguese – where spirits who are still tied to the earth, either through their characteristics or material desires live and are left to fend for themselves, in organizations and colonies of their own making) are used to eating food. While, on the other hand, spirits who are more advanced get their substance from the atmosphere and energized water (water combined with electrical, magnetic, and solar elements).

Many spirits requested food like they used to have so they could enjoy the sensation of eating. When a new Governor arrived, he requested teams of higher spirits to come to Nosso Lar to teach people how to nourish themselves properly. After all, the Governor sought to prepare his citizens for what life would be like after they had advanced.

People pushed back, and pushed back hard. The Governor kept up the meetings, lectures, and training for over thirty years! Andre Luiz, who dictated the book Nosso Lar to Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier was told this story about the entire episode:

“After twenty-one years of persevering effort by the Government Center, the Ministry of Elevation gave in and cut its supplies down to what was strictly necessary. The Ministry of Elucidation, however, took much longer to make a commitment due to the great numbers of spirits working there, who were dedicated to the mathematical sciences. They were the most obstinate adversaries. Since they were used to the ingestion of protein and carbohydrates, which they deemed indispensable to the physical body, they wouldn’t give in to the new concept applied here. They sent the Governor weekly lengthy observations and warnings full of analyses and numerical data, and they became quite indiscrete at times. The old Governor never acted alone, however. He enlisted the assistance of noble mentors who guide us via the Ministry of Divine Union, and never dismissed even the smallest report without having examined it in detail. While the scientists were making their arguments and the Government was stalling for time, dangerous disturbances were beginning to occur in the former Department of Regeneration, which has since then become a Ministry. Encouraged by the rebelliousness of the collaborators in the Ministry of Elucidation, some of the less-evolved spirits who were undergoing treatment there started acting contemptibly. These sorts of problems caused enormous schisms within the collective agencies of Nosso Lar, which in turn encouraged a frightening attack by dark multitudes from the Umbral. They tried to invade the city by taking advantage of breaches in the Department of Regeneration, where a large number of collaborators had set up a sort of black market to provide for their nutrition-related vices. The alarm sounded but the Governor stayed calm. Terrible threats hovered over everyone. Nonetheless, he asked the Ministry of Divine Union for a meeting, and after conferring with our highest council, he had the Ministry of Communication temporarily closed. He ordered the detention cells at the Department of Regeneration to be prepared for isolating the more recalcitrant spirits. He admonished the Ministry of Elucidation, whose impertinences he had constantly endured for over thirty years, and temporarily prohibited any assistance to the lower regions. For the first time in his administration, he had the electric batteries in the city walls turned on in order to emit magnetic darts to serve as a common defense. There was neither actual battle nor attack within the colony, but only resolute resistance. For over six months, the diet was reduced to the breathing in of life-supporting elements from the atmosphere, along with water blended with electrical, magnetic and solar elements. Thus, the colony experienced what the indignation of a kind and just spirit could be like. At the end of this most difficult period, the Government was victorious.”[7]

Such patience! Years of active and passive resistance. Miles of useless reports – all against that which must be learned in order to advance to spheres and cities vastly superior to Nosso Lar. But human nature, being what it is; this is not surprising. We see this type of behavior in our children, ourselves, and our society at large. We are creatures of habit and we love our small comforts. No matter how our habits and peculiar desires may impede our progress. We rationalize away that which does not suit us – until an event occurs which forces us to make a decision.

Wulfhere and her Staff Complete the Solution

The colony at the third level must have been grudgingly complying and carrying out their duties for quite a while, otherwise Shonar wouldn’t have called his mother to arrive to set the colony back on the right path.

Arnel tells us what Wulfhere told the crowd after their leader departed for the first level of heaven:

“In the higher spheres, my children, wisdom is of such a quality as to enable leader and followers to work in harmony. Dominance of leadership is not known, for both are attuned, each to other, in love and confidence. But here you are so little progressed in this same wisdom that it is of necessity that command and obedience be definite and pronounced. You have need, not so greatly of the leading of a Captain at Arms, as of the mothering of some strong woman’s heart. It is therefore I was chosen and sent to you. If you ask what be my qualities for such a task, I tell you right willingly. I stand before you now in simple guise as a woman. But I have to my years many centuries of strenuous work here and there about the universe.

Of old time I was a mother of earth, as were some of you but lately. Since then I have had short shrift to give much heed to thoughts so tender as those which fill a mother’s heart. But awhile ago it was brought in upon me once again – my erstwhile motherhood, and now I understand how deep into the rock beneath is built that same sweet estate – maternity. I have played the virago – for the love of souls, but I am as I find it now a mother more than all else beside. And that, as I reckon it up, is the reason of my mission here among you.

And now, my children, I bid you trust the mother’s love and wisdom of me, and I will do well by you that you may awhile go forward into the brightening light beyond those hills which bound your present realm.

And if your training have in it somewhat of pain, know that every mother also understands what pain her children suffer, inasmuch as, at their coming pain became to her a sacred thing, an offering of love to the child of her bearing.

Stand still, my little ones, and keep in silence awhile, and you shall understand the better what I tell you, and some of the sweetness which is resident in pain.”[8]

Wulfhere is, as described by Arnel, a combination of warrior princess and an earth mother. She is a person one would follow into battle to the ends of the earth and in that great struggle would consistently feel the warm glow of her love for her troops.

She came prepared to give the colony love – tough love. Love with a purpose. Love that enriches and challenges. For Wulfhere is a veteran, not just of earth, but of hard tasks accomplished on other planets. She, through thousands of years of experience, knows full well how to shepherd flocks to the direction of her choosing.

Sweetness and Pain

All the while Wulfhere was talking to their leader and then to the gathering, her staff, under her express orders were working. They had made themselves in the makeup of sphere five – invisible to the crowd on the third sphere.

Each higher spirit selected people in the crowd and discovered that episode, regret, missed opportunity, which had been vexing them and delaying their progress up the spiritual ladder. That feeling and emotion was brought to the surface – different pain points for each spectator. All this was done at incredible speed.

When Wulfhere stopped speaking, the torment of the past rushed over each person in the multitude. There was a brief moment of silence, then the dam burst. Cries of anguish, one person shouted out, “What a fool I was, and a fool I am.” Others couldn’t control their bodies; heads flung about, some kneeled, some went to the ground in a fetal position. Tears flowed throughout. All were locked into their own world – oblivious to their neighbors around them.

Wulfhere brought them out of it:

“And now my little ones, I call you back out of the past where you have been gleaning wheat for your present sowing. Well, I promise it shall bear good fruitage to your hand. But go your ways now to your own homes, and think further of those who have suffered by your wrong-doing, and then we will meet together once again for further counsel.”[9]

How unlike our present society! Whereas we, as a collective whole, expect instant forgiveness for any nefarious deed. Imagine a psychiatrist diving deep into a person’s past and drumming up that which the patient wished to never reveal, and then admonishing them to openly think about the consequences of their actions – never to perform in that manner again. The doctor would be disbarred. Not allowed to practice, to past judgement, to actually illuminate errors for patients who so sorely require to face the fruits of the past.

But isn’t that exactly what we do to children. Confront and then correct them. Allowing mistakes, but expecting improvement over time.

Arnel reported that the citizens of the colony had faith in her from that point on, and they greatly benefited from her leadership. Arnel ends this story with a lesson for us on earth:

“We were not seen by those on whom we cast our influence to help them. Even so, we deal with you who still go on your ways through the life of earth. When you are in companies we deal thus with you, and when you are alone in the silence also. Whether abroad or at home, we have you in our good care and watchful keeping. And as we dealt with these, so do we daily deal with you.”[10]

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Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at www.nwspiritism.com.

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