Wulfhere – She had to Convince a Tribe to Conquer their Thirst for Revenge

The spirit Arnel recounts an amazing story of a powerful spirit. Her name is Wulfhere. She is a dynamic leader, she had been tasked with an extremely difficult mission … to tamp down the thirst for revenge of a league of souls who have just been murderously slaughtered by rival religious group … when they recovered they would march in mass, as spirits, to torment their killers and to stir up feelings of revenge amongst their surviving kinsmen.

The Call for Help

Arnel was in the gardens in the House of Orders in sphere three of heaven. The House of Orders is where the superior spirits from higher levels directed the spiritual and materials needs of the souls residing within their district. Wulfhere, the mother of Shonar, who requested that she come to this district was now fully in charge.

The spirit Arnel, said to the Rev G. Vale Owen that he was sitting in a pleasant area, with waters, flowers, and trees, in a large courtyard close to Wulfhere, when he felt a calling:

“At length said I, ‘Wulfhere, I have knowledge that James is on hand calling to me, but I do not quite get at his mind. Do you perchance, look that way in your vision?’

‘Nay,’ she answered, ‘I do not. Do you tell me Arnel, what his wants would seem to you.’

‘I do not think he has need of aught, but rather does he seem to offer his help, which he feels is needed hereabouts. Also the boy Habdi is in his mind, to bring him along with him.’

‘To bring the boy Habdi here, said you, Arnel?’

‘I seem to feel it, somewhat uncertainly.’

‘If you be uncertain, it is that he makes no request or no definite offer belike, but sends a question.’

Then I was silent to listen forth to James, and anon I knew Wulfhere was right.

‘It is so,’ I said to her. ‘He does not offer help. He has been requested that his help be given. It is definitely needed. The boy Habdi’s also. His enquiry is, “Where shall he alight in the Sphere Three?” ’

Then she answered, ‘Arnel, good son, remain in silence while I unravel this matter.’

After a time she continued, ‘Now is made clear to me what was perplexing me some time before you spoke to me Arnel. I was venturing forth in response to a call from down there below, but could not understand. It is plain to me now. It is Shonar who calls. He called first beyond and past us to James to bring the young lad. And he calls to us here to meet these two and himself on the verge of this Sphere where he will in person deliver over to us his commission. Do you send word to James to meet with us at the Stony Port? Good. Now let us go thither ourselves. This matter has indeed a feel of urgency.’ ”[i]

This passage from Arnel exposes the immediacy and the method of communication in the spirit world. Spirits don’t dial a number, they use a name, a unique identifier. When they expressly think of this name and send a thought, the ether of the spirit realm, instantly transmits this out – just like our prayers. But the difference is that a spirit will detect his or her code and bring the message to the forefront of their mind.

Think of the numerous cell towers we have in our midst today. They act like the spiritual ether, receiving and sending messages. They detect, the number of the person dialing and the number they are trying to connect with. Then the message will be passed along – across oceans and continents, if necessary, to finally reach the device that belongs to that unique telephone number.

The spirit realm, which is a live dynamic intelligence, somehow moves these messages along to reach their intended destination … until they touch the target personality. We are all unique “personalities”, we are evolved self-contained intelligences, with character formed out of our experiences. Different from other spirits in character, attitude, attributes and mixtures of matter and energy, but alike in our beginnings – from core intelligence, capable of forming our own persona. Droplets of artificial intelligences that become distinctive over time. And each of us has the ability to tune into the spirit communications network.

All of us has this ability, in different degrees. Our sensitivity is greatly diminished in our physical bodies, but it does exists. When we feel a presence, or feel that we are being talked about – that is our mind tuning into the background radiation of thoughts. Some people are more adept than others. These are usually mediums or empaths, who feel more radiating emotions than thoughts. Nevertheless, even at our primitive level, we are always connected to the spirit world, and to each other by streams of data constantly flowing through us.

What can be absolutely ascertained is a spirit’s ability to receive messages from untold distances and from different spiritual spheres. While the transmission is immediate, unaffected by the physical limitation of the speed of light in the physical world, the ability of a spirit to respond and travel is also amazingly fast. They have only the need to think of their destination and they are on their way.

Hence, Shonar, was able to send messages to his compatriots and have them meet at an agreed upon place, in a blink of an eye.

Rendezvous at Stony Port

Stony Port was aptly named. It was composed of large boulders on a crest of a hill, which slanted down into a plain below. Arnel and Wulfhere arrived first, by volitation (travel by the speed of thought), then James. They asked where was the boy Habdi? James told them he left him where Arnel and Wulfhere had just departed.

Soon, standing on the crest of the hill, amongst the boulders, they saw from the upper boundary of sphere two a movement of people. They kept walking as if in a trance and halted at the base of the hill. Shonar was with the group. He came up to his friends:

“He said, ‘I thank you, mother, and you, my friends, for your kindly answer to my call. The matter stands thus: These people have just been slaughtered by their oppressors, and came over from Earth dazed and with violent longings of revenge within their hearts. I have held them dazed, and drawn them away. Most of them have a dull sense of what happened before their exit, and wish to return to goad on their compatriots to acts of reprisal. That must not be. There be no room in that poor country for more blood of hatred. The ground already is glutted beyond further absorption. Take them hence and I will return with no tarrying hereabouts, to the scene of all this hideousness. There is still some hell’s work afoot there, and I am needed.’

‘Why came you away, Shonar?’ replied Wulfhere, with some sternness, and I could see the old wolf spirit of her welling up and held hardly in leash.

‘Because they be of very violent mind and hard of restraint. No other could have brought them so far beyond their normal atmosphere, and to this place, Wulfhere. If you will, my mother, I will hand them over to you. You will find all your old-time strength of prowess in need for the task. I certify you of that, my mother. Will you accept this work?’

‘I take it,’ she said, and I saw the strong broad brow of her raised but ever so little, and her head seemed to set a little more firmly between her shoulders.

‘Go you, my son; they have need of our strong brood way out there below. I here, you there, we will do the thing together and finish it also. You did well, Shonar, to send your commission forward beyond us to James. And the boy, Shonar, that was a good thought of yours to call the boy. Now go, and the Great Power be of aid to you, for you have need, as I see by the set of your eyes.’

Shonar was very strongly tensioned at that time. Every shred of power within him was drawn taut for the task in hand. He had none to spare for words. He strode up to his mother, laid a powerful hand, either side her head upon her beautiful braided hair where the parting was and, raising his hand in farewell to us two men, went away down the hill past the multitude which moved uncertainly, but did not stray apart, but clung together in their helplessness. And so he departed into the ever-deeper gloom beyond.

Wulfhere watched his form until it was no more seen, and murmured, ‘Aye, I have seen him thus aforetime on occasion. It will go hard with his adversaries.’ “[ii]

Shonar was able to rally his group of acquaintances to perform an important mission. All within mere moments. This could only have been done by utilizing his personal relationships. Just as on earth, where endeavors are accomplished with a group of trusted associates, so does the same occur in the spirit realm.

Friendship, mutual admiration, experiences working closely together, and other bonds are as prevalent in the spirit world as they are here. On earth we meet and discover fondness for others we identify with or perceive as energetic and competent over the course of our lifetime. In the spirit realm, we meet and work with others over the course of hundreds, if not thousands of years or more! Immortality gives one plenty of time to meet and cement lasting friendships and to gather a coterie of comrades who are capable of any enterprise.

In our physical life we run into our spirit friends. Networks of close people will often incarnate together, to provide support in the trials of their lives. They may be childhood friends, who unbeknownst to themselves, had been close companions for thousands of years. Or they may meet at work, immediately detect a comradeship and remain close even after changing jobs.

You will recognize a companion spirit. If you meet someone and like them instantly, for no apparent reason, there is a good chance that your spirit connection is powerful. When I first went to a Spiritist Center in Rio de Janeiro, I met some people there, but I was immediately drawn to like, trust, and admire this particular person; his name is Antonio. Even though I speak very poor Portuguese and he doesn’t speak English.

To the outsider, this would be classified as an irrational reaction. Why feel such a close connection to a complete stranger, and to one that communication is difficult at best? The answer lies in our spirit mind. Our physical brain picks up a recognition signal from our spirit sense. We don’t know what it is telling us precisely, but we feel a bond, a sense of trust toward that soul who we have worked with in the spirit realm before we came to earth.

Hence, Shonar, communicated with his friend James and his mother Wulfhere – who was his mother in only one life, but one that formed a deep bond between them. He knew them both. His mother knows and worked with Arnel. This is how things get done on earth and in heaven. Friends and friends of friends and their acquaintances rally a team of mutually supporting people … and a team capable of conquering the tallest mountain has been assembled.

James and Habdi

Where Shonar first came into contact with James and how James and Shonar met was not revealed in the messages by Arnel to G. Vale Owen. But we do know about James, besides just his name.

Arnel was in the fourth sphere of heaven. He went there to meet Ladena, the leader of a little colony of people. He also wanted to meet James. He first went to James’ house, it stood out from the other houses. Not from its size or grandeur, but from its perfection. A perfection that could only come from the vitality of a spirit who was from a higher level. The loggia of the house was in front and was surrounded by flowers. Displays of various colors highlighted the edges of the covered patio.

Looking at the house, Arnel noticed the boy Habdi had arrived with his mother. His mother had newly reached the sphere and was still acquainting herself with life in the spirit realm. Habdi scanned the horizon of the great ocean. He reacted in excitement, tugged at his mother and said:

“‘There he comes, my mother. See, his sail is set, but no wind fills it in these parts, and yet he comes with much speed, mother, as he ever does.’

‘And who is he who comes, Habdi?’ enquired the girl.

‘It is James, dear mother, and none else, than he who comes to us. He comes, time and again full often, mother. And all the people here are very glad when he comes, for he is kind and of great power to help them, and he is always seeking to do service in their company.’

‘Is he an angel, Habdi?’ she asked.

The boy looked perplexed. You will understand, my son, that words here are by no means so important as the meaning attached to them. It is the inner word, that is, the meaning informing the words spoken, which impinges upon our ears; not alone the form of the word itself. The girl had brought over with her from Earth her own ideas of what an angel should be, and that it was which perplexed the lad.

But he soon came near enough to her meaning, and answered, ‘He is but young in years, my mother, and he did not come into spirit until after I had arrived. But he was an angel even in earth life, for he was very good, and very brave to make great sacrifice in love. So when he came here he progressed right speedily, dear mother.’”[iii]

Thus, Habdi, understood many things in his own way. He knew that a sail boat that James was in, didn’t travel because of wind – it moved due to the will of James. In the spheres of heaven, people could, if they desired, to move almost instantaneously, but the serenity and the pleasure of transportation, by boat, by cart, by horse was also chosen … for the journey itself gave space to enjoy and meditate, to absorb more of the surrounding love and wisdom of heaven.

Therefore, James didn’t rush from place to place, but took a more measured approach. He didn’t have the stress of being at a specific place at a certain time. He didn’t have the stress to show up for work or be docked from pay or be fired. He only possessed his own yearning to help others, to show them a path to ascend in the levels of heaven.

Arnel tells us of James:

“His step was firm and true. His body was slim but of much power, and swayed with ease as he moved forward. His hair was dark brown, and his eyes were almost purple in their depth of colour. He was indeed very beautiful.

Now what the lad had said of him was true. He was a newcomer into the spirit life, as length of service counts in these realms. But he was one of those great souls, so little discerned amid the rough and tumble of earth, who pass over here to be appraised at their full worth. They may do very little which men would count achievement. But earth owes to such as these much more than its denizens wot of.

So when he came here he speedily was advanced to the Sphere Seven, which was his own proper place. Here he took account of things and soon made request that he be given work to do near earth amongst those who were troubled about their conditions.

He reasoned that few do so quickly find themselves advanced to a sphere so high as his and, by the time they have come thither, much contact with earth has been lost to them, and earth itself has taken on the complexion of another period. But he, having absorbed within himself the powers resident in the Sphere Seven, was still fresh in earth measure of thought, and the times upon earth had not yet changed, for he had but a few months to his sojourn, by what time he had mounted to that high place. So he would bring all these qualities to advantage for the service of his kind still incarnate.”[iv]

In the passage above, a mystery was unlocked for me. In April, 2015, during a mediums meeting at the Seara Fraterna Spiritist Center in Rio de Janeiro, my wife and I received a message. One part of the message concerned the blog I had been working on; nwspiritism.com. The message was as follows:

“Your work is beautiful and receives much help from the spirit realm, especially from younger spirits who have a greater capacity to understand the use of new technologies and the possibilities they afford. However, the loving presence will never be unneeded because love itself demands a loving presence.”

I too, like Habdi, was perplexed by the words, for I knew I didn’t have the meaning behind them. The phrase “especially from younger spirits who have a greater capacity to understand the use of new technologies and the possibilities they afford” caused me to think. First, aren’t spirits immortal, how could some be considered young? Why wouldn’t all spirits understand what technology will do to the culture and society at large?

In Arnel’s description of James, I saw the passage from another angle. The “younger spirits” means those who have recently come from a physical life on earth. They were closer and more in touch with the thought processes of people today. Just like Arnel, Zabdiel, and others spirits who communicated with G. Vale Owen, their language and cultural understanding was of a time and English based many generations ago. The spirits who were of higher levels, would be, on average, more removed from a life on earth. While they would have perfect knowledge of the circumstances, their intimate understanding of the cultures and the emphasis placed on certain symbols, items, and actions would be lacking.

Hence, the ramifications of my tiny little inconsequential blog about Spiritism, would be more apparent to them than to others more distant from living in a society with rapid communication.

Learn more about my personal journey to Spiritism and how I started to recognize the signs and signals that were presented to me – read my book 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life.

Wulfhere – Surveying the Situation

Arnel reports that the crowd of slaughtered people consisted of three thousand men, two thousand five-hundred women, and approximately one thousand children. All brutally murdered, because of religious differences.

Wulfhere and Arnel stood before the dazed herd and searched deep inside their minds. They were searching for the key to bring the multitude out of their lethargy without awakening an irresistible urge for revenge. Arnel laid out the problem:

“These people had been vilely done to the death. They were not very highly attuned spiritually, except some few of them. Were they to be suddenly awaked out of their stupor their sudden and violent death had cast upon them, there would be an outburst of frenzied rage on the part of some three-quarters of their number. These would swamp the others and the upshot would be a panic and a stampede in fear and hatred back to the scene of their massacre. Here arrived, they would, in turn enrage their still incarnate fellow-countrymen and the slaughter would be renewed by them against their ill-users. This would be avenged, and so the horrid tale of woe would be prolonged. We had our business to do in this matter. Our objective was clearly marked out for us. It was to prevent this catastrophe. But the means to that end were not so clear. Every one of these victims was a free-willed being. Free-will is sacred, and may not be gainsaid. Each of them must be given opportunity to choose which way he would go, and what he would do. And this choice must be made with full knowledge of what had come to pass upon him and his kindred. We must not hinder that choice, nor in any way deflect it out of the line of freedom.”[v]

Free will, if you want a cause of all of the bad things that happen on earth; man’s inhumanity to man; tragedies occurring to good and innocent people; criminals getting away with murder and corruption … look no further. It is the fact that we are allowed to do what we desire that we have such evil on earth, such seemingly unfairness and injustice.

Step back and up, then you can see the logic behind this unbendable rule. If we were halted from performing irresponsible and reprehensible deeds, then we wouldn’t have to live with the consequences of our actions. Then we wouldn’t have to be the target of others, performing their wrongful activities against us. Then we wouldn’t learn, down to the core of our personality, that what we had done in the past was not correct and the characteristics that promoted that type of behavior should be erased from ourselves.

Only by traversing this terrible and long process of difficult trials can we hope to emerge a better spirit. A spirit like James, who asked to allowed to stay close to the chaos and shadows of hate that is earth, so he could lead people to a better path. A spirit that sees evil, blind ignorance, uncontrolled rage and blind fury … yet understands and still wishes to help those immature spirits find a way to the light.

Hence, Arnel states that all he, James, and Wulfhere could do was to present what happened to the group and what their alternatives of action could be in a more reasoned atmosphere. The consequent plan after awakening would be up to the group and each individual.

The newly arrived crowd, if they chose revenge, would be instantly transported, by the power of their own minds, back to the scene of the crime of earth. They would not understand the process, they would just be there.

Wulfhere – Handling the Situation

Wulfhere and Arnel, in concert, came to a conclusion. Arnel, with the permission of Wulfhere, started to give orders, while Wulfhere would begin to exert her mind control over the sleepy mob. Arnel went over to James:

“I said to him, ‘James, my friend, there is strenuous work afoot here. Let no error be made in it or disaster will ensue. Mark me what I tell you, and be prompt to do it, my son. You will understand it better while the thing goes forward.’

‘Go you, therefore, to the House of Orders; send hither of our company fifteen people; they will know of what composition the party should be. Send with them the lad Habdi also.’

‘Go then to Ladena. Tell her to shape the minds of the people of the Glade for service. She will understand. God be with you; we shall be agait in His service.’

I laid my hands upon his shoulder, and he looked earnestly into my eyes and then, turning, sped aloft over the country on his errand.

Soon the company arrived, Wulfhere saw that I understood her mind and left their ordering to me the while she used all her powers upon the multitude in such way as to enable our companions to do their work the more efficiently.”[vi]

Slowly, Arnel and the reinforcements from the House of Orders, herded the unruly mob into lines. One of women and one of men. Under the power of Wulfhere’s mind, with Arnel’s help the inner thoughts and emotion of each was exposed, so the helpers could further categorize the people. They were put into groups of those most spiritual and forgiving to those who would most probably cry out for instant payback.

Next, the children were gathered in a secluded place, just inside the boundary of sphere three. There was a meadow and a river running through it. The children were ensconced in a pleasant and alluring garden scene. All of it was bathed in clear sunlight.

Then one of the children was awakened and led by Habdi to see the garden, the flowers and the trees. Habdi, speaking to the child on their level made the child feel safe and secure. Habdi patiently answered any question put to him. After that, three more children were brought to life and made to feel comfortable. Finally, all of the children were awaken and explored their new-found magical garden.

Leaving Habdi with the children, Arnel and the others went back to Stony Port to deal with the adults. Arnel and his assistants peered into the minds of each person, looking for those few to awaken to converse about their new location and the possibility of forgiveness.

Arnel found a priest, who was a bishop, who seemed to have the right conditions of spirituality within him. Arnel allowed the holy man to slowly recover his senses. Arnel described how the bishop finally realized his situation:

“He was sitting upon a little hillock out on the plain, head in hands. Once and again he raised his eyes, but they told him little, being ill-focused upon his environment. He sighed unknowing and thought he slept, dreaming, and would wake anon. He did not much err in this.

I stood before him and poured my will in a stream upon his own, my companions aiding me. Awhile, he arose and stretched his arms upwards and sighed once and again. We looked then into his eyes, and held them at last upon our own. Slowly they came into focus, and then a frown gathered upon his comely face, and in a little, being fully awake, he came towards us and addressed us.

He said, ‘I pray you forgive me, gentlemen, I have slept awhile. But – I scarcely know – yes, I did fall on sleep, but not hereabouts nor were – I do not think, gentlemen, you were of the company of those others. Will you come to my aid, sir? I am somewhat bemused –‘

He broke off sharp, for he had glimpsed the thousands of his sometime countrymen lying mostly asleep, some uneasy, some walking slowly a few yards and again sitting down to close their eyes in stupor.

He looked at us sternly and unafraid. He was a noble fellow, and I rejoiced greatly he should soon be our comrade. He said, ‘Now it comes back to me. My poor brethren and my people. God help them to forbear, as I have counselled them so oft to do; to forbear, poor sheep, and to forgive. But as to you,’ he continued, turning sharp about upon us again; then he paused and said more slowly, ‘And yet you have not the look of them who did us this disservice, nor are there any weapons in your hands to view.’

Then I answered him, ‘No, nor we have any upon our persons. Sir, I see you already understand your present state, that you have passed through the gate of death.’ He nodded. ‘I see also that you are of the priestly order.’

‘Both priest and bishop; but that is naught.’

‘You, with these your flock, were killed by your enemies. You have forgiven those enemies.’

‘All this is true, sir, for I made it my rule in the other life to forgive them in advance whatsoever they should do to me, living ever in the presence of their ill-will and ill intention. But who are you, by your leave, gentlemen?’

‘We are angel ministrants on a very difficult quest,’ I said, and told him all our task and our fears for that multitude. This was a great soul, and he quickly sensed our earnestness and our object, and many details as by intuition.

Then he said, ‘I can aid you in this if you will impress me into your service and, aiding you, I shall be helping also these poor little ones; for, sirs, they be little more than babes, and you will be patient with them because they are so.’”[vii]

The bishop, who had lived in constant danger, knew that violence could break out at any juncture, yet he had already made up his mind to forgive whatever nefarious deed was inflicted upon him and his people. He was truly an advanced soul on earth.

I remember, before I became a Spiritist, seeing an interview on television with a man whose daughter was murdered. The killer was going to be executed that day. The man said he had forgiven the murderer. I thought, I wouldn’t forgive, I would want to torture, then kill the perpetrator! In my mind I believed the father to be weak and useless.

Now I understand, what strength the father really had. Now I realize the long arc of our many lives. When we die, it is just the end of one small episode. Nothing is really lost, except our physical covering. I now comprehend that the murderer, was an immature, a primitive spirit, who would have to live through many lives to learn that killing and violence was never an answer. I now know that everything that took place had a purpose, a lesson that each person which intersected with the lives of the brutal thug, the girl, the father, the mother, et al. had to take. The tragic chapter would affect each differently, but each needed that precise curriculum to enable them to take to heart a valuable lesson.

A Child Shall Lead Them

Working diligently, most of the women were awakened and led to their children. Although quite agitated at the manner of their and their families deaths, they were, after being reunited with their children in a mini-paradise, calm and no longer exclusively thought about revenge. Additionally, with the help of the bishop, many men were quietly roused and talked down from their heightened emotions.

On the other hand there were still around two thousand souls who were in a hazy state and were living time bombs. Of the two thousand there were approximately fifty women. Hence, a good number were diffused, but the potential for a mass exodus returning to the scene of the crime remained.

Arnel and the others were struggling to determine a method to calm the raging emotional ocean on the plain before them. Wulfhere then told Arnel about the words of an old prophet, “A child shall lead them.”

Arnel was momentarily dumbfounded, he thought of the Christ Child, but he knew that to ask Jesus to come was not the answer. Arnel could see the logic of having a voice of innocence and sweetness address the crowd, but he couldn’t see how. Then Wulfhere told Arnel that there was an alternative to bring Jesus to the remote plain. A light went off and Arnel finally understood Wulfhere’s meaning – they did indeed have a child in their midst and that child was Habdi.

Wulfhere’s leading Arnel to the correct conclusion is illustrative of the teaching method of the spirit world. They well know that giving an order and telling someone to follow it doesn’t enhance the wisdom of the person performing the act. The spirit world and even our corporate system understands the necessity of giving time to groups to search for their own solutions. For if orders are constantly barked out, then people will eventually be in the habit of sitting and waiting for commands – they will stop using their own initiative.

Wulfhere demonstrates the kind and loving direction given to us on earth. They are allocating time – in our case thousands of years – for us to learn the better path. For if God came down and commanded us to stop killing each other, otherwise we would be immediately destroyed, we would halt the killing. But, would we change our inner character? No, we would just be afraid of the consequences. As soon as we thought that God left, the destruction would begin anew.

Arnel, learning a valuable lesson, and able to put one more trick in controlling crowds into his quiver, went to get Habdi from where he was with the children and their mothers. Wulfhere and Arnel schooled Habdi and prepared him for the performance of his life.

The higher spirits arranged the remaining men and the few women in a circle and placed Habdi in the middle. Then the recently passed souls were allowed to regain consciousness. Arnel described the scene which follows:

“In the midst of the circle stood a young boy, alone and self-composed. He smiled upon them and then, going up to one whom he thought had an appearance of intelligence above his fellows, said, ‘I take you kindly, sir, for you have a look of some tenderness upon your face. You will deal pleasantly with me, sir, will you not?’

The man looked upon him perplexed. Then he arose and stood on guard with some suspicion brought over from earth of plot and treachery.

‘Who are you, young sir,’ he said, ‘that you speak to me so boldly? You are not of our children. And you go lonely in these parts.’

‘I am not of these parts precisely,’ answered the boy Habdi, ‘I live some leagues distant. But it is given to me to know of these parts somewhat and, if I can serve you who are strange here, I would much enjoy to do so.’

‘You have some assurance, lad, and I like you none the worse for that. But how comes it you do not fear us rough men, since you come singly and are but a child?’

‘Sir, already I have shown some wisdom, for I have come at what I sought; and made you give it to me moreover.’

‘And what is it you sought that I have given it you unasked?’

‘I set out to find what your heart was like, whether hard or kind, and I know it now to be not either of these in whole; but yet there is more of kindness than of hate therein, and for that reason I will favor you.’

The man, in spite of all his perplexity and somewhat bitter thoughts because of his late treatment at the hands of his fellow men, broke into laughter.

Anon he said, ‘And yet, youngster, you have some strangeness in your appearance; withal you have. Now who are you, and of what tribe are you? Tell me now.’

Habdi paused for a moment, but he did not ask for our help, nor did we send it. At last he replied, ‘Now you are not some little kind-hearted alone, but observant also. Belike we shall be friends sometime, you and I. Well, sir, give me your hand and you shall grow wiser still.’

The man with a smile gave his hand, and Habdi took it in his own with a firm grip. At once the look on the face of the man changed. There was not fear, nor pain, nor perplexity, but a little of all these composite. He sought with some hesitation to withdraw his hand, but could not. Still Habdi held him with his gaze and, taking his turn now, smiled. And as they two stood there the lad gradually took on a more translucent appearance. He did not become conditioned to his own sphere, nor to any sphere beyond that in which we were. But he effected a partial transmutation of his body so that, while still visible to the man, he appeared more radiant, more fragile; and yet his grip was firm as at the first.

Then he slowly reassumed his former condition and, smiling still, loosed his hold upon the man’s hand. The rest of them looked on in utter perplexity.

Then Habdi spoke to them all and explained to them fully what had come to pass upon them, told them where their comrades and the women and children were, and invited them to follow him, so he would lead them to join them.

Not all, but nearly all, of them went with him, but some few remained.”[viii]

This was a scene from one small outbreak of violence. Valiant and hard-working spirits quickly came together to try to stop one tragedy from spreading into a cycle of death. The dedication of spirits like Wulfhere and Arnel, and the other volunteers are a shining example of how the spirit world attempts to guide us onto the right path.

Poland, 1939

From an isolated incident of tribal and religious warfare, one can see the amount of work involved in a relatively small outbreak of unleashed fury. There is an account of what transpired at the beginning of the Second World War in the book Nosso Lar, dictated to the great Brazilian medium Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, by the spirit Andre Luiz. He mentions the enormous amount of work in the spirit world during the first stages of World War II. The book was published in 1944, but Andre Luiz wrote about the ramifications of war in 1939.

Nosso Lar is the name of a celestial city high above Rio de Janeiro. Set there to receive the newly dead who lived a life which enabled them to reach one of the first levels of heaven. It was located far from Asia, where the Sino-Japanese War was in full vigor and from Europe, which was just beginning its descent in conflict. Yet, the stream of disturbing thoughts from both locations were overwhelming the heavenly spheres above the earth.

Andre had written about a call for volunteers to assist in the great effort to control the flow of disharmonious emotions. Since thoughts of vengeance and war could cause other incarnates to increase their own base feelings and amplify the heighten atmosphere of impending mass destruction, it was necessary, just like in the drama which unfolded for the tribe that was slaughtered, to control the negative vibrations emanating from people involved in the conflict.. Andre writes about a conversation he had with a volunteer who had just returned from 1939 Poland:

“’The picture we’re seeing now is so painful,’ commented Benevenuto in a grave tone; ‘accustomed to the service of peace in the Americas, none of us could imagine what the spiritual aid work was going to be like on the fields of Poland. All is darkness and difficultly down there. One cannot expect sparks of faith in the aggressors nor in most of the victims, for that matter, because they have given themselves entirely up to frightful impressions. The incarnates don’t help us; they only consume our strength. I have never seen such great collective suffering since I began my ministry.’

‘Did the delegation stay there for a long time?’ Someone asked with interest.

‘We remained there for all the time available to us,’ replied the Minister. ‘The head of the expedition, our colleague from Assistance, thought it wise that we focus exclusively on the task so that we could enrich ourselves by observing the situation and by taking better advantage of the experience. In fact, the conditions couldn’t have been better. I found that our own capabilities were far from the extraordinary capacity for endurance possessed by the self-denying spirit workers on duty there. They were effectively performing all the assisting tasks in spite of the suffocating atmosphere, which was saturated with destructive vibrations. The battlefield that is invisible to our earthly kin is a real hell of indescribable proportions. Never does the human spirit show its condition as a fallen soul as thoroughly as it does in war – it displays remarkably diabolical features. I saw intelligent and cultured men precisely localize certain sectors of peaceful activity as targets for what they called “direct hits”. Bombs of high explosive power destroyed buildings that had been patiently built. The poisonous fluids of the machine guns, together with the pestilent emanations of hatred, made any help almost impossible. However, what distressed us most was the sad condition of some of the military aggressors when they left their physical bodies due to their wounds. Most of them came under the control of dark forces and ran from the missionary spirits, calling them all “ghosts of the cross”.’”[ix]

The spirit aides from Nosso Lar must have been in Poland at the outbreak of World War II. Germany attacked Poland in September, 1939. Benevenuto, the man speaking, in Andre’s account, must have been present during the first days of the invasion. His group must have witnessed pilots, artillery officers, and others utilize their weapons at maximum efficiency. Purposely directing fire to cause the most confusion to the enemy.

To us, such demonstration of force would have denoted a well-trained army – an army designed to wreak havoc at the maximum speed as possible. But the spirit world saw only the hatred and primitive urge to destroy and to conquer. Lording over peoples and territories are useless exercises in the pursuit of perfection. In fact, they retard ascension, giving excuses to allow free reign of our material desires, to further trap ourselves in the thirst for power and wealth.

Just as Shonar alluded to with his expressed urgency to return to the scene of mass slaughter, Benevenuto also pointed out the legions of inferior spirits waiting to urge on feelings of revenge and hatred. These poor souls, who are locked around the earth and under it, live for the times they can make others act like they would. No different from the bullies at school or in the work force, they are most happy when they can survey their work for chaos.

We live among such spirits in our daily life. We are allowed to be constantly assaulted with bad and destructive thoughts to condition us for the future – when as high spirits we must filter out all negativity and concentrate on solving problems.

Our swimming in a sea of bad advice is actually one more sign of the genius of the spirit realm. Like basic training, where soldiers must crawl on their bellies while live machine guns blast away – we too are trained to dodge and ignore the bullets of pain and agony which constantly come our way. Only by learning to follow our good instincts and the edicts of our conscience can we ever hope to rise to the level of superior spirits … so that one day we too can help groups of people avoid falling into a pit of retribution.

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Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at www.nwspiritism.com.

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