An Industrious Patience -A Required Attribute for Spiritual Ascension

Patience is my least developed attribute. I have been told that in messages from the spirit realm. While I have plenty of impatience, which for some reason doesn’t make up for my lack of patience. I have always wanted what I wanted now and had no desire to wait … therefore I forced events so I could grab what I desired. I have since learned this was to my detriment.

Choices need to be made and options followed when the timing is correct, not when you wish it so. This is a fundamental lesson presented to us by the spirit realm. One cannot create planetary systems, ecosystems, and life in general without the ability to pick the right moment.

The spirit realm sends us to earth to acquire knowledge and wisdom. Wisdom is the combination of intellect and emotion – such as love, caring, and compassion – which unites in the ability to apply solutions to complex problems in the most humane and efficient manner possible.

This doesn’t mean that everyone will like or even agree with the solution, or that people won’t be adversely effected in the short run. Only that over the long arc of time that which has been decided will serve to edify the individuals involved.

In the communications of spirits to the Rev. G. Vale Owen, they talked about the basic conceptual development process for new enterprises, whether animal or mineral, was the spiral. Whereupon, whatever was commenced had within it a self-improving mechanism. There would be times of growth and expansion, then periods of contraction, which may seem like a step backwards, but was actually destroying weak attributes to make way for a stronger foundation. Then an acceleration and expansion once again.

This is how we have evolved and how the entire history of mankind has evolved. If the spirit world did not have patience, we would have been made perfect to begin with. The result would have been a monotony of sameness. We would be like the worker ants, never changing, never growing, and never creating on our own. It takes patience to begin an endeavor and let it play out … only interfering at precise critical moments.

Patience for Ourselves

The same applies to our personal growth. We are impatient for results. We want to drive a car before we are of age and even before we achieve the financial status to buy an automobile or pay for insurance. We want a home and a family before we realize all of the responsibility that entails. We want spiritual growth without the work to earn it.

All of this will come and it will arrive at the right time – when we are ready – if we have patience. The spirit world notifies us of the need to wait, because even if we don’t realize it, factors are always at play to take us to that next pinnacle:

“How many times you ask for guidance in the experiences of life!

You frequently appeal to the Spirituality, weighed down by afflictions and disappointments, as if crushed by stones of despair. However, on most occasions, the divine remedy to overcome such concerns is already enriching your experiences in life.

Who among us ignores the imperative need for patience during the unsettling circumstances that assault us in our evolutionary journeys?

Such a simple recommendation this is, one would object, that this reminder expresses nothing else but the obvious, so preordained to everyone in their evolution as the humdrum of daily life itself.

However, that which is evident is not always the easiest to accomplish. The practice of good is an indispensable light in the pursuit of happiness. We all know that. Nevertheless, who among us can kindle it without effort?

Spontaneous assistance to others is a safe foundation. That is irrefutable. Yet, how long will we spend on the complete learning of such message?

In every obstacle to conquer and in all shadows to extinguish, let us engage patience in the service of the heart. Patience applied to tolerance and understanding in all the trials and struggles that the world presents to us.

Progress may vertiginously follow the avenues of intelligence on Earth when it comes to the material nature of our realizations. However, without the lubricant of patience in the machinery of our relationships with each other, the speed in the physical world will frequently do nothing but dry out the gears of our life, precipitating us, rather often, towards instability or disaster, fatigue or perturbation.

If you aspire to find safe directives that may guarantee stability to your home or social group; if you aim at being the most efficient at the work entrusted to you; if you really want to support your beloved ones, and if you effectively want to live with tranquility and produce abundantly, cultivate patience during moments of tribulations and problems that recur on your path, whatever they are, for it is only through the constant exercise of patience that we will find within us a peaceful territory in which we will edify the everlasting kingdom of love.”[i]

Jose Herculano Pires, who wrote the commentary after what the spirit Emmanuel expressed above, told us that we live in a culture and time of speed. We expect everything to come quickly. We drive fast, we brake fast, and we never have time to slow down. We do so much, but we anguish over the fact that we can’t do what we want. We cry that time is short and that the day is filled.

Pires is correct. We live an accelerated life. We find a delay of two seconds to download a page on the internet to be an eternity. We no longer can sustain the endurance to sit through the opening titles of a movie, hence the film industry is either putting those at the end, or grabs our attention first and then flashes the minimum information as the story begins.

We are becoming stimuli reactors instead of reasoning humans. We have only time for emotions instead of the valuable exercise of analyzing, planning, and acting deliberately. Hence, our culture is one of instant gratification. We can’t stand to listen to anything that causes us to sit and ponder. We don’t wish to be troubled by anything that demands us to be still and think out precisely what the other person said and how that will affect ourselves and our society in the long run.

This pervasive state leads to the destruction of our ability to spiritually grow. If we can’t find the time to filter through all of the ideas and thoughts which pass by and through us, then all we can accomplish in this life is to give free rein to our primitive emotions, which spill out of us because we feel we must react instead of patiently think it out.

Lack of Patience Leads to Dissatisfaction

When you are impatient you are dissatisfied. When you are unhappy with your life, you look for easy (and invariably wrong) answers. The spirit Joanna points out the slippery slope of allowing yourself to be frustrated:

“Dissatisfaction is responsible for many of the ills and sufferings in the social fabric, creating imbalances that could easily be avoided.

By using mechanisms of evasions, individuals avoid assuming their own reality. They create models of fictitious happiness, to which they shift their aspirations, producing and clinging to states of nonconformity and discontentment, wasting excellent opportunities for self-knowledge and fulfillment.

These standards become their goals, although they are unlikely to reach them. In the event that they actually do reach them, they remain stuck in the same state of morbidity and maladjustment because such goals are fallacious.

Minutia becomes essential, and details that differ from what they consider to be beautiful, healthy, aesthetic and happy become highly important, thus keeping them stuck in misery.

Rebellious in character and perturbing in behavior, they belittle the invaluable resources available to them and they long for only what they would like to be, have, and appear to be.

In this climate of discontent, they wait for a miracle that will never occur from the outside in. They do not put forth the effort to transform their outlook and change their attitude from the inside out.”[ii]

The spirit Joanna has identified the great trap that we set for ourselves. Instead of seeking the truth within our own divine conscience and in seeking God and spirituality, we construct a façade of what we believe will make us happy.

And what we believe will make us content and fulfilled is invariably material. We believe that money can buy our desires. And if we follow the full stream of our culture and put all of our effort in attaining wealth then we too can be as visibly cheerful and well-off as others we see in the media.

Once we attain our goal, we find it eerily lacking and believe it to be that we are not following the dictates of society close enough. Therefore, we must have the same brands, the same clothes, cars, and house styles – for that must be the path to appear completely satisfied.

It never happens, because inner peace can’t be imposed from without, only from within.

Acquire Patience

The spirit Joanna lays out the plan to acquire patience. It is one of the three legs of the stool which allows our will to triumph in any circumstance.

“There are three indispensable resources that support the will’s framework: patience, perseverance and self-confidence.

Patience teaches that while every endeavor has a beginning, it cannot be finished right away, for just as soon as one phase is completed, another challenging one appears, since the individual never stops growing. Only through careful and continuous action can one reach one’s objective.

Thus work unfolds peacefully, as new horizons open up to be braved at a later time; one never feels rushed or troubled for not yet having completed it.

Patience is a resource that must be trained insistently to give continuity to any undertaking while one waits for outside factors to contribute to the hoped-for results.

This mechanism is nothing but the result of well-directed effort, a rhythm in one’s work that must not be interrupted.

Conditionings are slowly created in the unconscious to aid the ability to wait, quieting perturbing anxieties and fostering a climate of emotional balance.

Like any other achievement, patience requires the indispensable requisites of practice, consistency, and faith in one’s ability to carry out the endeavor. Patience avoids going beyond what is required for one’s inner growth at the start, preparing a plan that must be followed step-by-step without leaps, bringing excellent results that will open the way to other possibilities for personal development.

In the tradition of early Christianity, people regarded as saints those individuals endowed with uncommon attitudes, capable of handling unbearable situations and even excruciating testimonies. Over time, various legends arose, much to the taste of the imagination. For instance, it was said that St. Kevin, desiring to pray, was seized by an attitude of ardor and held out his arms through an open window in preparation. Suddenly, a warbler landed on one of his up-turned palms, where it proceeded to build a nest. Two or more weeks passed but Kevin did not move until the little bird had hatched its eggs.

His companions regarded this as an act of patience – blessed and unusual patience!

It is not necessary to reach that degree of patience. It is obviously impossible to live it; even so, the example serves to show that, with patience, the impossible becomes possible.”[iii]

If one believes that we are on earth by chance and life is a series of your personal choices, mixed in with random events, then patience is difficult to attain. After all, one is only alive for a short time and every minute to live it as you see fit that is denied you, is lost forever.

Whereas, if one looks at one’s life as a Spiritist; a series of educational challenges over the course of infinity – then patience is becomes part of the process. Just like taking your books, paper, and pencils to school, and you wait for the bell to begin class and wait for the next bell to end class. You realize the bell will ring when it does, not a moment sooner or later. You don’t waste energy on desiring the ring to occur, you simply wait and perform other functions. The bell will eventually ring. Of that you are certain.

Take the same point of view to your objectives. Plan and start the work, track and make modifications – but don’t agonize over it. Don’t worry because, whether you attain your objective or not was all planned out by the spirit realm and the very act of the journey could have been what was specified for you for your edification.

This is the open secret of reincarnation. No opportunities are ever lost. Opportunities for love, wealth, greatness, and fame are waiting ahead. You will have to sample each and every one of these. A well-rounded and educated superior spirit must be tutored in varied circumstances.

All of this will come, fretting about it doesn’t make it arrive sooner. In fact, sometimes the spirit world will grant your wish, just to demonstrate to you the folly of attempting something before you are ready.

During a Spiritist medium’s meeting, the mediums encountered the spirit of a miserly man, who after he passed away still frequented the house he had lived in. He had lived under the stairs of his house, for he rented the rooms to lodgers so he could make money. He had several houses and rented rooms at a good profit. He lacked nothing and could have lived quite comfortably in one house, while renting out the others. Instead, he choose to make as much as he could, for he was enthralled with money. That was his driving passion – to the exclusion of everything else. The poor soul was miserable in the Lower Zone, locked on earth, unseen by his past tenants and still tied to his gold and possessions.

When the mediums asked a high spirit, how this came to pass for the poor miser, the high spirit said that the man was still an immature spirit, he had plenty to learn. He asked to be rich in his next life. He was told he wasn’t ready, but he insisted. Therefore, the spirit realm sent him back to earth to be rich, so he could learn the lesson of his impatience. At some point, while trapped in a prison of his own making, he will awaken and cast off his old material ties and begin again the trek upward to spiritual growth. Wiser for the lesson he received.

Exist in the Present

Be patient, for the future will unfold, it has to. All you really have is today; for today is when you will learn and grow and implement the plans that you have devised. Enjoy the moment and relish the beauty of the earth and that you have been given the gift of improving yourself on this wonderful planet.

Living wholly for the future is to not live and to not take advantage of the teachings the spirit world is providing for you today. Yes, you must withhold gratification for today to earn your prize in the future, but your sight must encompass those around you. Otherwise you may miss a chance to lend a helping hand or support someone in need.

In the book, Our Daily Bread, the spirit Emmanuel writes about today:

But encourage one another every day, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you may be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin. – Paul (Heb. 3:13)

The Apostle’s recommendation on daily mutual encouragement requires a great deal of reflection in order to keep doubts at bay.

Let us emphasize that Paul places singular importance on the time called ‘Today,’ pointing out the need to take advantage of the resources in play for the possibilities presented to us during the day at hand.

Many believe that in order to give advice to their brothers and sisters they must talk all the time, making themselves non-stop arguers. It is important to realize, however, that guidance consisting solely of words invariably leaves a great emptiness after they have been uttered.

As occurs in the realm of physical organizations, no spiritual edifice can be built without a foundation.

The statement, ‘But encourage one another’ represents a more important appeal than simply calling one another to verbal duels.

Invitations and advice become more effective when accompanied by example. All those who practice the noble principles to which they have devoted themselves, who eagerly fulfill their duties, and who sincerely exhibit the good are exhorting their brothers and sisters in humanity to take the pathway of spiritual growth. It is to this kind of daily testimony that the Convert of Damascus invites us. Only by means of this constant practice of self betterment will men and women free themselves from deadly deceit.”[iv]

Patience is an acquired behavior. It must be exercised and strengthened. Most importantly, it should be placed and tended to as one of the supporting pillars of your will. From your will comes everything else; faith, love, kindness, wisdom, knowledge, charity, and fraternity, along with accomplishments.

With patience comes calmness and certainty. Stress will melt away in the face of a poise of tranquil patience. Your body will be in balance and your spiritual vibrations will be in harmony.

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