The Spirit Realm Tells us that we Should Participate in Everyone’s Progress

We aren’t just placed on earth in isolation, but to interact with other spirits and incarnates. We have no choice. Even if we lived on a deserted island, there would still be spirits around us, reading our thoughts and supplying us with inspiration. It is meant to be this way; for in this stage of our education we are expected to live amongst the influence of good, bad, and indifferent spirits and humans of every variety.

This concept is discussed in a translated communication titled The Life of Jesus. It was reportedly a communication from spirit Jesus to a medium in France in the 19th century. The medium was only known as Medium X. The book was translated into Italian, then Spanish, then into English. It was not completed until a second medium took up the work in the 20th century. We are told in the “About” section:

“The original book was written in French and was later translated to Italian, and that version translated into Spanish. The Spanish translator was also a medium who received the dictation of the second part in the 20th Century. His name was Ovidio Rebaudi, born in Paraguay, but lived in Buenos Aires. At first he was reluctant to translate this book into Spanish, because he himself had lost faith in Jesus, believing him to be a myth. But a series of apparently unconnected occurrences happened which made him change his mind and he set forth on the difficult task of translating the book. It seems he was a very special person and highly spiritual indeed as he was then used by the Light Forces to transmit the second part Jesus had in mind. He is referred to in the book as Medium XX.”[i]

I am not sure about the authenticity of the work, for usually I attempt to find some cross-reference with other Spiritist literature that vouches for the communication. I haven’t found any other references to this material, although the central tenets of the messages conform to the Spiritist Doctrine.

One passage spoke about our dependency on others and its relation to the stage of the planet we live on. I found it fascinating and revealing. Here it is, from Chapter 12:

“The dependence of the Spirits increases relative to the inferiority of the world they inhabit, and I add that, despite the spiritual lights and intellectual strength of a Spirit, it has to suffer more or less deplorably for the shadows cast on its ideal and for the assaults on its convictions in a world in which all religious beliefs are understood only through demonstrations relating to the past, future, present and the honor of the Spirit.

The family of man consists of alliances without homogeneity and without enough collective strength to achieve its objective. These alliances become miserable tests for Spirits honored with a previously achieved elevation in the moral and intellectual hierarchy.”[ii]

The concept that as we start out as ignorant spirits on a primitive planet, and then are promoted up to a planet of atonement, where we must pay for our past wrongs from past lives in order to learn the lessons we require (where we live now), that we are more dependent on outside factors; such as other incarnates and discarnates, cultures, societies, schools, and friends and family is reasonable. I had just not thought about this aspect of the growth of a spirit before.

It makes sense, for we easily detect the inordinate influence that children have on each other. When one child executes a new action, then the rest follow, what children see and hear around them, causes them to act in a similar manner. As adulthood approaches the effect of external stimuli lessens. Therefore, it must be the same for a young and immature spirit.

In the second paragraph above, the difficulties of a spirit who has been sent to a planet like ours, who has previously lived with civilized souls, in a community where there is a close connection with the spirit world and which follows the Divine Laws and adheres to the rules of love, peace, charity, and fraternity – are revealed. Imagine taking your adult self all the way back to first grade and being forced to interact with taunting, constant physical horse-play, and other infantile games. This is where we live.

Elevated spirits must descend to our world and wonder what the heck they have gotten themselves into. Sane alone in an insane crowd, they must experience momentary bouts of self-doubt and thoughts of escape. Nevertheless, higher spirits who make a great sacrifice to come to earth, struggle through their lives trying to help others and lift our planet to the next level, are doing us all a critical service.

It All Starts with the Family

For most of us, spirits who are in the learning process and of a relatively low standing, must start at the beginning; our participation commences at the family level.  We are born dependent upon others; our parents, our brothers and sisters, and our extended family. While we think we grow to be self-sufficient, we are never far from dependency or proximity to incarnates or discarnates.  Our thoughts and feelings radiate and are penetrated by the life force of a multitude of sentient life forms.

Hence, whether consciously or unconsciously, we are involved in everyone’s life in our sphere of influence. Although, when we were young our parents were the first who had an enormous impact over us. They held a Divine responsibility to form our character.

The spirit Joanna describes the vital duties of the parents:

“The child is malleable clay, waiting for the diligent hands of the potter that will give it shape and content.

The skillful potter is the educator that should shape the decent social being, so that it can build a harmonious society.

When the child is capable of leading others, it is preparing itself to lead the human groups later on in life in the different areas of existence, oftentimes resulting in the command of people and nations.

The child will carry out this ministry, exactly as it learned in the beautiful days of its personality’s shaping, delicately crafted by the patience and wisdom of their teachers.

At home begins the incomparable work of moral shaping of all the members that constitute it, through the experiences and behavior of the parents, who will give demonstrative examples of the value of knowledge, character, honor, and domestic coexistence, representing the social segments of common life with other members of humanity.

This work is relevant and vital and it should never be totally transferred to the school, in essence, in charge of the instruction, which must inculcate healthy habits through the teachers’ conduct. However, parents are the noblest educators, both for the ethical and moral growth of the students as to the errors that lead them to the imbalances of all sorts that are prevailing in these days of shadow and perversity.”[iii]

The spirit realm, through the spirit Joanna, plainly states that our most important duty is to our children. Not only must they be taught to grow up straight and strong and wise, but they must also be inoculated against our material culture.

Children must be presented with gift of spiritual sight. They may not use the gift for many years, it may lie dormant for a decade or so, or even a life, but the spark will arise and be used by their spirit mentors to guide them onto the celestial path.

And whatever good is bequeathed to them will carry on to future generations. Goodness begets goodness, it multiples and trickles through into other families and places you never thought possible. Even the little gestures, such as one toward a stranger, could have far-reaching ramifications.

Spirit Joanna tells us of an actual event, which seemed small, but made a great impression upon another at just the right moment:

“Incidentally, two children, respectively 7 and 8 years old, were walking to an elementary school without a word to each other, each absorbed in their own juvenile world. The eldest was in great conflict for not being able to communicate effectively with the other colleagues, suffering the discriminations for his humble status and for the color of his skin…

They halted before crossing the street waiting for the traffic lights to turn. When they turned green, both children advanced to cross the street, but the school pack of the eldest child, crammed with books and notebooks, opened and some of them fell to the ground, forcing the child to stoop down to collect them. While he did so in an angry tone, the youngest child approached him, bent over, and while helping the other asked, ‘May I help you? I like you very much…’

They both smiled and left talking in the direction of the school.

After a quarter of a century, when a citizen of African ancestry achieved the administrative acumen in a large enterprise, he declared in his acknowledgement speech after the compliments, ‘I owe my life to a seven-year-old boy who once helped me collect my textbooks and notebooks that had fallen from my school pack as I attempted to cross the street. I was resolved to commit suicide that day, but his jovial and innocent gesture transformed my life completely. Therefore, I have always thanked him for having survived, and now I thank him again for having reached this very position and, in anticipation, for everything else good that may or may not come to be…’”[iv]

The man who was grateful for the boy, was also indirectly grateful for the seven-year-old’s parents. If the younger boy was taught to distrust and scorn others, he may have just laughed at the boy who dropped his backpack. Instead his parents instilled empathy and kindness, not merely by words, but with deeds and actions.

Expanding Your Influence

Kindness and gestures of support is one of the major themes that we read, time and time again, from messengers from the spirit plane. Our spirit mentors are well aware of our busy lives and our preoccupation with trying to make a living, but they ask for little moments of caring.

If we are serious to improve in this life, we are expected to assist the struggling colleague at work, to help the neighbor in their time of need, to give a kind gesture or a moment of our time to the stressed stranger in the street. It is through these tiny acts of compassion that we show to ourselves and others what our capabilities for higher notions of love and fairness could amount to, if we all lived according to the Golden Rule.

Every one of us should attempt to assist in the advancement of people within our sphere of influence. And if we all try, the world would be covered in positive thoughts of love and light. By helping others, we direct the focus of our attention away from ourselves and onto the joy of being of service. This is an important step to enable us to explore the satisfaction of serving instead of promoting our own desires.

The Spirits Book, by Allan Kardec, identifies the focus on self is the main hurdle holding back mankind from spiritual growth:

785. What is the greatest obstacle to progress?

The one must read book in the series of book about Spiritism

The Spirits Book

Pride and selfishness. I refer to moral progress; for intellectual progress is always going on, and would even seem, at the first glance, to give redoubled activity to those vices, by developing ambition and the love of riches, which, however, in their turn, stimulate man to the researches that enlightens his mind, for it is thus that all things are linked together, in the moral world as in the physical world, and that good is brought even out of evil; but this state of things will only last for a time, and will change, as men become aware of that, beyond the circle of terrestrial enjoyments, there is a happiness infinitely greater and infinitely more lasting.”[v]

This is why the spirit Andre Luiz exhorts us to participate in everyone’s progress. Only by our dedication can we strive to lift Earth out of the chaotic state of a planet of atonement to the semi-paradise of a planet of regeneration. Where hate and envy and inequality are vastly diminished. And our planet is cared for like the jewel of the solar system is supposed to be.

This is not to say we abandon our civic duties or commit violence to change the world. Jesus told us, “Then give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.” (Mk. 12:17), meaning that we should abide by the obligations imposed upon us by the society we reside in. While we may not like it, we have been sent to the world as it is to learn the lessons provided by the time and place chosen for us.

Hence, we should certainty note the injustices and tell ourselves that we would never rule in like manner. Nevertheless, we should strive to be as positive as possible and approach the opportunity to change with our example first and foremost.

The Spiritist Doctrine plainly illustrates that the end doesn’t justify the means, the means justify the end. The practice of violence and evil does not promote the eventual good, it only serves to elongate a culture of domination by one fraction over another.

The effects of spreading love and kindness is more powerful than one supposes. Think of Jesus, who harmed no one, spoke of understanding and compassion, and yet his words reached the entire world – even with the deleterious example of the corrupt church hundreds of years after his death.

Our little acts plant seeds that may remain hidden, but they are there, germinating in minds, unseen by outward actions, yet thoughts are percolating, whereby someday they may emerge into daylight. And then these gifts of kindness are spread once again throughout the world.

As we perform our good deeds at the micro level, our cumulative acts and harmonious vibrations combined with guidance from the spirit world creates a process whereby transgressions are resolved by future incarnations, lessons are learned, and positive examples shine as a beacon to all.

In the book Thought & Life, the spirit Emmanuel explains reincarnation functions to correct attitudes and behaviors, to eventually herd entire cultures to a superior level:

“Thus, those who trample over the rights of their fellows beings by taking advantage of their position of wealth or social power, will later return to live in the same ill-treated way. There, they will receive in person, the suffering which they created in the hearts of needy people. And if both aggressor and victim do not succeed in ample and reciprocal forgiveness, we will find a social picture of recurrent waves of hatred and vengeance, dissension and crime; a breeding ground for all sorts of delinquency.

Societies of yesterday that had enslaved human labor, must today receive and nurture, as its own sons, those it has driven away from the land where they were to evolve. Invading armies that trample over the fields of poor and humble people, will be reborn as children of that conquered land where they must work for the reconstruction of the institutions they had destroyed.

Segregationist groups who humiliate other races return carrying the same pigmentation they had detested, collecting the result of their own deeds. Aristocrats who are insensitive to the problems of the lower classes, after living in luxury are usually reborn in the poorest sections of the city. They drink from the cup of poverty the repercussions of their cruelty when, in other times, they had laughed at the pain and suffering of others.

Human society has always been a gigantic filter of Spirits, in which souls learn experiences regarding wealth and poverty, as well as giving and receiving orders. By this process, they gather the harvest of their own planting and either remain at ordinary ground level or ascend in obedience to Divine evolution.”[vi]

Hence, the spirit realm has a process, whereby, legions of immature spirits are collectively raised, over thousands of years, by struggling through various cultures and levels of technology to acquire the civilized aspects of good manners and to be able to balance materialism and spiritualism.

We are part of the process. We are one of the spirits being filtered through multiple lives, classes, and experiences. And we are also here to interact with other spirits, either by being a tool or a foil in the learning process of another spirit (while we ourselves are also acquiring knowledge).

Therefore, whether we wish it or not we do participate in everyone’s progress. The question is do we do it willingly or reluctantly? If we demonstrate our humbleness and our awareness of why we are on earth and actively contribute to the eventual ascension of our planet, then we too gain immense benefit – not only on earth, but in rewards when we return to the spirit life.

For that reason, seek out those who are trying to teach sanity to a crazy world and listen. Be part of their progress – contribute what you can. Hear the messages of love. Embrace the knowledge that we are on earth for a short time. We are living but one life in a sequence of many. That we are on earth for a reason; to help ourselves and others. Add your light and assist those around you to the dim flame of sanity and civilization, so more can be drawn to it. One day, when enough of us understand that we are immortal spirits with a plan, the world will become a better place.

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