To Spiritually Ascend – We Must Strive for the Oblivion of Evils

For the human race to collectively ascend to a superior level, from living on a planet of atonement, where we must repair our past mistakes via karma, to a planet of regeneration, in which we shall live in harmony with each other; greed, envy, and hate must be greatly diminished, we must remove evil. But what is evil?

Each person has their own idea of what is bad and good. We have a tendency to label anyone and anything we don’t like as evil. If everything that was labeled as evil by each individual on our globe was marked for removal, then almost the entire population would disappear!

The spirit Andre Luiz must have meant something specific when he communicated his poem Inner Peace to Francisco C. Xavier, the late great Spiritist medium from Brazil. The poem laid out how each person could obtain inner peace, the oblivion of evils was one of the conditions.

The spirit Emmanuel tells us:

“Evil does not actually come from the world but from the people who inhabit it.

The earth itself has always been good. From its soil spring delicately fragranced lilies; its maternal nature is a repository of wonderful miracles that are repeated every day.”[i]

Hence, as the Old Testament told the story of Adam and Eve, it was humankind that introduced evil. We are the culprits, we are the purveyors of cruelty and depravity. We are the transmitters of evil.

But, before leaving home with a bull dozer and destroying anything and anyone you consider evil, we should look to the spirits to understand what they mean by the word evil.

Evil – The Absence of Love

The spirit Zabdiel, whom the Rev. G. Vale Owen, communicated with in the 1910’s, explains the concept of goodness and evil. Zabdiel tells us that good and evil are “conditions of attitude”[ii] toward God. In essence he stated, your perspective regarding the love of God determines the amount of benefit or harm any action we take, which, sooner or later, reflects back on us.

Zabdiel presents a universe full of the Supreme Spirituality’s love and this constant permeates all. When we attempt to block out the radiated love from God, this is when evil persists. Zabdiel illuminates the concept:

“The very intensity of the Love of God becomes terrible when it meets with an opposing obstacle. The swifter the torrent the greater the surf about the opposing rocks. The greater the heat of the fire the more complete the dissolution of the fuel which is cast into it, and on which it feeds. And although to some such words may seem horrible in the saying of them, yet it is the very intensity of the Love which energizes and flows through the creation of the Father which, meeting opposing and disharmonious obstruction, causes the greater pain.

Even in the earth life you may test and prove this true. For the most bitter of all remorse and repentance is that which follows on the realization of the love borne to us by the one we have wronged.”[iii]

Holding back love and God’s will is like an attempt to dam an ocean. It may work for a short period, but in time the barrier will fail. Therefore, evil is the absence of love. Where love is allowed there is good, where love is resisted there is evil. Zabdiel analyzes evil:

“Blindness is inability to see. But not only is there such a condition as blindness; there are also people who are blind. Blindness is a negative condition, or less. It is the condition of one who has four senses instead of five. But real it is, nevertheless. Yet it is only when one who is born blind is told of the sense of sight that he begins to feel his lack of it, and the more he understands the lack of it the more his lack is felt. So it is with sin. It is usual here to call those who are in darkness the “undeveloped.” This is not a negative term, which would be ‘retrogressed.’ So of both I say not ‘loss’ but ‘lack.’ The one born blind has not lost a faculty but lacks it.”[iv]

Hence, when a person commits an evil act, it is because of his or her incapability to discern the good, the correct action to take. It is the absence of understanding the presence of love and how that should influence every decision we make.

Most spirits and all people are a balance of good and bad characteristics. There is not a living soul that is composed entirely of evil. We are all a mixture, we travel through life committing acts that we regret. Zabdiel explains why:

“Yet you may say that people do go back and fall from grace. Those who do so are such as those who are partly blind or of imperfect sight – color-blind as to one or more colors. These have never seen perfectly, and their lack is only unknown to them until opportunity offers, and then their imperfection is manifest. For a color-blind person is one whose sight is, in little or more measure, undeveloped. It is only by using his vision that he maintains what vision he has, and if he neglects to do this then he retrogresses. So with the sinner.”[v]

Starting the Journey

To begin the steps toward the oblivion of evils, we must start to tell the truth, especially to ourselves; only then can we identify what gaps within need to be filled with love.

The spirit Joanna points out that the habit of lying holds far more hidden dangers than most people suppose:

“Vestiges of the mendacity phase linger in immature adults, causing them to continue to distort reality to please their senses, thoughtlessly creating vexing situations that make them and others suffer. Afterwards, free of what could have been the unfortunate consequences of their act, and even having promised themselves they would not yield to such vice again, they lie anyway, due to their conditioning.

Infantile insecurity is evident in individuals who refuse to grow, believing they attract attention with this troubling behavior.

Lying must be rejected under whatever form it may appear because of the moral harm it causes, for it leads to defamation, slander and a whole string of awful psychological and ethical dystonias in the social dynamic. Liars are doubtlessly sick individuals, yet they elicit contempt on account of their behavior. No one believes what they say even on the rare occasion when they actually tell the truth. It is completely natural for them to change the content or presentation of the facts, which they reveal in an unreal way, hoping to manipulate persons with this despicable use.”[vi]

Joanna states that people fall into the habit of lying for many factors, but one of the most prominent is being raised in a dysfunctional family. To eradicate that which is false within ourselves we must move to embrace the truth. She tells us:

“The truth must be spoken naturally, kindly, unpretentiously, without imposition, but also without being falsified, without losing the power of its content.”[vii]

To condition ourselves to the truth, we should read and study, and learn the Spiritist Doctrine. Examine the precepts we should follow, and promote good habits. Once harmony is restored within us, we shall have no need to lie or distort.

Hence, if we instill a regimen (following the lead of Buddhism) of right thinking, right talking, and right acting – we can set the stage for the next step to fill in our blank spots with the bright light of love.

Filling in What is Lacking

To begin, we must realize that we are on earth at this moment in time, are in the process of developing our good sides and removing our base emotions. We are all partially color-blind when it comes to perceiving the Light. We are on earth because we need to train ourselves to fully comprehend the love which envelops us and how to channel that love for our benefit and the benefit of others.

The process whereby we grasp what we have heretofore missed is our trials on earth.  Our choices during those trials sets us up for where we will land in the spirit world and our course we must follow in our next life. Zabdiel tells us, “It is only by freewill that that person is held responsible for both good and evil in his heart.”[viii]

Through our trials we build up a range of experiences. Like a law library that contains case histories, which are used to guide the verdicts in future cases, we too, deposit what we have learned into our conscience. Hence, our need for multiple lives in multiple cultures. Zabdiel reinforces this point:

“Also let it be remembered that what seems to be good or evil to one man does not of necessity so appear in the eyes of another. Especially is this true of those of different creed and habit of thought and manner of life in community. What, therefore, is possible in the matter of distinction between these two is that the broad and fundamental principles which underlie each should be grasped clearly, and the minor shades of these qualities be entrusted to the future when they will be gradually made more plain.”[ix]

The accumulation of knowledge to navigate through the shady maze of moral behavior is not lost upon entry into the physical life. We are given the infinite database of our conscience. Whereas, we may not be aware of searching for the correct answer, the feeling of anxiety in the pit of our stomach or that notion that we just did something wrong is the result of our brain retrieving thousands of years of results and notifying us of the findings.

This is why we have stress. Our conscience sends it signals out to all corners of the body alerting us that we are on the wrong track. The accumulation of these messages weakens our system and throws our internal harmony into disarray. This is why studies have shown that people who are more spiritual and are aware of their moral boundaries are healthier.

Multiple Lives are Required

“For a longer or shorter period sometimes, and often indeed for some thousands of years, as you reckon time on earth, a man may maintain his obduracy. But no man is created who is able to continue so everlastingly. And that is merciful limit which our Father Creator has placed around and in us lest He lose us, or any one of His children, away from Him, and without return for ever.”[x]

Some of us simply do not learn the easy way. One life is not sufficient to fully embed living by the Golden Rule into the foundation of our character. I have been told, by spirits writing through mediums, that I have failed again and again. I was placed in a position of authority and instead of tending to my flock, I used them for my personal gain. I am certain I have maintained my stubbornness for thousands of years, much to my regret.

I am grateful for the overwhelming force of love that is slowly breaking down my walls of selfishness. Only by living through harsh realities was I able to understand that the absence of love, of caring, of compassion sets the stage for great wrongs.

My lack of virtue, caused by my ignorance is gradually being righted. I am a long way off, but now I welcome the journey. I look forward to learning to live amongst my fellow beings with a sense of love and purpose.

The first step is to listen closely to that governor in your head – your conscience. Attempt to follow what feels right. It’s not easy since there are many cases that are still uncertain to most incarnated souls. But, as Zabdiel says, as we experience more lives, our moral compass will expand. Zabdiel leaves us with this message:

“Let us therefore, having looked on this phase of aberration from man’s natural walking with God, now look the other way in the direction in which all things are tending. For truly, evil is but a transitory phase and, whether it pass away from His economy in whole or no, from every individual most surely it will pass away when its opposing force is spent, and he be left free to follow on in the glorious train of those who brighten as they go from glory to further and greater glory.”[xi]

As we shed our blemishes and ascend in the spirit hierarchy, we are given more responsibilities. In the spirit realm where faith and thought create reality, power is parceled out to those who have completed the requisite training. This is why we are on this planet, so we may one day complete our training and contribute to earth and other worlds, in helping other souls rise.

Each Little Step is Important

It is easy and simple to promise ourselves to be better, to remove the primitive urges which moves us. But it takes dedication and perseverance. And, don’t forget we shall be tested repeatedly to determine if we are just paying lip-service to casting off evil influences.

In the book, Jesus in the Home, the spirit Neio Lucio, recounts when Jesus told the tale of the four tests to his disciples. They were talking about the story of Job and his trials. When Jesus brought up the example of a man in the city of Nineveh.

The man was considered a paragon of virtue and of devotion to God. The news of this man even reached the higher spheres and the archangels resident high in the levels of heaven.

It was decided to send a series of tests to this most pious man:

“In order to do so, the Teacher Angels working for the Most High sent four basic detectors of righteous individuals – Want, Wealth, Power and Anger each came down in its own time in order to perform the indispensable trials.

Want, which is always the first to appear in such cases, approached the great believer and made its presence felt in a number of different ways by afflicting him with hardships, obstacles, illnesses and abandonment by loved ones; however, the devout man, full of confidence, knew that the messenger was a heavenly worker and defeated it, proving himself to be increasingly stronger to the virtues of which he had become a model.”[xii]

After Want, came Wealth. The man experienced the opposite of the lack of everything. But, faced with great riches, he didn’t hoard, because he knew that wealth was from God and not his. He used his money for constructive purposes. He built for the community. He was fair to his employees and gave to charity.

Next came Power; immense power over the lives of others was bequeathed to the virtuous man. He handled the temptations of power with true grace. He didn’t allow himself to become overbearing, dictatorial, or arbitrary. He tried to instruct instead of command.

Last came Anger:

“Triumphant and happy, the believer was finally visited by Anger. In order to probe his spiritual state, the invisible teacher made use of a weak and unlearned servant to touch his self-esteem by talking with obvious disregard about a private matter. Although what he said was, in fact, true, it constituted real disrespect toward anyone of such a social position and inarguable dignity.

The devout man could not help himself. An intense wave of blood spread across his flushed face and he lost control of himself by hurling hurtful words, wounding family members and servants and undermining everything he had done. It took him a number of days to regain his composure, but by then Anger had already laid bare his inner spirit, showing that he still had a lot of work to do. Anger notified the lord that this particular son, enrolled in the school of illumination, still had a long way to go in the purifying experience in order to earn a position in the glorious vibrations of the higher life.”[xiii]

I purposefully put this story at the end of “Oblivion of Evils” so that each and every one of us realizes that this is a task of multiple lifetimes.

When I first read the “Four Tests”, I laughed. A sad laugh, a resigned laugh. I knew I had failed Want – even growing up middle class, in this present life, I always wanted more!

Wealth and Power – I have already discussed how I found out I had abused power to gain wealth in a previous life. So far I have a trifecta of loses!

Then I thought about Anger. A couple of days before I read this story, I was sitting in my comfortable chair, thinking how well I have been doing. I was encouraged by my progress in remaining calm in many circumstances to date. I was handling the big problems pretty well – with equanimity and a stoic posture. Then, suddenly, out of the blue, my dog who was sitting next to me, let out a ferocious bark. Loud and piercing. I was startled. I brought my hand down and hit the poor thing on the head. So much for my control of anger.

Hence, I have failed every test, and yet … I am still improving. I am making progress. I feel better by learning about why I am here and about life in the spirit realm.

Someday, I hope to be like Socrates. When as he was leaving his house with his pupils, his wife was yelling at him. Loudly and uncontrollably. Just before he was out of reach, she hurled water at him.  As he left, he calmly told his students; there is always rain after the thunder.

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