Trust in God and in Yourself

Trust – a simple word but a complex concept for an adult. As a child we had implicit trust in our parents. We literally knew no other way of thinking. As we grew older, our trust evolved, we developed to measure trust out in small increments. In full adulthood we totally abandoned the possibility of absolute trust. We always reserved that small percentage of doubt.

There is an interesting section in a translated communication titled The Life of Jesus. It was reportedly a communication from spirit Jesus to a medium in France in the 19th century. The medium was only known as Medium X. The book was translated into Italian, then Spanish, then into English. It was not completed until a second medium took up the work in the 20th century.

While I don’t know for certain if this work is really the communication of spirit messengers from Jesus, the message does present intriguing concepts. The idea that we need to cast aside all imbedded beliefs – the stories and cultural heritage of our youth – and look again. In Chapter Twelve this concept is introduced:

“The Soul’s freedom is acquired by the Spirit’s intellectual power. By intellectual abilities I do not imply the more or less prominent aptitudes for the study of the sciences, but the positive momentum of the idea to the solution of this or that problem placed in the field of the infinite; I care to determine the intellectual power of the Spirit, feeding it with a burning desire to discover the origins and giving it the stamp of an unalterable will to advance constantly, and even more.

Rejecting a belief that relies only on old prejudices and erroneous references to embrace a truly radiant faith in the midst of a Heaven with a fascinating and infinite light is a fact that cannot happen but with the collapse of all worldly aspirations; with the Spirit’s absorption of the material principle effected by the spiritual principle of the same Spirit. It is then that the bonds of the soul break apart and now in the possession of its own freedom, it follows the Spirit that is in possession of its own power.”[i]

Therefore, the old dogma must be discarded and the truth must be uncovered. We can’t find our path by following old roads. We must blaze a new trail. And we must use the messages of love as our signposts and ignore the passages that excluded groups based on old beliefs.

The pursuit of knowledge must be the driving force of our life. Not just the accumulation of facts and figures, but in problem solving. We need to fill our tool box with heuristics … every type of problem solving, discovery, or learning technique we can grasp. For as we ascend in the spiritual world, we will be called upon to utilize each and every one of them.

We can only achieve this state if our focus is on accumulating spiritual knowledge instead of accumulating material goods. As long as our efforts are concentrated on the daily grind of making money and desiring to buy more goods, we won’t have the stamina to explore spiritual phenomena. We have to balance the needs of our everyday life and devote time to our inner selves.

This will not be easy and it’s not intended to be. If it was we don’t hold onto our knowledge, our victory – it would be forgotten like an old discard toy. We must feed our intellectual curiosity and feel the excitement as we discover one more salient fact about how the universe actually operates.

It will not be as simple as one prayer, but will require real effort. We won’t be given immediate enlightenment – it is our responsibility to build our base of knowledge. The way won’t be tranquil:

“God does not reveal himself to the soul, although loving, it is the slave of a Spirit that operates by request only and not by its own science and consciousness. God then, did not reveal himself but only halfway to the pious woman, but ignorant of the hardships that lead to the joys of faith, that faith without contradictions and without terrors, that looms over all dangers and smiles in the middle of torture, that receives the light from God to fulfill all duties, devour all humiliations, not shy away from all heroisms.”[ii]

We are being told that we must strive to learn about God and His creation, in the face of unrelenting pressure to deny all rational conclusions that our intellectual pursuits led us to. Only by being certain, by logically following where evidence leads, can we stand our ground against those who would turn us away from true faith. We achieve this by not believing without doubt whatever we are told, but by analyzing and cementing the truth in our minds by the weight of evidence we have discovered.

This is the type of faith that Spiritism and the spirit realm wishes us to cultivate. While I realize it is difficult to fly in the face of an entire world culture dedicated to commercialism, relative morality, and utter faith in current scientific hypothesis, the uncovered facts are out there. Waiting for the truly open and inquisitive mind to parse.

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Trust in God

How does one begin the journey to find a Divine Presence in their life? For me it began with my wife telling me that certain things would happen in my life, with such specificity, that although possible, were not probable. When one event occurred, in which, I had thought was out of the question, it stopped me in my tracks and made be reevaluate my entire belief system.

Previously, I had always possessed a feeling of some sort of a Higher Presence, but I thought it to be remote. Over time, I stopped pondering spiritual questions and turned my attention to advance my career, to make more money, to accumulate more material – house, car, clothes, et al.

When my wife told me that I would be out of a job; the bank I worked for would go bankrupt – but I was not to worry because the same bank but with a new name would hire me – I dismissed her comments out of hand. About nine months later the first shoe dropped. Six months after that I was rehired by the bank who took over the failed bank.

The immense suffering, anxiety, and stress caused me to reevaluate my beliefs. My intellectual scaffolding had collapsed. I searched for how could the future be predetermined.

I found Spiritism, which explained that we are on earth to learn, to improve ourselves, to cast off negative characteristics and replace them with love, charity, fraternity, and honesty. And we must travel through life after life to achieve a pure state.

Intellectually I found my answer. Spiritism explained the spirit realm, how we are immortal spirits who must be trained to become responsible members of the spirit society … to take our place amongst spirits who create. Create with their minds, which must be free of all ill intentions, who must be free of any blemishes in their character.

I discovered Spiritism, I read about Spiritism, I spent hours upon hours thinking about the spirit realm, the leadership of Christ and God. I intellectualized Spiritism. I tried to comprehend the procedures and processes, the organization, the hierarchy, the environment of the spirit world.

While, I felt myself to be more enlightened about why I am here, why the earth is like it is … I didn’t feel the spirit realm. I didn’t seem to be emotionally in touch. I didn’t intuitively know the feeling of absolute love that many have experienced. Either through their own mediation or via near death experiences or other discoveries.

I read about God. I read everything I could about God in Spiritist literature. The central theme, from The Spirits Book in the 1850s, to the latest book sent to us by a spirit via a Spiritist medium – God is beyond our comprehension, to begin to understand God one must start with Christ.

Spirits even in the higher levels of heaven have reported that they too are unable to fully realize the extent of the Supreme Divinity. Passing on from physical life to spirit doesn’t come with a ticket to suddenly know who and what is God.

Hence, as scientists, who are trying to understand a phenomena, we must begin with studying the effects from an unknown source on a known object. We must analyze that which is affected and which in turn touches upon us. And this is precisely why Christ came to us on earth. To be the channel, to explain and to teach us how to become a spirit, that one day may reside close to God.

In the book Among Brothers of Other Lands, psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier and Waldo Vieira, spirits communicated to them that there is a path explained to find God:

“We can not measure God’s glory around us, but we can recognize the divine attributes of God through our love to our fellow man.

As far as it goes, the definition of the New Testament, “God is love; and he that abitdeth in love abideth in God, and God abideth in him”, carries with it the promise that by living and practicing pure love man will finally attain to the state of union with his Maker forever.

Would we find God? Then we need to follow Jesus Christ. Service with Him, is the real easement of life’s problems.

Good things do not come to us by chance. The happiness and the peace in the soul’s kingdom come from love’s service. When we find love in our heart, Jesus is there.

‘For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also’ – Jesus (Matthew, 6:21)”[iii]

Therefore, to absorb the love and goodness of Jesus is to take one step closer to feel the presence of God. Only by seeing the love and dedication to people of all types and classes by Jesus, can we determine the environment, manufactured by God, which created a spirit like Christ.

We see in Christ a reflection of God’s domain. A land of love, a deep feeling of warmth and contentment that has been identified by people who have had near death experiences, visions, and fleeting feelings of being encased in love.

While I thought about the spirit world, I felt better, calmer, but I didn’t experience the wave of love until I started to meditate and pray. Until one day, during a Spiritist meeting, where upon a person was talking. I looked at the person and heard her selfless acts and suddenly my body started tingling. I felt my brain focus on one thought – love. It was if a wave of warm water, but without moisture, bathed me and left me clean. Completely free of any worry or preoccupation of the mundane aspects of life. I felt in the moment. I felt bliss.

Later I had a dream, my mother, who had passed away, held me in her arms and I felt once again the utter contentment and bliss of basking in love.

For me, I had to achieve a combination of study – accumulating knowledge about the spirit realm and the immortal teachings of Jesus and the application of love for our brothers and sisters, without prejudices. And emotion – by meditation and asking for guidance, by opening myself up to help in whatever form was best for me. Only then, intellect tempered by emotion, could I achieve a state to experience, for a few seconds, what it meant to live in an atmosphere of love. And to trust implicitly in God.

Even now, that feeling is hard to come by. But when I do, it’s like a breeze came in from a small opening, carrying with it a sample of God’s universe.

My trust in God is built upon facts which I know to be true. Facts that only I and my wife could attest to. Facts that couldn’t be proven in a court of law. But facts nevertheless. And a state of feeling. An anticipation of breathing in love, walking in love, and existing in love – that I know I will come back to when I am done with my lessons on earth.

For each one of us, that trust may be constructed differently. It doesn’t matter what others thinks. Only what you know, deep in your heart to be true.

Trust in Yourself

To reach trust in God, first you must believe your rational foundation for your beliefs are valid and strong. These core beliefs can be used to interpolate the cause of present and future events, and your relationship with the world. This is faith. Faith built upon your own construction. Not faith because a person or organization told you. Your faith must be in yourself first, in your moral code, before it can be transferred to the God and the spirit realm.

But faith can’t be left on the shelf, to be taken down whenever desired. It must be exercised. In the book Our Daily Bread, psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, the constant use of faith is emphasized:

“In the gallery of venerable people of the faith, great preachers of the Gospel have always been construed as being the greatest expressions of Christianity. However, this has been the case only when these instruments of the truth have not, in fact, forgotten the watchfulness that is crucial for righteous testimony.

It is interesting to note that, of all his disciples, the Master regards most highly those who listen to his teachings and actually put them into practice. From this we may conclude that people of faith are not only those who are prodigious in words and enthusiasm but those who also display attention and goodwill in light of Jesus’ teachings, studying their spiritual content in order to apply them in their daily endeavors.”[iv]

Going to the gym once in a while doesn’t produce a newly perfected body – only by a regular and disciplined routine does one see improvement over time. Working out becomes a habit, a virtuous cycle, whereby improvement provides an incentive to exercise more.

Faith is the same. When I was younger, if I read the Bible, very rarely, and I thought of what it said, I would only ponder, not do. The messages of love and forgiveness were not made part of my daily life. I still got mad at people. I loved malicious gossip. The juicer the better. I still wanted to take advantage of whatever situation I could find. And I was constantly stressed and anxious.

I remember one day it all caught up with me. My stomach tightened and I was in great pain. My first thought was to find a tranquilizer. I instinctively knew I was extremely nervous and it was all catching up with me.

I wanted to find a cure for the symptoms as soon as possible. I knew the cause – my own actions in circumstances of my own making. But I didn’t even think, not for one second, that I should change myself and my outlook. I was so locked into the culture of getting what I wanted that my field of view was limited to attaining momentary relief so I could keep on striving for material and physical pleasures.

My plight was described exactly by a passage in the book The Way, the Truth and the Life, by Chico Xavier:

“As they go about their daily chores, people must not forget Paul’s expression, ‘Have faith in yourself.’ They should bear it in mind in the sphere of their obligations before God.

Those who live in the certainty of the divine promises are those who have faith in the relative power that has been entrusted to them; and by increasing this power with their own efforts, they evolve with their eyes set on eternity.

However, those who are discouraged as to their own abilities and place their hopes in human promises instead are like pieces of cork with no definite purpose; they are at the mercy of the sea without course or harbor.”[v]

I was that cork with no definite purpose. I fully bought into the consumer society as reinforced by a constant barrage of commercials and other pressures to dedicate my life to acquire material goods and to occasionally please myself by spending money.

Without purpose, we look to anything and everything to distract us. But faith rooted in reason anchors you. The barrage of messages from friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and society may rock you but they don’t dislodge you when faith hardens like a diamond.

Faith only becomes strong with practice. My intellectual fascination with Spiritism was only the first step. It was only after I started to review my actions every day and examine what I did right and what I had failed at – did I begin to pour the concrete pilings that fully grounded me.

Only then did I commence to cure myself from the pangs of nervousness and stress. I began by listening to my conscience. Spiritism tells us that we are given that great tool from our previous lives. It is the set of Divine Laws that is implanted into every free-willed being. After each life we add more to the set of codes by which we must live. We build up interpretations of how to behave in different circumstances.

Stress occurs when you ignore or rationalize away the dictates of your conscience. The vibrations caused by signals sent out from your Crown Chakra alerting you of an incorrect action disharmonizes all other Chakras, thereby creating an imbalance. Anxiety and nervousness is the result.

The challenge is that your conscience tells you to ignore material gain at the expense of providing for yourself. It tells you to help instead of hinder others. In other words, in many instances, it is diametrically opposed to the norms of behavior in our society and to our own base selfish instincts. Hence, you must be strong to swim against the current.

Once you put into practice love instead of hate, forgiveness instead of revenge, honesty instead of deceit, fraternalism instead of tribal exclusiveness, and spiritualism instead of materialism … stress dissipates.

Living, thinking of serving others as opposed to taking lightens your load. When I trained my thoughts, not just my actions, to conform with my conscience, I became more relaxed, calmer, less prone to losing my anger and saying hurtful words in retaliation to perceived attacks against myself.

I realized we are all souls on a journey, some of us are more mature than others. Many have not let light into their personalities. Hence we should ignore their actions, as we let the comments of a teenager roll off our backs; because we know they will grow out of their irrationality.

The rewards are great. Whereas, I used to take headache medicine quite often, I no longer need it. In fact, I can hardly remember the last time I required pain relief. My health is better, because my outlook is better.

The small vicissitudes of life no longer control my emotions. I have trust in myself. I know I am on a journey to perfection. It may take many lives and trials, but my faith in the Divine keeps me grounded, for I know that any tribulation that I encounter is sent to teach me – to make me a better person.

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Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. His blog is at

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