We Must Seek Truth Enlightened by Love – Message from the Spirit Realm

A medium sent my wife and I an intention to recite every night before we sleep. It serves as a reminder of why we are here:

“I pray for Divine guidance and protection, that I may overcome any negative energy and become a clear channel of God’s universal love and compassion for all beings.  Awaken my mind to the true nature of reality, not bound by conceptions of good and evil, but allow me to see the truth, as it really is. For the benefit of all beings. Amen.”

To see the truth as it really is. What does that mean? Nothing written by spirits is without purpose. Later on the medium writes this:

“It is important to know too (and it is covered somewhat in the new prayers) that God is completely impartial toward his children. Even some of the worst offenders, people that generate disgust or fear in our eyes, are exactly the same to God as we are; equally loved and equally sought out, as the spirit draws them. They’ve only strayed further from the truth. And they WILL come back. It might take a long time. But everything in this life is a tiny blip in eternity. Even the worst offenses will be seen as nothing a billion years from now; that is God’s perspective, and we need to work at making it our perspective as well – for the benefit of all beings.

Over and over, I keep hearing this; that God’s love is undivided, impartial, and not subject to change. Everything that is, was, or shall be, is and must be for the benefit of all beings.”

This is the eternal truth – God loves us all equally. It sounds so simple in a sentence and the sentiment should easily transfer to us. But it is exceedingly hard to put into practice. I am certainly not there yet. I still have preconceptions toward some types of people – corrupt politicians, brutal dictators, and terrorists, to name a few.

Who is to say I wasn’t one of those in a past life? I have, by the love of God, been allowed to atone for a few of my wrongs. Even though, I have been told I have a lot to redeem. During a mediums meeting I was told that in a past life, I was put into a position of power and responsibility. That I was expected to help guide those in my charge – instead I took advantage of them for my own aggrandizement.

Maybe that is why I recoil when I see a person in power who is corrupt – I was one of them and now I know, deep in my heart, what a mistake that was. I have no conscious memory of my deeds in a past life, just what was hinted at by spirits who communicated with me and a feeling that what they said was true.

We all have to find our own way to the truth. We all have to mine our conscience to discern the path to find the sparkling nuggets of Divine Truth.

In this highly sophisticated world, where a reason and justification could be had for any action, no matter how base, finding the truth is challenging, even if you desire it. Our cultural elites are trying to deny Divine Truths through the pathology of relative morality. We must reject that notion of the absence of a baseline of goodness. Each individual must search on their own for their fountain of truth.

Truths and Illusions

The spirit realm realizes that our task is not easy. It is not supposed to be. Only through strenuous effort do we find satisfaction and pride in the result of our work. Only then will our personal discovery be integrated into our very being. Only then will it become part of our personality.

The spirit Emmanuel notifies us of the struggle, in a message called “Truths and Illusions”;

’Yet because I speak the truth, you do not believe me.’ – Jesus (Jn. 8:45)

The world has always loudly honored expositors of illusions.

Nearly everywhere, one can see the success of verbose persons who promise miracles and marvels. Their listeners usually give them a lot of credit, and they need only disguise people’s infirmities, weaknesses, ignorance or defects to receive their respect. The same is not the case for those who cultivate the truth, no matter how obvious it may be. Down through time, society has reserved burnings at the stake, poison, crosses and implacable punishments for them.

In an attempt to avoid their anguishing spiritual situation, people invented ‘fortune-tellers.’ However, they expect these diviners to hide the dark and harsh reality behind a golden mask. The charlatan who is most skillful at fabricating captivating lies will enjoy the most numerous and lucrative clientele.

In the interchange with the spirit world, it is crucial for new disciples to be aware of dangers of this sort.

The tactic of praise, the eagerness to appear better than others, the temptation to stay ahead of others, and the longing to convert other people’s consciences are just big illusions. One must not believe in such things. It is more correct to grasp the effort of self-regeneration. Friends of the truth are not always accepted. They are usually considered fanatical or deceitful … But in spite of everything, for our own happiness, we must heed the truth while there is still time.”[i]

Hence, to search for truth, we must start with ourselves. We must make the foundation of our character ready to accept it. While it may be easier to adopt the canons of another religion, sect, or charismatic leader, it will not be lasting. If we put a coat of paint over weak and rotten wood, it will still collapse. No matter how good it appears on the outside, the inside will be weak, until we strengthen it.

Therefore, to begin the search for truth, one must begin with readying yourself. Only via introspection and requesting spiritual guidance from the other side, through meditation and prayer, will the door be opened.

By doing so, you will be guided to read the books which will help you, listen to the advice which will strengthen you, and enjoy the experiences which will prepare you for each step. Once you open your heart for enlightenment, your spirit mentors and your guardian angel will use every device at their command to encourage your advance toward perfection.


“Pure love is the Creators reflection in all creatures. Love shines forth in everything, and everything throbs with the same vibration of wisdom and beauty.

Love is the very foundation of life, and justice is the basis of all Law.

Love sublimely manifests itself in the harmony of the worlds exulting the glory of the infinite, just as it does in the forgotten flowers of the field.

Through love shines the soul of all major religions that have existed in the course of civilizations, bringing systems of faith that sought communion with Divine Goodness. And in this same love is the foundation of every desire for solidarity amongst mankind.

It is the divine plasma enveloping all creation, the very breath of God permeating the Universe.

Love is the silent hope of Heaven, awaiting the evolution of all principles, while respecting the decision of all consciences.

By virtue of this blessing, each creature is assisted on its own level.”[ii]

You may ask, after reading what the spirit Emmanuel said about love; why is there such cruelty on earth? Reread the part of the sentence, “while respecting the decision of all consciences.”

It is God’s will that we, his creatures, are given free will. Hence, we can choose to commit great evil, destruction, murder, and chaos. And the ramifications of our free will are the trials we must submit to in atonement for our previous actions. Our successes and victories in our trials provide the key to enter in the Kingdom of Heaven and be basked in the warmth of God’s love.

Emmanuel and other spirits have sent us messages about the atmosphere of love in the spirit realm, but we also have other witnesses. Numerous people have reported NDE’s (near death experiences) in which they have felt the immense joy of being surrounded by love. In fact, there are accounts of telling the person not to hug or get too close to the spirits, since the overwhelming surge of love will cause the person to not desire to return to their trial on earth. This occurred even for people with children and other loved ones on earth – such is the lure of basking in love.

The promise of love, all-pervasive, is right in front of us. We only have to earn it, by demonstrating our capacity to give love.

Learning Truth

The process of creating a firm moral and spiritual foundation is not simple. Our spirit mentors will assist us, but, as in many things, we need to perform the heavy lifting. Not only must we swim against the tide of society, but we also have to struggle with our own ego.

The spirit Joanna discusses the fights we shall have with ourselves as we strive for self-knowledge and spiritual enlightenment:

“The deluded ego seeks to survive by using innumerable mechanisms to escape reality, and it expresses itself using different masks in order not to be identified.

It disguises itself in interpersonal relationships, at times demanding toward others, at other times excessively hard on itself, projecting its conflicts or interjecting its unfulfilled aspirations. Subconsciously, the ego has a misconceived idea of itself. It does not have the courage to face reality, to overcome it when negative, or to improve it when favorable.

Fixating on the illusions of conflicts, it is careful to appear conciliatory – the subconscious attitude of what it would really like to be, and with the appropriate appearance – expressing itself as a happy, fulfilled person.

Due to the breakdown of ethical values in society, the fear of revealing oneself to others generates reactions and deception, in which one seeks psychological rewards – always unfulfilling. Because the ego’s foundations are shaky, the constructs of apparent well-being soon crumble, and the individual lapses into repressed anxieties and aggressions due to emotional transference for inner compensation.”[iii]

A house built upon a foundation of sand will soon collapse. When our self-view is influenced by what we see in the media, whether promoting a product to deliver happiness, excusing bad behavior in pursuit of pleasure, or aping the actions of a popular film – none of these are aspects of eternal Divine Laws.

Once we tie ourselves to the flippancy of popular culture, we float with whatever tide or wave comes our way. We think we have something to hold onto, but it is an illusion.

This is why so many people can’t find happiness or peace, because the goal is either unachievable (a complete fabrication by the talking heads of the media) or ever changing. How can one feel balanced while standing on a cushion of air?

This stress, this deep feeling of being unfulfilled and anxious, is what causes a person to either lose their cool demeanor and lash out, or withdraw further into a dream world and seek any escape possible. Being in continual disagreement with your idealized self doesn’t allow you to expend the energy to grow.

The spirit Joanna provides examples of what happens to people out of sync with their egos:

“There is a whole range of human attitudes that are far from being authentic and which result from postures that are opposite to their reality.

Notwithstanding a few exceptions involving non-passionate or non-extreme idealists, most people who protest against something, whatever it might be, hide subconscious desires, which they repress due to a lack of moral value to express them appropriately.

Puritanical individuals, who keep an eye on other people’s misconduct, project the very inner state that they seek to combat in others, because they are unwilling to combat it in themselves.

Biting, persistent critics, with a clinical eye on other people’s errors and miseries, harbor personal insecurity. They have great contempt for themselves and make up for it by being aggressive.

Those who usually identify themselves with pain and affliction, an exaggerated and therefore inauthentic humility, unconsciously externalize a paranoid state alongside an unquenchable desire to seek attention.

Those who always rationalize every occurrence, finding justifications for their own failures and mistakes, actually fear themselves and have no emotional structure for breaking free of conflicts.” [iv]

Therefore, your foundation must be rebuilt. And it must be rebuilt upon constructs which are already inside us.

The Supreme Being gave us a conscience to lead the way. But it can’t do all of the job. To remold your ego will take study, and the installation of new habits.

Building a New Self-View Upon Truth

The spirit Joanna tells us that we should begin by relaxing. Talk to your friends openly and expose your strengths and weaknesses. As you open up, so will they. This will create a comfort zone where methods for improvement can be discussed.

Don’t focus on the failures of other people, concentrate on your own shortcomings and how will you create habits to rectify them. As you ponder on the positives and negatives, let your conscience guide you. It will rapidly identify which attributes to modify.

If you are unsure – usually because your mind to trying to rationalize some deviation from what your conscience tells you – stop thinking for a minute. Take a deep breath. Visualize your options – which option makes you feel better? If you feel the stress lessen and more at peace, then you have found your answer.

Even if the path you choose takes great sacrifice, it will be worth it. I know, I have tried it. I wrestled with a promise made. I had told a person I would split half of a windfall, if it ever came to pass. But then my selfishness welled up and I thought, why should I pay out half? I am the one getting the money, why should I share with them? Already, my yearning for money was overcoming my sense of keeping my word and belief in fair-play.

Finally, I stopped. I realized I was worrying about a possible future financial gain, as if it would be the most important event in my life. Like when I was a child and waited days for a new bicycle to be delivered. The wait was interminable. My expectations were sky-high. After a few days of playing with my new toy the excitement wore off.

I had forgotten that anything material in this world is unimportant to building my character. I let myself calm down. I saw myself without the extra money, with half of the money and with all of the money. I could feel harmonious vibrations come from forgetting about it entirely. So I made up my mind to divide what I got between my family and friends and take nothing. I felt better. I had defeated selfishness in one small battle.

I could have only accomplished this by learning about and studying the Doctrine of Spiritism. The knowledge that we are on earth for a purpose … to grow, to love, to be charitable, to be fraternal, to be honest – is what is gradually replacing the holes and gaps in my self-view.

My truth is that we are on earth, for a series of lives, to follow the lesson plan determined by our spiritual superiors. They know best. I say that, even though I still constantly question the trials which come my way. I am not, by any means, at the state I wish to be, but I am pointed in the right direction.

My self, my work in progress, is calmer, more relaxed, and less prone to outbursts of anger and resentment. I am also less wealthy and successful in my career. It doesn’t bother me. The truth has set me on the path to freedom.

Combining Truth and Love

The spirit Emmanuel sent a message to a mediums meeting through Francisco C. Xavier about the need for truth and love during our many sojourns on earth:

“Although we all effectively more towards the living light that is supreme truth, how many lessons until we reach it are actually necessary for us to be free from the shadows?

Only love can safely guide us so we may learn the right path towards the eternal realities.

All of us here on Earth – incarnate and discarnate spirits alike, we who are still bound to this planet – constitute a single family on its way to immortality. However, how many of us may have already had or might still have the need of support during the long evolutionary expedition?

Some individuals believed that affection required violence to establish itself and fell into criminality, mutilating himself while attempting to do so to others.

Others believed themselves strong enough to oppress the destiny of their brothers and sisters, and strained themselves beyond their limits in excesses of power, scrambling the brain and wasting precious time during infirmity and in recuperation.

Still others contracted huge debts, enslaving themselves to complex situations from which they will have to spend immense efforts to break free.

And yet others deluded themselves with the idea of respite and happiness without a foundation of responsibility, and as a result, they have temporarily lost the ability to reason, going astray into labyrinths of spiritual blindness.

In reality, all of them, our brothers and sisters, must be readjusted and healed before they may be able to continue with the journey ahead. However, to accomplish this task, it is not enough to shake them with condemnatory statements regarding the devastations and struggles they experience.

It is imperative for us to dispense them care, assistance, treatment and understanding.

So far on planet Earth, and generally speaking, we are much more like the elementary school students or patients in an asylum than anything else.

It might be impossible for us to accomplish a readjustment and acquire enlightenment without understanding and support.”[v]

Emmanuel is telling us that the attainment of truth is a battle that must be fought over many lifetimes. Each skirmish sets the stage for the next encounter. Each victory allocates more resources to win the next.

As we search for truth and internalize it, making it part of our personality, we gain sustenance in our trek with love. Love keeps us going, love enables us to move forward without fear. And as we are sustained with love, so should we support others.

Everyone on earth is deeply involved in their own personal search for truth. Each approaches it differently, but all require love to make a sincere effort.

Learn about the spirit realm, your place in it and how we are guided to the path of learning. Read my series of three books.


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