How the Spirit World Helps Souls Who Have Just Passed Over

death-risingFind out what methods spirit helpers use to convince newly dead spirits that they are truly no longer in the land of the living. Read More.

Governments on Earth – A just society is not possible at this stage

futureCityWe all desire to live in a perfect society, where people are treated with respect and justice is handed out equitably. A home in which we live securely, unafraid of crime or the government taking what is rightfully ours. Unfortunately, this isn’t going to happen on a planet of atonement. Read More.

Stillborn Children – Raised in the Spirit Realm

All life is sacred and precious to the spirit world. Spiritism tells us that upon conception, the merger of spirit to flesh occurs. A distinct spirit gestates in the mother’s womb. While some pregnancies are terminated naturally or unnaturally the question answered by the spirit Arnel to the Rev. G. Vale Owen, is what happens to babies who have never taken a breath of fresh air? Read More.

How to Live – Inner Peace through Spiritism – Now out in Paperback!

In the book Spiritual Wisdom: Missives of Hope, by J. Herculano Pires and Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, there is a poem dictated to Chico by the spirit Andre Luiz. It is revelatory.

The poem has twenty-four verses which pertain with how we should place ourselves in a mental state to achieve inner peace. Inner peace isn’t a condition to enjoy for a moment or two on the beach after a few drinks – it is a life quest … a multiple life quest.

In the spirit world thought is action. As a spirit, our mind creates the environment in which we live. Hence the more control we have over our own thoughts, the more calm, the more reasoning, the more loving we become … all contribute to a true paradise awaiting us when we are scheduled to pass back to the real world – the spirit realm.

The poem is essentially a list for advancement and serenity.

Each chapter will explore one aspect of attaining inner peace. I shall attempt to describe the end state of what was envisioned in the specific verse and why this state is vital for your spiritual growth.

Inner Peace is more than a poem or a list of spiritual conquests – it is what should be the result of full integration into the Spiritist Doctrine. Inner Peace is the result, the summit of attainment possible in our short earth lives. The climb is worth the effort and upon reaching the summit you shall view more mountains to scale and ever increasing rewards to attain in your quest.

Click here for the link to Amazon.

The book is now out out in paperback – Click here.

Why it is Difficult for Spirits to Remember Names and Dates

Mediums who have encountered spirits often are frustrated when they communicate with spirits, who seem to be the person they wish to speak with, but the spirit can’t come up with an exact name or date of an episode that the medium wishes them to recall. Read More.

What Does Immortality Mean?

immortal4We hear the word immortality and immediately think, “We can live forever!” But Memoirs of a Suicidehow long and what is forever. This subject was discussed in the book, Memoirs of a Suicide, by Yvonne A. Pereira. A high-level Spirit tells us what immortality means. By the way, the book is a wonderful read. Read More

Episode 2 – Education in the Lower Levels of Heaven

See the 2nd episode of Education in the Lower Levels of Heaven on YouTube with Brian Foster. Click Here.

2,500 Years in the Spirit World in 8 Minutes

premonitions-on-death-and-dying-e1372699931412A young man had an asthma attack at 9:15 pm, at 9:23 pm the attack had passed, but only after he had spent 2,500 years in the spirit world. A not particularly spiritual person, rooted in the rational world, Anthony garnered an understanding of life that most of us never achieve. Read More.

Reincarnation – Epaminondas de Vigo

egyptIn the book, Memoirs of a Suicide, a group of recovering suicides are being introduced to their mentors, who will help them prepare for their next reincarnation. One mentor is introduced and a compilation of his previous lives is given; Read More.

Reincarnation – The Trials of the Middle Class

HappyFamilyThe spirit world promoted the rise and spread of Western Civilization for many reasons, but one of them was the creation of the middle class. Those warriors, who willingly show up to work every day, fulfill their tasks, attempting to live a decent life, not complaining and contributing their all, treating each other honestly and participating in the civil and spiritual lives of their community is a significant example presented to us by the spirit world. Why is this important? Because this is the future. When humanity is a collection of more good than evil, social divisions will gradually fade. Leaders will be in their position for merit only and nations will be at peace. We shall all be middle class. Read More.

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