Faith Must Be Rooted in Reason

HappyDays-screenshotPart of our trial, our struggle, here on this beautiful and cruel planet is to find God and the Divine Laws He has created, by a path of our own devising. We are not allowed a shortcut – we are allowed hints and signs and visions to move us along. Spiritist literature reveals the extent of the guidance and support we receive from the spirit realm. But, at the end, faith in God’s plan is a mountain we must climb alone. Read More.

Angelic Ministry – Helping Discarnates into Heaven

guardian_angelWe, in physical form, on earth, forget the multitude of souls who are trapped in a narrow band on or near the surface. These are spirits who wander the Lower Zone. They haven’t the spiritual fortitude to understand how to ascend to the first level of heaven, where they will be safe and supported. Instead, they are subjected to cruelties and injustices that stretch our imagination. Read More.

YouTube – Ep. 4 – How Spirits Guide Us – Sex and Marriage – Spirits Explain Why These are Important

We are on Earth for a reason. High spirits have revealed to Spiritist Mediums our purpose on this planet. Find out why we have been divided into different sexes and how that enables us to learn about our own nature and how to ascend in the spirit world. Watch the video on YouTube – Click here.

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Capital City on the 5th Level of Heaven

heaven-city“The Great Gate of this Palace is of liquid stone. That is quite literally to be read. The stone was not solid, but in flux; and the colors of the gate changed from moment to moment, affected both by what went forward within the House, and also by what was agait upon the Plain before it. It also was affected from the Watchtowers on the Plain; but only by those on this side, not by others on the other side of the City, which were in touch with stations on the other sides of the Palace. It was very beautiful to look at, that gateway, massive on either side and blending into the wall of the main structure, solid above the square arch, and changing in beauty as the colors changed. One part only was constant, and that was the great keystone, in the middle above, which always and ever shone red for love.” Read More.

Premonition of a Death – How is the living is notified when a loved one dies

premonitions-on-death-and-dying-e1372699931412We have all heard stories where a person wakes up and announces that a close relative has just died. Then in the morning they find out it is true. Read More.

YouTube -Dreams are Often an Escape from Your Physical Body to the Spirit World

Dreams are often an escape from your physical body to the Spirit World. Find out what a spirit told us about dreams, in a message to us. Click here to watch the video.

The Difficulties of a High Spirit on Earth

LaoTzuThere is an interesting section in a translated communication titled The life of Jesus. It was reportedly a communication from spirit Jesus to a medium in France in the 19th century. The medium was only known as Medium X. The book was translated into Italian, then Spanish, then into English. It was not completed until a second medium took up the work in the 20th century. We are told in the “About” section: Read More.

In the Spirit Realm Appointments to Positions of Responsibility Comes with More Internal Power

The spirit world is organized. It has a governing and command process, just like we do on earth. The largest difference is that the people in charge are appointed for their piety, love, kindness, competence, and selflessness. But assignments of increased responsibility aren’t just accomplished with an order – no, in the spirit realm, something else is given: Read More.

YouTube – Your Destiny is to be a High Spirit

Your Destiny is to be a High Spirit. We all start out as primitive and immature spirits. Through reincarnation, we learn and travel through many trials and tribulations to become a better person. Learn what is waiting for us and how we need to get there! Click here to watch my YouTube video.

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YouTube – Why Earth Dates are Hard to Pin Down for Spirits

Learn why specific dates on Earth are difficult to calculate for spirits. It is not easy to relate to a 3D world with time from a 4D world. Click here to watch the video.

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