How many Spirits are there on and around Earth?

haroldaDutraDiasIn a YouTube video, Haroldo Dutra Dias, says there are approximately 22 billion Spirits, including incarnates and discarnates. The current population on earth is 7.167 billion. Therefore, there are about 2 discarnates to every one of us physically on earth.

I was somewhat surprised at that number; for some reason I had thought the ratio would have been closer to 1:1. Now why would I believe that? Probably because I envisioned a queue of Spirits waiting to be reincarnated and thinking that there would be a constant stream and demand of Spirits wanting to return to earth to improve themselves. But now, given the 2 to 1 ratio, one must think of the number of Spirits who are in the lower zone (Umbra) and the number that are involved in support (much like the ratio of front-line soldiers to the rear support troops).

Next, I would like to know how many Spirits are in the lower zones versus the more elevated souls.

In the video, Haroldo speaks in Portuguese and a translator interprets him in English.

YouTube video

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Hi Brian. The revelation came from the medium Chico Xavier’s spiritual mentor, Emmanuel, in the book Roteiro, in 1952, that the discarnate population around the Earth was approximately 20 billion spirits. That was back in 1952 and the Earth’s population at that time was less than 3 billion. You’re right; there is a queue of spirits waiting to return, but there are more waiting to come than there are “spaces” available to fill at this time.

This is something very important to think about, as it highlights the importance of every day of our incarnation here on Earth and how we must make the best use of our time! It’s true that we don’t live only once, but once there in the spirit world, we can have to wait for an incredibly long time for our next opportunity incarnate.


Gentlemen. Did you take the number of emps generated by the blasts of nuclear weapons over the last seventy years? Spirits are mostly energy users. It would be logical to assume that some of them would have been affected. Also I believe that the existence of “spirits” would have started around the time GOD game man a soul. This may affect the number of souls.


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