How long have some souls stayed in the Lower Zone (Umbral)?

libertação-3dIn the book Liberation, dictated by Andre Luiz and psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, there is a discussion of the spirits who inhabit the Lower Zone and why are they there. Andre Luiz’s team leader talks about the types that stay in the Lower Zone for a very long time.

“If persecutors that are invisible to earthly eyes form groups for the systematic worship of rebelliousness and selfishness, incarnate humans – masters of valuable patrimonies of sanctifying knowledge – ensure their disgraceful work by continually running from their divine duties as God’s helpers in the area of service where they find themselves, feeding a ruinous alliance. Thus, sharing the results of destructive indifference or condemnable action, they both reciprocally torment and agitate each other like wild animals that devour one another in the jungle of life.” [Liberation, 2013, p. 36]

Thus, as groups of errant spirits form and draw in humans, they reinforce each others bad behavior. Therefore, delaying the time when they finally open their eyes and begin to pursue the light.

Now comes the startling figure.

“Consequently, they spend centuries yoked to one another, bound to lamentable illusionsslaves and evil purposes, causing themselves extreme disturbances, since the inheritance of heaven is completely unreachable for all those who scorn the divine seeds they carry with them. There are millions of human souls that have not yet left the surface of the planet, not even after more than ten thousand years. They die in the dense body and are reborn in it, just like trees that sprout over and over again because they are deeply rooted in the ground.” [Liberation, 2013, p. 36]

Over 10,000 years! All in the Lower Zone. When I write about multiple lives, I usually say centuries, to not scare people about the effort it must take to really learn the lessons we know to be true. But, over 10,000 years, means at least one hundred lifetimes, if you take an average of 100 years between reincarnations.

This means there are spirits, who started out as some primitive tribesman (since there wasn’t much else ten thousand years ago) and are still committed to their detrimental lifestyle and tied to the earth.

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