A Succession of Lives – Epaminondas de Vigo

egyptIn the book, Memoirs of a Suicide, a group of recovering suicides are being introduced to their mentors, who will help them prepare for their next reincarnation. One mentor is introduced and a compilation of his previous lives is given;

“On my right is Epaminondas de Vigo, who in a brilliant ascent from ancient Egypt to the somber days of the Middle Ages in Spain, always served the Truth and praised the name of God. His triumph has not diminished one bit in the spirit realms. In apostolic times, when as a



disciple of Simon Peter he glorified the Divine Master, he had the supreme honor of beingrome-spqr martyred in the circus of Domitius Nero. In Spain, under the empire of darkness that enveloped the laws imposed by the so-called Holy Office of the Inquisition, he shone like a saving star, showing sublime pathways to the persecuted, as well as to many other hearts longing for the divine ideal, bearing the torch of knowledge sublimated in love and reverence for the Gospel of the Immaculate Lamb, knowledge he had obtained in past pilgrimages devoted to the sacred wisdom of India, the learned repository of immortal burning-at-the-staketruths on the earth! But it was exactly because he did shine in the darkness that he was martyred once more, not by having his physical body thrown to the lions, but by having it burned at the stake, where he once more proved his unflinching devotion to Jesus of Nazareth!” [Yvonne A. Pereira, Memoirs of a Suicide, p. 453]

Doesn’t that make you feel totally inconsequential? I am sure if I had to create my resume of past lives, I would appear as an behind-kissing sycophant, always bending to the latest fad in the hope of material advancement.

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