Scientist Seek Religious Experience

human-chip-implantAn interesting article (Scientist Seek Religious Experience) on how scientist are researching how our brains connect to religion.  One of the critics of the research has this to say;

“There really is no such thing,” said Michael Inzlicht, a psychologist at the University of Toronto who also has studied religion’s effect on the brain. “Thinking of God could maybe activate certain spots of the brain, but they weren’t evolved for that purpose. They have evolved for some other reason and have been co-opted for religious cognition.”

Most neuroscientists have long since abandoned any search for a “God spot,” and settled on delving deeper into networks involving attention, salience, self-reflection, emotion and other functions.

Whereas. in the books inspired by the spirit Andre Luiz, consistently mention the pineal glandIn the Realms as the main connector to the spirit world.The size and efficiency of the pineal gland seems to correlates to the effectiveness of the individual medium. I have read multiple passages where for beginning mediums the spirit world works to reinforce that area of the brain.

All of this is to be expected given our current culture, but it is heartening to detect more research moving forward even in the midst of such strong headwinds.

I look forward to the day predicted in The Spirits Book, when religion, science and philosophy are truly integrated.

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