Forgiveness of Sins – A conversation with a Devout Christian

reincarnation5When I have conversations, or comments and replies, in Reddit or other forums, one of the main objections I encounter from devoted Christians when I list the main tenets of Christian Spiritism is;

“Doesn’t Christ forgive us of our sins? So why do we have to pay for them in future lives?”

People want to be forgiven for all the acts they consider contrary to their moral code upon their death. I don’t blame them, I do too.

What I try to tell them, that yes, Christ forgives us all of our wrongs and loves us unconditionally. What the Bible says is absolutely true. I say to them, don’t you forgive your children when they make mistakes and still love them?

But, and this is the big “but”, don’t you also ask your children to make amends, so they learn the severity of what they did. I tell them, Jesus will always love us, but he also has the responsibility to supervise our ascension. And, ascension without trials and some suffering is not possible.

I usually get no reply after this or a polite parting of the ways. I understand their conundrum. The vision of being met at the pearly gates and embraced in a hug of forgiveness is powerful.

angel1On the other hand, the knowledge that by dedicating ourselves through this phase of reincarnations, we attain a much greater destiny. A mantle of pure spirit-hood, where we are able to assist others with certainty and be a real force for good. Not just for our planet but for civilizations to come.


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