What is happiness to a good person?

ApillarofIronIn Taylor Caldwell’s, A Man of Iron, there is a passage;

“To a good man happiness in this world is of no importance, and no reality. This is not our home. A good man can find happiness only in God and in the contemplation of Him, even in this world. Even then, it is a happiness over-laid with sadness, for the soul cannot truly be happy separated by its flesh from its God.” [Taylor Caldwell, 1968 3rd edition, p. 80]

The passage above, was told to Cicero by his father, who in one paragraph explains the feeling of our existence on earth.

In our physical forms we are only capable of fleeting moments of real joy or happiness. It is extremely difficult to maintain a constant positive outlook, much less a high level of love and contentment.

I believe this is deliberate. We are meant to be here to work and learn. Our true reward is back home in the spirit world. Where we shall be enveloped in joy when we once more see our friends and family.

Not to say, we shouldn’t seek out moments of happiness and feel the warmth of satisfaction with our families, just that for some of us, less advanced, less sure of ourselves, this is a complex task.

geraldo-olderWhy am I reading this book? Because in a lecture by Geraldo Lemos Neto, he said that the book was reputed to have actually been psychographed, but the author felt that at the time, in 1965, no one would believe her. Although the concept of psychographing a book was accepted in Brazil during the sixties, in the United States, it would have been a new concept and Taylor’s book would. Most likely, not have been successful.

It may be my imagination, but the prose reminds me of Emmanuel’s writing. Or it could just be that now I deliberately look for Spiritist concepts in everything I read, hence I find similarities in different Spiritist influenced books.

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