College students are becoming increasingly less religious, more depressed

familyproblemsThere is an interesting study, here, in a nutshell, 27% of college students no longer profess to be associated with a religion. It breaks down to 30% of men and 25.4% of women. This is up from a 1971 study with 17.3% of men and 13.5% of women.

What is interesting, is not that more are refusing to identify with a particular religion, for we have seen this trend for quite a while. The salient factor is that this group is experiencing more cases of depression.The article stated a “profound” increase in depression amongst this self-identified group. I wish the word “profound” was quantified.

I believe that we are basically here on earth to grow our spiritual quotient. When we  are unable to pursue this endeavor our force centers become unbalanced which results in depression. The other reason could be that a belief in a power higher than yourself and a divine path to follow provides a balance to our lives which allows our system to remain in harmony.


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