Why you can’t just return to the spirit world

guardian-23In the book by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, Between Heaven and Earth, there are two women who left their bodies while asleep. They experience the freedom and joy of the spirit world and ask why can’t they just die today and be happy?

Andre Luiz’s team leader, Clarencio, replied with a grave tone;

“If you were to abandon your vehicle of sense matter right now, how do you know you would be happy? Which of you could enjoy supreme bliss without perfect personal sublimation?”

And looking at Antonina with kindness mixed with compassion, her went on:

“You are about to visit blessed little children whom death has temporarily snatched fromcaring-for-the-land earthy life. You feel like you are in a golden palace in the midst of a paradise of love, but what about the children yo have left behind? Could there really be heaven without the presence of those we love? Could we have peace without the joy of those who live in our hearts? Let’s say the shackles of the physical prison were removed right now … The tormented human home wold increase in importance in the nostalgia that would overwhelm you. The memory of the children still imprisoned on the planet would enchain you to the physical realm like a strong root holding the tree to the dark ground. The cries and groans, the struggles and trials of your unhappy children would speak to your spirits more loudly than the songs of blessedness by happy children, and you would naturally go down from heaven to earth, preferring to be unseen anguished servants, who have traded the resplendent glory of freedom for the dolorous torments of prison; for the greatest blessedness of one who love lies in its giving of oneself on behalf of one’s beloved children.” [Between Heaven and Earth, 2011, pp. 56-57]

Clarencio is indirectly telling these women that leaving their responsibilities behind prematurely, before their required trials are completed on earth would affect them deeply. The bonds of motherhood they have with their children, if severed too early, would cause harm to the mothers and the children. Only by allowing the full plan to unfold, where the children leave the nest naturally will the woman experience the full freedom and joy of the spirit realm.

???????????????Hence, exiting the stage when we wish as opposed when the script tells us, is a path that leads to tragedy.

We are here for a reason, we need to stay the course in the life that has been assigned to us so we may learn each lesson that has been deemed a requirement for our personal growth.

If you would like to understand more about how the spirit realm guides and watches over us 7Tenets-small3Dduring our entire lifetime, please read my personal account of how we constantly interact with the spirit world, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life.

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