How do Elevated Spirits Perceive Our World?

How does the Spirit World perceive our planet? In the book Renunciation, dictated by the spirit Emmanuel to Francisco Xavier, a woman spirit (Alcyone) has decided to return to earth to assist her love, who has not progressed. She currently resides in a different part of the galaxy, Sirius, where she is asking for transport back to Earth, to be physically reincarnated once more. She enters the room to be transported and an official says;

“Who is the traveler who is going to the Dark Realms?”

“Alcyone. She has offered her services for further work among incarnate spirits on Earth.”

“What?” he asked, taken aback. “Alycone is going to drink the bitter cup of renunciation again?”

The “Dark Realms” is not a marketer’s idea of a description for an attractive vacation spot. It is as if we are given a choice of where we would like to go on vacation, the travel agent would say, “Would you like to go to Brazil, visit Rio de Janeiro, or to Afghanistan, visit the destroyed monuments and be kidnapped by the Taliban”. We have been tagged as an undesirable location by those who know of us and have no wish to visit. At least we know where we stand in the Universal order, low on the totem pole.

This should give us an incentive to improve ourselves.

To learn about the levels of Worlds in the Spirit Kingdom, read Allan Kardec’s The Gospel According to Spiritism, Chapter 3.


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