What are the Levels of Inhabited Worlds in the Universe?

In the book The Gospel According to Spiritism, by Allan Kardec, in Chapter 3, there is an explanation of the different worlds that Spirits will inhabit during their long trek toward purification.

the-gospel-according-to-spiritism1. Primitive World – Intended for the first incarnations of the human soul. The beings that inhabit them are, to a certain extent, rudimentary. They have the human form but are devoid of any beauty. Their instincts are not tempered by any sentiment of refinement or benevolence, or by any notions of right or wrong. Brute force is the only law. With no industry or inventions, they spend life in conquest of food.

2. World of Trial and Expiation – You are living on this world. There is more evil present than good. Now you know why life is not easy, because it is not supposed to be while you are reincarnated on the planet Earth.

1. Spirits from Primitive worlds – They are on earth for an education, a chance to develop themselves through contact with more-advanced spirits.
2. Semi-civilized spirits – Spirits that are indigenous to earth, who have evolved little by little through long centennial periods.
3. Spirits undergoing trials from other planets – These spirits have already lived on other worlds, from which they were banished because they persisted in evil, and because they were a cause of disturbance to the good inhabitants. They have been relegated to living for a time among less advanced spirits, and since they carry with them their developed intelligence and the seed of acquired knowledge, they have the mission of helping them advance. That is why punished spirits are found in the midst of the most intelligent peoples. Having more sensitivity, the miseries of life are bitterer to them because sufferings bruise them more deeply than they bruise the primitive peoples, whose moral sense is more obtuse.

3. Regenerative World – Where souls still have something to expiate (pay off the debt of a past sin) may absorb new strength by resting from the fatigue of struggle. There is still evil, but much reduced, the good out weighs the evil, consequently there is no motive for hatred or discord. The foresight of their future, which is intuitive in the people of these worlds, and the sense of security resulting from a conscience void of remorse, cause them to look forward to death without fear, as being simply a process of transformation, the approach of which they perceive without the slightest uneasiness.

4. Happy Worlds – Where good outweighs evil. On Happy Worlds, we still retain our human form, although the senses are more acute. The body changes, as described in The Gospel According to Spiritism, “The specific lightness of the body enables rapid and easy locomotion; instead of dragging itself laboriously over the ground, it glides – so to speak – over the surface or sails through the air with no other effort than that of the will, in the way in which angels are portrayed.” With the improvement in our bodies, the years of infancy and adolescent are shorter, while the average lifespan is much longer than on earth today.

Politically on such worlds, “relationships between nations are always friendly and are never disturbed by the ambition of dominating their neighbor, or by war, which is its consequence. There are no masters, slaves or privileges of birth; only moral and intellectual ascendancy establish the differences of conditions and confer supremacy. Authority is always respected, for it is conferred only on those who have merit and it is always exercised with justice.”

Hatred, jealousies and selfishness are not present. All feel a sense of fraternity and love, where the strong assist the weak. Possessions are in keeping with a person’s intelligence and no one lacks their basic needs for living. From here, the next transition is to a purified spirit, who lives on a heavenly world.

5. Heavenly or Divine Worlds – Where good reigns completely, all inhabitants are purified spirits. There is no evil.

3D-Explore-Small-coverIf you wish to learn more about the Spirit Universe and our place within it, please read Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life Path’s is (mostly) Predetermined. It will answer your questions about why you are here and what is your future.

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