It is Better to Look Forward than Backward

premonitions-on-death-and-dying-e1372699931412One of the recurring themes for people who have begun to fully understand the ramifications of Spiritism is to focus too heavily on their past wrongs. While it is certainly worthwhile to examine your past trials to discover areas of needed improvement, we must keep in mind that a blueprint has been laid out for us which covers paying for past debts and learning the lessons we so sorely require. A collective intelligence far greater than ours knows what we are capable of absorbing.

Our trials are structured so we shall always have the capacity to emerge victorious. Victory may appear in many forms which are foreign to us, but nevertheless still a good result. Let me supply one example. Before I became a Spiritist, I enjoyed playing the stock market. I was moderately successful. Then, with my confidence high I proceeded to make a bad decision and as is so usual in these cases I compounded my wrong-headed decision with more mistakes. I took a large loss, at least in relation to my humble situation. At the time I was completely despondent. I was angry and sullen about the disappearance of so much money that I had worked hard to build up.

Now I look back on it as a gift. I didn’t require the extra funds and it taught me the relative importance of money. It is nothing compared to faith, family and friends. I passed my trial, not with flying colors, since I whined and complained the whole time and was a picture of self-pity. If I had accepted the situation with grace and the knowledge that God can take away what God gives then I would have felt better about the entire episode.

This is the point about looking back. Don’t think about your deeds, they are what they were nothing more or less. This applies to wrongs in your current or past lives. Instead, think about your attitude and character during those times. Play out scenarios in your mind how you will deal calmly and serenely with any future challenge. Accept the situation and deal with it in an 7Tenets-Front-smallhonorable and caring manner. Never forgetting that others are much worse off than you and all those around you still require your love and assistance.

Find out more about living within the spiritual boundaries given to us by the spirit world in my personal tale of how I live, in my book, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life.

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