Prophecies – Why Does the Spirit World Send Us Visions of the Future

couple-hikeWe all want to know the future. If we had our way we would get a display of the events that will occur to us every day and be secure in our knowledge of the future. But what would happen if on that screen it says at three p.m. you will die today? Your first act would be to change all of your plans, some may lie in bed waiting, and others flee to the farthest ends of the earth. Whatever the case, your normal routine and trajectory would be altered and the sequence of events that would have led to your death would have to change to in order to come to the same end or it could result in a different finish.

This is why we aren’t allowed intimate knowledge of our future. With certainty, people would opt out of the difficult lesson. For example, if I was told the stock I was planning to buy wasn’t goingmedium-crystalball to go up by 100% like I hoped, but in fact would drop by 50%, I wouldn’t buy it. But I would miss the hard experience of learning how to handle monetary loss with dignity that was assigned to me. Not walking into financial disaster would actually be worse than participating in it and deriving the valuable wisdom that I would attain. Wisdom which would assist me in my quest to become a better spirit.

To learn, to improve our character is what earth is all about. We are periodically sent to this rigorous campus, this plant of atonement, where we pay for our past wrongs and are educated in the process. If the spirit world told us the answers to the tests before we started the class, we would learn nothing.

But, like good teachers everywhere, the broad concepts and the consequences of not performing are presented up front. Desired end states are telegraphed, as well as alerting which subjects and assignments are critical.

Prophecies sent by the spirit world are no different. Some are meant to spur us on in search of the promised reward while others are meant as a warning. Each one serves a distinct purpose, which may not be apparent at first.

earth-with-handsFrom the first utterings of medicine men or women in primitive tribes to various religious figures the spirit realm has been in constant communication with the human race. Many messages may be difficult to analyze but all will leave some little nugget of truth. Either as a caution or a carrot to motivate us to work harder, more importantly there is no rule that what is said must occur. It is up to us to either stir ourselves to action or wait passively for the outcome.

Keep in mind; future events previously planned by the spirit world are malleable. While the overall target, such as moving the earth from a planet of atonement to a planet of regeneration is set, the exact method to achieve it is dynamic.

For instance, the great Brazilian medium, Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier was originally tasked withChicoXavier producing fifty books of Spiritist literature written by spirits, that number increased as the spirit world gauged the impact and reach of Chico’s books. Chico was also told to lessen his workload in some areas to concentrate on psychographing books. Hence, as factors change the plan is modified. Just like in our world.

Regard prophecies as possibilities given the current trajectory of events at the present time. Heed the warnings and take constructive action to alleviate what may have been done wrong in the past and in no circumstances violate your conscience even if you think it is for the greater good. Don’t worry about apocalyptic predictions, if you have led a good life, you will be fine as you pass over to the other side, no matter what the circumstances are when you died.

You are immortal, leaving the earth is nothing more than packing your bags to go home. All you have to worry about while on earth is to stay focused on improving your spiritual side and Explore-Small-front-coverhelping others. Anything which detracts from that goal are extra bags that should be discarded.

Discover what the spirit world has planned for us in the future and how they guide us to that destination, read my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined, in which I have researched Spiritist literature to present to you the answers to your questions about why you are here and where are you and the human race headed toward.

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