The Next Wave of Information from the Spirit World


Leon Denis

earthAllan Kardec codified the 3rd Revelation from the Spirit of Truth, in the 1850’s. He wrote a total of five books and launched a monthly magazine. Others after him, such as Leon Denis, born 1846, died in 1927, wrote books and contributed to the growth of Spiritist literature and philosophy.

In 1910, Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier was born and by the 1930’s he was psychographing books dictated to him by spirits. His spirit mentor and guide was Emmanuel. Chico died in 2002 after presenting more than 400 books from the spirit world to us.

Chico Xavier

Chico Xavier

Throughout most of Chico’s adult life Emmanuel was at his side. He coordinated activities, providing assistance and filling the role of a full-time spiritual care-taker for Chico. Emmanuel was a central character in several of the books that he personally dictated to Chico. Emmanuel was a Roman Senator during the time of Christ. His Roman name was Publius Lentulus. He was in Palestine and actually met Jesus. According to Emmanuel, Jesus asked him to join him, but Emmanuel declined, whereupon Jesus told him you will be with me now or in 2000 years.

Emmanuel later reincarnated as a slave, who died as a Christian in the Roman Circus (the story is recounted in the book, Fifty Years After), then as Father Damien in Spain (he is part of the story in the book Renunciation). In one of his existences he was a professor at the Sorbonne (a prestigious university in Paris).

Chico told many of his assistants that the plan in the spiritual world, after Chico passes onto a



better life, is to have Emmanuel incarnate in Brazil and Chico would then become Emmanuel’s spirit mentor. Chico once told Emmanuel that he didn’t realize how hard it was to work under the orders of his spiritual guide and Emmanuel retorted that Chico didn’t realize how hard it was to manage incarnates.

From what I have heard from various sources is that Emmanuel was born in the Sao Paulo area around 2000 and that he would become a teacher. Others have reported that he would become the President of Brazil. I have heard, through the linguistic prowess of my Portuguese speaking wife, many variations and suppositions of Emmanuel’s planned trajectory.

Be that as may, the core facts remain, a veteran from the spirit world, who has written historical novels detailing actual events from his and other’s previous lives, and oversaw the production of the greatest amount of communication from the spirit world in Earth’s history is here and growing up.

What new revelations will appear? How much more of the daily life in the spiritual plane will be exposed to humankind? I am not sure of the content or the extent, but I am sure that it will be Explore-Small-front-coversignificant.

To read a more about what has been presented to us about life in the spiritual plane and different spheres of influence to date, you may find my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined, interesting.

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