The Life of an Errant Spirit Wandering Amongst Us

errant-spiritsIn the book, The Spiritist Review, Journal of Psychological Studies, 1859, which contains all of the articles in the 12 issues of Allan Kardec’s magazine for the year 1859, there is an account on a spirit which came unannounced to a mediums meeting. The chapter, Scenes of the Spirit’s Private Life, which starts at page 201, discusses the life of a spirit who wanders the earth.  The spirit, who was a bit of a rough neck, died at the age of young age of twenty. He was neither evil nor good. When he passed away he wasn’t exiled to the worse sections of the Lower Zones, he was sentenced to stay on the surface with us.

On page 205, he was asked:

20.  How do you spend your time?

– I have no other concern but to have fun and to be informed about the events which may have influence over my fate. I see many things. I spend part of the time at my friends’ houses, in the theater… Sometimes I find funny things… If the persons only know that they have company when they think to be alone! Finally, I go in such a way as to make the passage of time as light as possible… I wouldn’t know how long this is going to last, however, I have been like that for a while… Have you seen many cases like that?

21. In short, are you happier now than when you were alive?

– No.

22. What is it that you are missing? You need nothing else; you no longer suffer; you are not afraidhardships of being bankrupt; you go everywhere and see everything; you are not afraid of the human concerns or diseases, or the ailments of age. Wouldn’t that be a happy life?

– I lack the reality of the pleasures. I am not sufficiently elevated to enjoy moral happiness. I desire everything that I see and this is my very punishment; I get bored and try to kill time the way I can! And how this lasts… I experience an indefinable qualm. I would rather feel the miseries of  life than this anxiety that tortures me.

23. You said you would go visiting your friends. Isn’t that a real distraction?

– My friends cannot feel my presence. Besides, they no longer even remember me. That hurts.

24. Don’t you have friends among the spirits?

– Senseless and useless like me; that get bored like me. Their company is not very nice. Those who think and are happy stay away from me.

A perfect example of suffering by a person who became a spirit, who did not possess any moral compass. The poor soul is sentenced to live in the spirit world as aimlessly as he lived in the physical world.

Imagine the number of spirits around us,  men and women, who died without a higher goal in mind. Without the ambition to spiritually better themselves. Hopefully, they will discover how to ascend while in the spirit world.

In fact, in a later communication, the young soul is given a task to prove himself worthy and he reports a spirit that follows him, guiding him to perform good deeds instead of wasting his time.

Spirits similar to the wandering young man are one of the reasons while care must be taken while Spirit-101-Front-smallattempting to communicate with the other side. Spiritism, through the books of Allan Kardec, such as The Mediums Book, teaches us to discern between the serious and the frivolous spirit.

If you wish to learn more about Spiritism, please read my short book on Spiritism, Spiritism 101- The Third Revelation, to understand how we interact with the spirit world and how we are guided by high spirits.


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