The Life Beyond the Veil – A book Psychographed by an English Reverend – G. Vale Owen

beyondTheVeilIf you are interested in Spiritism and communications from the “other side”, I can’t recommend this book enough. The Life Beyond the Veil is available on Amazon Kindle for $2.99.

I found this book when my wife was reading Voltei, a book psychographed by Chico Xavier, which is only in Portuguese. She told me about the book as she was reading it. At the end of the book the spirit author, Irmao Jacob (brother Jacob), has a gathering with all of his friends who have been instrumental in spreading Spiritism. My wife showed me the list of friends and on the list was the Rev. G. Vale Owen. I had never heard of him before.

I looked him up on Wikipedia and found that he was a Reverend in the Church of England, who wrote his books in the 1920’s. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote a preface for one of his books.

I have just read part of his book and I already find it absolutely fascinating and moving.  I will be writing many more blog entries about different aspects of what I have learned.  The basic fact is there is nothing that contradicts what has been written by Chico and Allan Kardec.  What is amazing is that I have found more pertinent information covering details that I have not found before.

I am sure you will enjoy the book as much as I do.

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Great. Thank you for sharing this, Brian.


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