Sleep Paralysis – An Article in the British Newspaper – The Telegraph

In the British newspaper, The Telegraph, there is an article on sleep paralysis.

You can read it here.

In essence it tells about the symptoms:

“(1) paralyzed except for your eyes

(2) oppressed (or feeling a weight on your chest)

(3) mute (i.e. unable to call out for help)

These three experiences all took place while you were clearly awake and, not surprisingly, also led to strong feelings of terror.  Making matters worse (or at least scarier), nightmares usually had visual and tactile elements just as vivid as anything experienced in daily life.”

Usually when I read about “sleep paralysis” there is no mention of spirits who take temporary control of your body, but in this article they actually refer to people who thought is was caused by spirits. Currently our culture tries to erase any references to the spirit world:

“Some people believed that the nightmare was an actual nocturnal assault (by demons, ghosts, vampires, witches or extraterrestrials). “

What is interesting is their findings on the type of people who experience temporary body takeover by a spirit:

“In spite of the fact that many people have not heard of it, it is actually quite common.  It occurs in 8% of the general population with much higher rates in students (28%) and psychiatric patients (32%).  Most find it to be a harmless, albeit scary event that is a rare occurrence in their lives. “

There should be no mystery for the higher incident of psychiatric patients. Many of their problems have to do with malevolent spirits who are trapping the poor unfortunate soul in a web of obsession. There are psychiatric hospitals in Brazil which recognize this problem and provide great benefit for patients who need help in conversing with spirits who are seeking revenge for a past transgression.

I actually had this happen to me once. I was alone in a hotel room on the island of Kos, in Greece. I had not been drinking or eating anything strange. I was taking an afternoon nap, when I could sense something getting closer to me. I could hear the barking of dogs, one dog after another as the entity came nearer. Suddenly, I couldn’t move nor speak. I resisted with all my might.

I didn’t have a nightmare, I was transported to another place, I was flying two to three feet above the ocean toward an ornate, turn of the century hotel. The beach had rows of umbrellas. The vision stopped as I kept resisting.

I am doubtful that my experience was caused by my own body chemistry. I felt a presence, although I Explore-Small-front-coverdidn’t feel anything negative about the spirit, only that I didn’t want to allow it to control my movement. But, of course, I could be wrong.

Learn more about the spirit realm and how we live in a world full of spirit by reading my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined.

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