What does the Titanic – James Dean – Leonardo DiCaprio Have in Common?

leonardo_dicaprio-060I know you are thinking, “That’s easy Leonardo DiCaprio starred in the movie Titanic, the James Dean connection is a bit harder to figure out.”

I will tell you the answer, a book was inspired by the spirit world and published in 2001, in Brazil. The book is in Portuguese. Julio Cesar de Sa Roriz was the medium who wrote the book as directed by spirits. The name of the book is Oh, James! Na Poeira do Tempo. Here is a link to the book. A literal translation of Na Poeira do Tempo, is “In the dust of time”.

I haven’t read the book, since I am not proficient in Portuguese, but my wife did. As she read it sheOh-James---Na-Poeira-do-Tempo-1png would tell me parts of the book. It opens with a boy, who has a wealthy father and mother boarding the Titanic. This boy is a budding magician, who detects a person robbing other passengers. The boy finds a necklace, the robber has dropped.

The boy’s parents have business dealings with a couple in a lower class. The couple have a daughter. Sound somewhat familiar? Except the sexes of the young couple are reversed in the actual movie.  There is much more background on the various characters and their thinking at the time of their passage on the Titanic. All unknowing that disaster lies before them.

I won’t go into detail, but only tell you that the boy, who dies in the disaster, later reincarnates as James Dean. His spirit guides tries to help him, while at the same time the life before his life as a boy on the Titanic is revealed. He was a pirate who caused the deaths of many people.

As most of us know James Dean died an early death, in a car accident. James was then reincarnated as an actor. The story of not only the past lives of James Dean but of the other souls that intersected his life is fascinating.

The movie Titanic was released in 1997, so many will say the book simply rearranged the movie’s story and added some twists. There is no defense against by those who don’t believe in the spirit world. Nothing I or others could convince them otherwise.

I do believe, because the narrative follows what I have seen in other Spiritist literature. The major difference is that people are exposed. In other books, people’s identity are not revealed. For instance, Andre Luiz, the spirit author of many books psychographed by Chico Xavier is an assumed name. The spirit world wished to protect his descendants. I can only think that given the nature of the public life of an actor that an exception was made. There may be other reasons.

I would love to read an English translation of the book!

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What don’t you recommend the books by Allan Kardec? Those are the right books to read if people want to study Spiritism.


    I reference Allen Kardec in many articles. His books are the place to go to for the basis of Spiritism. In response to many who have had trouble getting through Allen Kardec’s series of books I wrote books that review Spiritism Doctrine from Kardec and Chico Xavier literature in an easy to absorb manner


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