Still-born Children – They have a life in the Spirit World too

guardian_angelWe are told in Spiritist literature, that a spirit enters a body almost at the same time a sperm fertilizes an egg. We tend to think that a still-born child, while a tragedy for the parents, as an attempt at life gone wrong. A failure for some biological reason, where the soul of the little one finds a new home at some future date.

While I have read about children who have died, some very young, moments after birth, being raised in the spirit world, I have not read anything about still-born children.

Not all children must be raised in the spirit world, only those requiring a renewal, a time to learn with the openness and innocence of a child. Whereas, other children, after they pass on, revert to their mature spirit form, having undergone a quick trial or a mission for some specific purpose.

Therefore, I read with interest, when the mother of the Reverend G. Vale Owen, in The Lowlands of beyondTheVeilHeaven section, which is in a compilation of four of his books, Life Beyond the Veil, discovers children in a palace being raised with love and care by the mistress of the house. Vale Owen’s mother is puzzled at first, since she is used to seeing children gathered together in a more controlled environment. A school with loving teachers in facilities built to care for children.

She asked the mother of the palace, who are these beautiful children?

 “She explained that these were still-born children, who had never breathed the atmosphere of earth. For this reason they were of different character from others who had been born alive, even from those who had only lived a few minutes. They also required different treatment, and were able to much sooner to imbibe the knowledge of these spheres. So they were sent to some such home as this, and were trained until they progressed in mind and stature to such a degree that they were able to begin their new course of knowledge. Then, strong in heavenly purity and wisdom, they were taken in hand by those teachers who were in touch with the earth itself, and were taught what they had not been able to learn before.”[1]

Vale Owen’s mother thought back to her own still-born child when she was on earth. Suddenly, she cedartreeknew the reason she was sent to this place. Her emotions got the better of her and she sat down underneath a tree and let her feelings rush through her. The mistress of the palace came and sat down beside her. She put her arms around Vale Owen’s mother and said;

“Dear, I am also a mother, the mother of one such as you will find here all your own. So I know what is in your heart at this moment, for I have experienced your present joy also.”[2]

Vale Owen’s mother describes what happened next:

“Then I raised my eyes to her face, and she saw the question I could not ask her, and, taking my hand, she raised me, and, with her arm round my shoulder still, she led me towards a grove, where we heard children playing, their happy shouts and laughter coming through the trees – for I was very faint from all that great joy that filled me, and how should I sustain the greater joy to come?”[3]

Reunions such as these, I have read over and over again in Spiritist literature. From Andre Luiz’s journey to the Lower Zones, where he met his beloved grandfather to other worthy souls meeting wives, husbands, long-lost friends. The spirit world arranges wonderful gifts to those who are deserving. The spirit realm above our earth, led by our Savior Jesus Christ, is above all merciful and loving. We on earth, are only able detect a small portion of the love that covers the multiple spheres of spiritual and physical life which rotates around us.

BookCover-ReincarnationThe price to gain entrance into the miraculous levels of the spirit world is straightforward. We only have to follow our conscience and spread love wherever we are able.

If you wish to learn more about the cycle of spirit – physical self – spirit again, and what this means to your growth as a spirit, please read my book, The Case for Reincarnation – Your Path to Perfection.


Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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