2015 – Retrospective for the NW Spiritism Blog

Thanks to all of the readers of this humble blog, which was created to spread knowledge about Spiritism to the English-speaking world.

Here is a little history of our attempt to reach out;

1. Started in March, 2014 – 18 page views

2. In December 2015 – 7,414 page views

3. In all of 2015 – More than 85,000 page views

We are slowly getting the word out. But do you know that I try to post comments on Facebook pages (groups such as NDE (Near Death Experiences), Reincarnation and Spirituality) about Spiritism. I post information on Spiritism on venues like Reddit (Spirituality, Christianity, Religion, Past Lives) and various NDE sites. All in the attempt to at least expose the name and some basic concepts about our Doctrine. You would be surprised at how hungry people are for more information. I won’t mention the negatives ones 🙂

???????????????Here is where I would like to ask for your help: I almost never see any other person writing anything about Spiritism on these types of sites. Please, if you have the time, contribute, explain the Doctrine, and point them to your own site, my site (http://www.nwspiritism.com), Facebook site ( https://www.facebook.com/nwspiritism) or other Spiritist sites out there so they can start to gather information.  The more people that we reach out to, the more successful the world will be in making the transition to a better planet.


Hi dear,

I am Brazilian and a new reader of your blog. Sometimes I use to write some short pages about the New Revelation, I mean, Spiritism codified by Allan Kardec. I can translate some pages that I have received and submit for posting. What do you think about this offer?

Geraldo Goulart


I will look and check it out!!


And congrats on the views! How amazing!


Brian, excellent work. Keep it up, my friend. And yes, we need all the help we can get to help others understand the realities of out spiritual existence. God bless.


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