The Meaning of Suffering – How we should use it to Improve Ourselves

In the Greater WorldIn the book, In the Greater World, inspired by Andre Luiz and psychographed by Chico Xavier, there is a scene where a very high spirit comes to the aid of a discarnated spirit who was murdered. He had been persecuting his murderer for over twenty years. The high spirit, a woman, tried to reason with him to drop his useless obsession and forgive. When the man told of the injustice and suffering, she responded;

“Who among us, my friend, can understand the whole meaning of suffering? You have asked why the Lord has allowed you to undergo such a hard trial …Isn’t that the same as asking a potter what compelled him to set the form of a delicate piece in scorching heat, or asking an artist when led to the hammering of a raw stone to turn it into a magnificent sculpture? Camilo, pain enlarges life and sacrifice sets it free. Afflictions are a problem of divine origin. In trying to solve them, the spirit can rise to a resplendent peak or plunge into a frightful abyss, for many draw suffering the patience with which they kindle the light to defeat their own darkness, whereas others draw from it the rocks and thorns of rebelliousness, with which they fall into the darkness of the chasm.” [In the Greater World, 2009, p. 77]

What better explanation could you desire? Consider us raw clay who must be molded and hardened by fire to emerge a pure spirit. The process can be painful and difficult, but the results are magnificent. The rewards of attaining the status of a high spirit will be worth every obstacle and hurdle we will have to surmount. For then, we shall know true love for all. There is no greater goal.

Kindle-FrontCoverDon’t lose hope and consider you are alone on earth to suffer, for the spirit realm supplies us with all of the required support for us to survive and even prosper through our pre-planned trials. Read my book, The Problem is the Solution, to discover how the spirit world guides us and teaches us how to improve by sending us trials to learn what we haven’t acquired in past lives.

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