With Reincarnation, Prejudices Collapse

reincarnation1“With reincarnation, race and caste prejudices collapse, since the same spirit can be reborn rich or poor, great lord or proletarian, boss or subordinate, free or slave, male or female. Of all the arguments against the injustice of servitude and slavery, against the subjugation of women to the law of the mightiest, there are none that logically prevail over the material fact of reincarnation. Therefore, if reincarnation rests upon a law of nature – the principle of universal fraternity – it also rests upon the law of the equality of social rights and, consequently, of liberty.” [Allan Kardec, Genesis, EDICEI, 2009, pp. 36-37]

So wrote Allan Kardec in the 1850s, well before what we consider to be the start of a more enlightened and compassionate age. In essence, the message of reincarnation is, be careful who you oppress, insult, denigrate, harm, or detest, because in the next life you just may come back as the object of your negative passion.

The spirit realm won’t allow any individual spirit to persist in treating others badly. The goal of a pure spirit is to love all souls, irrespective of any gender, race, sexual inclinations, political or religious feelings, anything. We must love even the basest criminals, although this doesn’t mean we don’t lock them up, only that we know in our hearts that someday they will learn and become a force for good.

The Problem is the SolutionThe Supreme Intelligence directs our incarnations, with our help in many cases, to repair any blemishes that we have and any wrongs we committed in past lives. This is why we experience the life we have now. In my book, The Problem is the Solution – 7 Life Complications Sent to Test and Teach You, you will understand the causes of your current trials and how to learn the lessons we must acquire in our present life in order to ascend in the spirit hierarchy.


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