The Wise Minister – A parable for what Government should be

Jesus-in-the-home-bookIn the book, Jesus in the Home, psychographed by Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, and inspired by the spirit Neio Lucio, there are stories that are told about what was discussed in Peter’s house with the disciples, Jesus and other friends. Stories that did not make it in the Bible or were otherwise recorded to our knowledge, but which has been revealed to us by the gift of the spirit world.

In the story Matthew was talking about the duties of those who lead, which includes heads of governments, administrators, and other functionaries. The discussion went on for some time. The gathering started to look to Jesus for his opinion.  He then told the following parable;

“There once was a kingdom in whose inner circles there was a large party of adversaries of the governing king. Little by little, the spirit of rebellion grew in certain rebellious families. Within a few weeks an entire province in despair rose up against the king, impeding his actions.” [Jesus in the Home, EDICEI, 2009, p. 61]

The king then called on celebrated judge. The Judge being a judge starting writing laws to solve the situation. But of course, as we see in our times, writing laws serve mostly the people interested in the laws in the first place. Therefore, the situation didn’t improve.

The king then replaced the judge with  a well know teacher. All the teacher did was to give speeches. Again, isn’t this familiar! The speeches accomplished nothing.

Next a priest was selected to remedy the situation. The priest only made matters worse by complaining all that had gone wrong. The people were more upset than ever.

The king was in despair and then chose a physician. The physician wanted desperately to be successful and decided to declare that anyone who opposed the king was mentally ill and had them locked up. Amazing that Jesus would choose examples like these which would foreshadow the events in the horrendous communist experiments in the 20th century, where opponents were regularly committed to mental hospitals.

egyptThe situation became so bad, the king selected a general, who made it worse by declaring war on the kings subjects and ignited a civil war.

Finally the king selected a wise man;

“He arrived at the palace, did some hard thinking for some time, and then begin new activities. He wrote no new laws, nor did he give speeches or censure the insurgents. He wasted no time or scorn, nor did he incite any notions of revenge.

He saw that there were a lot of people without homes, jobs or education, so he builtcharity2 houses, created workshops, opened roadways and constructed schools, encouraging work and education, and fighting bravely with understanding and fraternity against idleness and ignorance.

It wasn’t very long before all of the discord in the kingdom disappeared, because the concrete action of the good had eliminated all the mistrust, hardness and indecision in all of the sick and rebellious minds in the region.” [Jesus in the Home, EDICEI, 2009, p. 62]

Jesus illustrated to his disciples that only through education and work will good win out. JesusJesusCharity said in conclusion; “In order for the good to reign, there must be a positive reality in the field of evil so that a living and pure light may arise to banish the darkness.”[Jesus in the Home, EDICEI, 2009, p. 63]

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