The Reason for Sex

sexualattraction“The control center of sex is not located in the dense body, but in the sublime organization of the soul” [In the Greater World, Francisco Xavier, 2009, p. 158]

I read this and was intrigued. If there was anything about us that seemed to be rooted in our dense primitive and often brutish bodies it is sex!

But Andre Luiz’s mentor tell us what sex means in the higher spiritual regions and how it molds us here on earth.

“Down on earth, men and women are distinguished according to specific organic features. As for us, in transit to higher spiritual regions, the remembrance of our earthly existence is still preponderant. We know, however, that in such higher regions femininity and masculinity are characteristics of souls that are highly passive or openly active.” [p. 158]

Hence sex is an attitude, or more succinctly an attribute. Attributes that we acquire throughout our many lives. He describes this process further;

“Consequently, we know that, in the variations of our experiences, we gradually acquire divine qualities such as determination and tenderness, strength and humility, power and gentleness, intelligence and sentiment, initiative and intuition, wisdom and love, until we attain our supreme balance in God.” [p.158]

As we progress we learn to balance the active and passive sides of our nature. Every spirit is unique and all will have different degrees, but all who ascend into purity will achieve a balance.

The mentor tells us that the human race started out like animals, where the male possessed the female, but given millennia of slow evolution the combinations of woman-mother andCavemanDraggingWoman1 man-father migrated to the concept of the tribe, the primitive shelter changed into the home and the quest for wild game transformed into the farm. From this, the spark of sex, civilization arose, the wooden club of the caveman became the gift of flowers to his love.

We all must travel this road to prefect balance. The mentor describes our journey;

“Sometimes, humans take years, centuries and many lifetimes to go from one level to the next. Few individuals are able to keep themselves above the fray with the equilibrium that is jealousy_965822required. Very few have crossed the territory of ownership without battling cruelly with the monsters of selfishness and jealousy, to which they have completely surrendered. A small number travel the road of tenderness without shackling themselves for a long stretch to the many chains of exclusiveness. And sometimes, only after millennia of excruciating, purifying trials, can the soul reach the luminous zenith of sacrifice for it final deliverance en route to new cycles of unification with the Divinity.” [p. 159]

Therefore, we own no one, we direct no one, we merely love, cherish and help one another. Always KindleCoverproviding feedback for the spiritual benefit of our partner. Each one of us learning to weigh our active and passive sides. Learning to know when one is better than the other in different circumstances.

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