God Concerns Himself About All of our Actions

The one must read book in the series of book about Spiritism

The Spirits Book

In The Spirits Book, by Allan Kardec, one of the original questions is to determine how closely we are followed in our life by the spirit world:

  1. Has God to concern Himself about each of our actions in order to reward or to punish us?

“God’s laws apply to all your actions. When a man violates one of those laws, God does not pronounce sentence on him by saying, for example, ‘You have been gluttonous; I shall punish you for it.’ But He has traced a limit to appetite. Maladies, and even death, are the consequence of overstepping that limit. Punishment, in all cases, is a result of the infraction of a law.”

“All our actions are subjected to the laws of God; and any wrong-doing on our part, however unimportant it may seem to us, is a violation of those laws. When we undergo the consequences of such violation, we have only ourselves to thank for it; for we are the sole authors of our happiness or unhappiness, as is shown in the following apologue:– “A father has educated and instructed his child, that is to say, he has given him the means of knowing how to guide himself in the affairs of life. He makes over to him a piece of land to cultivate, and says to him, ‘I have given you the practical directions, and all the necessary implements, for rendering this land productive, and thereby gaining your living. I have given you all the instruction needed for understanding those directions. If you follow them, your land will yield abundant harvests, and will furnish you wherewithal to obtain repose in your old age; if you do not, it will bear nothing but weeds, and you will die of hunger.’ And having said this, he leaves him free to act as he pleases.”

“Is it not true that the land thus given will produce exactly in the ratio of the skill and care bestowed on its cultivation, and that any mistake or negligence on the part of the son will have an injurious effect on its productiveness? The son will therefore be well or ill off in his old age, according as he has followed or neglected the directions given to him by his father. God is still more provident than the earthly father, for He tells us, every moment, whether we are doing right or doing wrong, through the spirits whom He constantly sends to counsel us, though we do not always heed them. There is also this further difference, namely, that, if the son of whom we have been speaking has misemployed or wasted his time, he has no opportunity of repairing his past mistakes, whereas, God always gives to man the means, through new existences, of doing this.”

The answer given implies several important points to keep in mind:

First point – Moderation is Vital – When the spirits, sent by the Spirit of Truth tells us that appetites have a limit, we should realize this applies to many facets in our lives. Over indulging in food, drink,Honor luxury to the use of your amassed capital to the exclusion of assisting others, and other facets is to be avoided. The ancient Greeks set the standard when they said, “Everything in Moderation”, or a more literal translation, “Nothing in Excess”. We are sent to earth to learn to be responsible (hence we experience multiple trials on earth), not only for ourselves but for others too.

Second point – We are watched. Subsequent Spiritist literature has revealed to what extent we are evaluated. We each have a unique identification, a soul identifier, which constantly transmits our thoughts, emotions, location, and physical data. This is why we must not only strive to fashion our actions and words, but to mold our thoughts.

One could think this is equivalent to Big Brother watching you, to find every error and mistake in order to use it against you in a punitive fashion. This is certainly not the case. Think of how an elementary school teacher watches his or her children to analyze their deeds to create lesson plans and devices to promote their growth. We are scrutinized with love and deep caring, with the aim of helping us learn the qualities we so sorely require in order to climb the ladder to become a pure spirit.

The Problem is the SolutionI for one am grateful to have more than one life to erase my many blemishes. As I am grateful to be assigned obstacles to break down my resistance to past lessons that I may have failed. You can read more about how each one of us are assigned trials in my book The Problem is the Solution, and how the hurdles we overcome in life are there for a purpose.

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