The Affinity of Spirits

afterdeath2In Spiritist literature, one of the Divine Laws is the Law of Affinity. It is revealed in The Spirits Book. The book was codified by Allan Kardec in the 1850’s. Allan Kardec didn’t write the book, he posed questions to high spirits. He employed multiple mediums throughout Europe to ask the same question, without knowledge of each other, and he only used the answer if the medium reported a similar answer as other mediums obtained.

One of the main drivers for the happiness of being a spirit in the levels of heaven is that you are with others who share your characteristics. The opposite is true of the Lower Zone or Umbral as it is called in Portuguese. Hence, the good are grouped with the good, loving, calm, serene, and caring while the souls who left their earthly bodies behind, but who couldn’t leave their earthly traits behind, such as envy, hatred, selfishness are also associated with their own kind.

The Law of Affinity is indirectly explained in multiple places in Kardec’s books, although I don’t recall seeing a succinct definition in one passage (those who may know of the correct location, please advise me). The passage which illustrates best the benefit of the Law of Affinity is the following:

980.  Is the sympathic link which unites spirits of the same order a source of felicity for them?

“The union of spirits who sympathize in the love of goodness is one of their highest enjoyments, for they have no fear of seeing that union disturbed by selfishness. In worlds altogether spiritual, they form families animated by the same sentiment, and this union constitutes the happiness of those worlds, as in your world you group yourselves into categories, and experience pleasure in being thus brought together. The pure and sincere affection felt by elevated spirits, and of which they are the object, is a source of felicity, for there are neither false friends nor hypocrites among them.”

Man enjoys the first-fruits of this felicity upon the earth when he meets with those with whom he can enter into cordial and noble union. In a life of greater purity than that of the earth, this felicity becomes ineffable and unbounded, because their inhabitants meet only with sympathetic souls whose affection will not be chilled by selfishness. For love is life; it is selfishness that kills.

When you are with true friends, their encouraging attitude and love increases your own feeling of contentment and functions as a generator to send your own feelings back to the group. Thereby, collectively creating a positive feedback loop, elevating the entire collective. Sounds like heaven? It is.

This is why Jesus said of the entrance to heaven, “Strive to enter through the narrow door. For many,celestrial-city I tell you, will seek to enter and will not be able.” (Luke 13:24) Only those who have left behind the baser emotions and the quest for material wealth shall be allowed.

This makes sense because how would the dynamics of a close-knit group change with a selfish, power-hungry addition who thought of the others as sheep waiting to be fleeced. The answer is that the group will quickly dissipate or dissolve into a rancorous mob instead of a force for positive achievement. Therefore, to join the club (enter that narrow door) you have to grow your spiritual side and discard your quest to dominate and take from others just to satisfy your personal desires.

Therefore, if after you discard your physical body and yearn to live in a comfortable, loving, and warm environment, then you must demonstrate your ability to contribute. The proof of your worth lies within the life you lead. Your life, unbeknownst to you, isn’t a series of happenstance and random events, but a carefully laid out plan, designed to educate and test you.

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