Angels on Earth

Jesus-greatLordWhen reading about the visits of angels on earth recorded in the Old Testament, then the story of the New Testament and the phenomena which occurred during the time of Jesus, one could think that the thousands of years spanning from Abraham to Jesus was the peak of angels coming to earth. The Rev. G. Vale Owen, who communicated with high spirits in the early 1900s, was involved with a high spirit named Zabdiel, who broached the subject of angels on earth.

He first spoke of angels living in higher spheres, in the upper levels of heaven. Where spirits are less dense than spirits below them and considerably of a different composition than we on earth. While in our physical form we are mostly matter and some energy, this ratio lessens and then reverses in the higher levels.

Pure spirits, according to Allan Kardec, are:

112. General Characteristics. The influence of matter null; a superiority, both intellectual and moral, so absolute as to constitute what, in comparison with the spirits of all other orders may be termed perfection.”[1]

Allan Kardec called them “First Order – Pure Spirits”, others call them pure spirits or angels. Pure spirits no longer have the need to incarnate, they have no blemishes to remove in a world of atonement. Although free of paying off past debts and gaining new experiences, they are not idle. “They are the messengers and ministers of God”[2], according to Allan Kardec.

These pure spirits are sent on important missions to earth (or to other planets), rarely in physical form, but in spirit form. Zabdiel tells us that an angel coming to earth is like a deep-sea diver, submersing thousands of fathoms to attempt to talk to the life forms residing in a hostile environment. A pure spirit requires a support group to assist them in their mission, just like a diver who requires a group on the surface to monitor all vital signs. Next, Zabdiel, tells us about how and why angels come to earth:

“Some there are who ask why angels do not come in plenty nowadays as in the olden times. Here are many errors in few words, and two pre-eminent. For first, angels of high estate did never come in plenty to the earth plane, but one here and another there amid the ages; and those were accounted worthy of a forward place in the annals of great events. Angels do not in this wise come to earth and visibly appear, except it be on some very rare and special commission. This were an extension of our difficult task: first must the diver get to the dark and very deep waters, and then must he so condition himself that he become visible to those nearly blind creatures on the ocean floor.”[3]

What Zabdiel cites as a difficult task is mirrored in an example in the book Workers of the Life Eternal, there is a chapter detailing the events when a guest speaker from a high order world, gave a lecture to spirits in Nosso Lar. Ordinarily, this is not a mystery, the speaker arrives and speaks, but this instance was different.

A High Spirit Communicates with Spirits on a Lower Level of Heaven

In the book, Workers of the Life Eternal, psychographed by Francisco C. Xavier, there is a strange encounter in Chapter 3 – The Sublime Visitor. The strangeness does not lie in the topic, the speech, or the people involved. It lies in the limited communication between the high order spirit and those listening at Nosso Lar. The city Nosso Lar (which means Our Home in English), is located in one of the lower levels of heaven.

The spirit Andre Luiz, who worked with Francisco C. Xavier, in a series of books detailing his life in theNossaLar-city heavenly city Nosso Lar and how he took part in teams assisting us on earth, opens his tale of the speech by a visiting spirit by describing a modest well-lit room that had on one side a small chamber made of a substance similar to clear, transparent glass. Andre is told why a chamber is required:

“In meeting with us, the Father’s messengers exercise sacrifice and self-denial; they endure the vibratory shocks of our lower planes; they retake the form they abandoned long ago; they humble themselves to be like us.”[4]

 Andre is told the same story as Zabdiel tells the Rev. G Vale Owen, higher order spirits are fundamentally different, hence descending to lower levels of spirituality takes time and effort. Andre is given an explanation of why such a journey is challenging:

“It is vital to abide by a steadfast attitude of serenity and respect. Such an environment provides the foundation for the emission of pure energies, and for that reason we will hold all fellow spirits present responsible for any unharmonious minutia in the work to be accomplished.”[5]

This all fits to what we have been told before, by Allan Kardec, Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, and by G. Vale Owen, the higher the spirit the more pure energy with either very small or no traces of matter and the more tuned to God’s love is the spirit.

angel1As spirit ascend they undergo a metamorphosis, not only does their character become pure, but their body increases in brightness and force. High order spirits have great power to affect change with thought alone.

The audience was then instructed to fill the chamber with an artificial environment, with still waters, a robust tree, with vegetation and leaves on the tree. Andre Luiz describes the beautiful scene in the chamber. Then the Instructor addresses the group sternly:

“My friends, your task has not been fully completed. Pay close attention to the uncompleted details and give a more effective outward expression to your inner power! You still have fifteen minutes to finish your work.”[6]

The Speaker

The speaker’s name is Asclepios. He appeared wearing a lily-white cloak. He had an old-man’s face and a halo of light. Andre further describes Asclepios’ appearance:

“We could see only the upper portion of his body, giving me the impression that the lower part was naturally hidden in the abundant vegetation. His arms and hands, though, were revealed in all their anatomically minute detail because with his right hand he blessed us with a wide gesture while holding in his other hand a small roll of radiant parchments, allowing us to see a golden cord tied to his waist.”[7]

After the speech Andre wished to know more about Asclepios, he was told the following;

“Asclepios belongs to the redeemed communities of the Plane of the Immortals in the highest regions of earth’s spiritual realm. He lives far above our notions of form, and in conditions that are inconceivable to our current concept of life. He has already lost all direct contact with the earth per se, and could only make himself felt there through messengers and missionaries of great power. His sacrifice in coming to visit us is to be appreciated, despite our improved position in relation to incarnate humans. He rarely comes here. However, at times, other mentors of the same category visit us out of fraternal mercy.”[8]

Andre then finds out that a spirit like Asclepios will only reincarnate on earth every five to eight centuries. Then Andre asks if Asclepios is the highest spiritual form to be found in the universe; he receives the following answer;

“Not at all. Asclepios is associated with other self-denying mentors of terrestrial humankind; he is part of the highest echelon of the community to which he belongs, but in reality he is still a spirit of our planet, although working in the highest realms of life. We must travel for a long time in the evolutionary arena before we can follow in his footsteps. However, we believe that our sublimeNossa-lar-lecture visitor longs to be part of the board of representatives of our orb in the glorious communities that inhabit Jupiter and Saturn, for example. In turn, the members of those orbs anxiously await the moment in which they will be summoned to the divine assemblies that govern our entire solar system. Among these latter are those who carefully and watchfully await the minute in which they will be called to work with those who maintain the constellation Hercules, to whose family we belong. Those who guide our group of stars naturally aspire one day to make up the crown of celestial spirits who support life and guide it in the galactic system through which we move. And did you know, my friend, that our Milky Way, a breeding ground and fount of millions of worlds, is just one single detail of the Divine Creation, a mere corner of the universe?!…”[9]

Asclepios has a high position in our Solar System, but there are plenty of positions above him in command of our universe. Zabdiel’s metaphor of the diver is clear when paired with the information given about the high spirit Asclepios.

Asclepios is at least very high order spirit, if not a pure spirit. He exists in a plane and dimension that we can’t comprehend. He may be one of the angels that Zabdiel talks about when he says angels only come periodically in physical form to our planet.

The Speech

The speech that Asclepios gave is not known to us, Andre Luiz declined to record it. Andre thus describes what he heard and why he would not translate it;

“In a clear, attractive voice, the emissary wished us the peace of Christ, and then spoke to us in a tone that could not be defined in human language (heeding the imperatives of my conscience, I will refrain from rendering any incomplete and imperfect translation).”[10]

Andre Luiz did enlighten us about the questions and answers after the speech. When one of the spectators raised a question, Asclepios brought out one of the parchments that contained a Bible verse to answer the question. When the questioner pressed for more, Asclepios would only enlarge on the verse that he had displayed. There was no real interaction with the assembly. Here is one example:

“Sister Luciana, however, who was part of our small group, spoke up and asked;

“Enlightened mentor, this is the first time that I am going down to earth on a clearly defined spiritual aid mission. Could you perchance provide me with the guidance I need?”

The emissary, who seemed to have brought biblical answers that he had prepared beforehand, unfolded another sheet and, surprised, we read 1 Thessalonians 4:9 by the Apostle to the Gentiles:

“But as for fraternal charity. I have no need to write to you, since you have been taught by God that you are to love one another.”

Somewhat confused, Luciana respectfully remarked: “I see, I see…”

“Practically applied,” the messenger politely commented, “the Word teaches us to improvise resources of the good in the most difficult of situations.”[11]

The answers sounded pre-recorded, only marginally associated with the questions given. My impression, my theory, is that Asclepios could not interact with the crowd, because he exists in an alternate dimension with a different timescale. One that allowed him to “know” the questions beforehand, but not to interact on a spontaneous level.

The higher a spirit, the more apt they are to discern the fourth dimension. They are able to see beforehand and after any event on a broader scale than those on the pecking order below them. Whereas, we on the physical plane live life in three dimensions, length, height, and width, with time continually marching on, the higher the spirit the more they are able to “see” not only three dimensions, but the fourth also.

We can’t see into the future, spirits above us can see a little ways into the future, and so on. The higher the spirit the wider the range of seeing an object over a span of time.

Angels Work for Humankind

Given the obstacles for direct assistance from angels, Zabdiel hints at other methods in which we are guided:

“No; we work for men, and are present with them, but in other ways than this, according to rule and varying method as each task requires. And that is the second error made; for we are present and do come to earth continually. But in that word ‘come’ more lies hidden than I may reveal. For even those on this side, in the spheres between us and you, do not understand yet our powers and the ways of their using, but only in part as they learn in the course of their progress. And so let it rest thus.”[12]

Angels continually come to earth. We may not see or feel their presence, but they are here and they always arrive for a purpose. Always an honorable cause. The help may seem strange at times, to us in our short lives, but the end game is a constant. Angels help us individually and collectively advance toward a goal of self-improvement. Not in material wealth but in spiritual wealth, the only kind that doesn’t disappear with time.

Explore-Small-front-coverUnderstanding what the spirit universe actually is and how we are part of it is the first step toward learning how you can perform your own journey to spiritual perfection. You can begin to by reading my book, Explore Your Destiny – Since Your Life’s Path is (mostly) Predetermined. You will discover why we are on earth, what are the different locations circling our planet and what is your ultimate destiny.


Brian Foster was a reluctant entry to Spiritism. He grew up with a vague sense of God and a higher power, but only through events he could not explain did he discover that there is indeed a world beyond ours, an “other side” as the Druids called it.

Brian works in Information Technology and has a BSCS degree and an MBA. For many this should make him a rational human being and not one who believes in spirits. On the contrary, it is what he believes to be an accumulation of evidence that has, thankfully, brought him to realize that we are part of a bigger plan.

Brian Foster has a blog at


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