The Squire and his Wife – The Reward in Heaven

City-heavenSpiritism revealed to us, as others have done so, that we live on a planet where we coexist with spirits. Spirits good, bad, and indifferent … we come into contact with them wherever we go and do. What is unique to the message of Spiritism is that our behavior and innate character determines the type of spirits who are attracted to us.

We don’t merely swim in the same ocean as discarnated souls, we are affected by their proximity. Those who exhibit dangerous behavior are encouraged to continue by spirits tied to the Lower Zone, by their past ill-conceived actions. Seeking pleasure by wafting in the aroma of alcohol or drugs; or living vicariously through  thoughtless encounters – lower spirits don’t have much else to do while on earth.

Whereas, those special people on earth who seek to regulate their conduct make poor companions for spirits seeking old thrills. This is why the spirit Zabdiel enlightens us on the subject of our interactions with spirits in his messages to the Rev. G Vale Owen:

“I may add that very few there are who realize in any great degree the magnitude of the forcesreincarnation4 which are ambient around men as they go about their business day by day. These forces are real, nevertheless, and close at hand. Nay, they mingle with your own endeavors, whether you will or no. And these power are not all good, but some are malicious, and some are betweenwise, and neither definitely good or bad.”[1]

Zabdiel desired to illuminate how we may defend ourselves and filter out the urges that are counter to our conscience in a passage in Book Two of the book The Life Beyond the Veil called The Highlands of Heaven. He explained to Rev. G. Vale Owen how we can actively curtain off ignorant spirits and be a beacon of light to higher spirits:

 “So it behooves that all be curious in their selection, and this may be assured by prayer and a right life. Think of God with reverence and awe, and of your fellow-man with reverence and love; and do all things as knowing we watch you and mark down your inner mind with exact precision, and that, as you are and become now, so you will be when you are awakened here; and whatpsychic-power-of-8-300x288 things now to you are material and positive and seem very real will then be of another sphere, and your eyes will open on other scenes, and earth be spoken of as that other sphere, and the life on earth as a journey made and finished, and all the money and furniture, and the trees in your garden, and all you now seem to own as your peculiar property will not be any more at hand.

Then you will be shown what place and treasure and friends you have earned in the school of endeavor just ended and left behind forever. And you will be either full of sorrow and regret, or compassed with joy unspeakable and light and beauty and love, all at your service, and those your friends who have come on before, now eager to show you some of the scenes and beauties of their present home.”[2]

Zabdiel warns against holding on to our common beliefs and habits in our physical life. Where we seldom ponder the meaning of God’s love and habitually expend most of our effort in acquiring material goods and seeking refuge from the stresses of work.

An antidote to our numbing routine is to stop and meditate or pray … consider the meaning of life, why we are here, and why we have been given the life that we have. Ask for guidance and it shall be given, according to Zabdiel. There is a legion of angels waiting for us to just open the door a crack.

To encourage us to not succumb to negativity and to seek out the light, Zabdiel tells the story of the reward in heaven waiting for those who live a kind life. I reprint in full Zabdiel’s account of what a good life on earth will mean to you:

The Squire and his Wife

EnglishManorOn a hillside green and golden, and with the perfume of many flowers hovering about like music, kissed by color, there is an old gabled house with many turrets and windows like those which first in England were filled with glass. Trees and lawns and, down in the hollow, a large lake where birds of many colors, and very beautiful, sport themselves. This is not a scene of your sphere, but one this side of the Veil. It were of little profit that I argue to show the reasonableness of such things being here. It is so, and that men should doubt that all that is good and beautiful on earth is here with beauty enhanced, and loveliness made more lovely is, on our part, a matter of wonder quite as great.

On one of the tower there stands a woman. She is clad in the color of her order, and that color is not one you know on earth; so I cannot give it a name. But I would describe it as golden-purple; and that will, I fear, convey little to you. She looks out towards the horizon far away across the lake, where low-lying hills are touched by the light beyond, She is fair to look upon. Her figure is more perfect and beautiful than that of any woman on earth, and her face more lovely. Her eyes shine out a radiance of lovely violet hue, and on her brow a silver star shines and sparkles as it answers to her thoughts within. This is the jewel of her order. And if beauty were wanted to make her beauty more complete, it is there in just a trace of wistfulness, which but adds to the peace and joy of her countenance. This is the Lady of the house where live a large number of maidens who are in her charge to do her will and go forth on what mission she desires from time to time. For the house is very spacious.

Now, if you study her face you will see at once that she is there expectant; and presently a light springs up and flashes from her eyes those beautiful, violet rays; and from her lips a message goes; and you know that by reason of the flash of light of blue and pink and crimson which darts from beneath her lips and seem to take wing far too quickly for you to follow it across the lake.

Then a boat is seen coming quickly from the right between the trees which grow on its borders, and the oars flash and sparkle, and the spray around the gilded prow is like small spheres of golden glass mingled with emeralds and rubies as it falls behind. The boat comes to the landing-place, and a brilliantly robed throng leap on to the marble steps which lead them up to the green lawn above. One is not so quick, however. His face is suffused with joy, but he seems also full of wonder, and his eyes are not quite used to the quality of the light which bathes all things in a soft shimmering radiance.

Then from the great entrance, and down towards the party, comes the Lady of the House, and pauses a short distance from the party. The newcomer looks on her as she stands there, and utter perplexity is in his gaze, rapt and intent. Then, at last, she addresses him, and in homely words this shining saint of God welcomes her husband, “Well, James, now you have come to me – at last.”

But he hesitates. The voice is hers, but different. Moreover, she died an old woman with gray hair, and an invalid. And now she stands before him a lovely woman, not young nor old, but of perfect grace and beauty of eternal youth.

“And I have watched you, dear, and been so near you all the time. And that is past and over now, and your loneliness is gone forever, dear. For now we are together once again, and this is God’s Summerland where you and I will never grow old again, and where our boys and Nellie will come when they have finished what is theirs to do in the earth life.”

Thus she talked, that he might get his bearings; and this he did at last, and suddenly. He burst in tears of joy, for it came to him that this indeed was his wife and sweetheart; and love overcame his awe. He came forward with his left hand over his eyes, just glancing up now and then, and when he was near she came quickly and took him into her arms and kissed him, and then throwing one arm about his neck, she took his hand in hers and led him up the steps, with slow and gently dignity, into the house she had prepared for him.

Yes, that house was the heavenly counterpart of their home in Dorset, where they had lived all their married life until she passed hence, and where he had remained to mourn her absence.

This, my ward, I have set down by way of pointing, with homely incident, the fact that the treasures of heaven are not mere words o sentiment, but solid and real and, if you will not press the word, material. Houses and friends and pastures and all things dear and beautiful you have on earth are here. Only here they are more sublime beauty, even as the people of these realms are of a beauty not of earth.

This two had lived a good life as country squire and wife, both simple and God-fearing, and kindly to the poor and the rich alike. These have their reward here; and that reward is often unexpected in its nature as it was to him.

This meeting I myself witnessed, for I was one of those who brought him on his way to the House, being then of that sphere where this took place.[3]

All of the above happened on the sixth sphere of heaven. James and wife who attained the serene splendor of the more perfect version of their manor house in England didn’t have to live as impoverished saints. Jesus doesn’t command us to relinquish everything. Only to cast off meanness; all petty actions against those different from us must be locked away and never let free.

If through your trials on earth you can stand with firm equilibrium in constant kindness and respect for others – your victory will be insured. The reward for a just and benevolent life is of an unmeasurable price; the sacrifices we make during our earthly life is nothing compared to what is awaiting us.

Practice calm meditative periods and learn to feel the love of the spirit world guiding you. Sense the achievement of ascending as you transform your character into what you always knew you wanted to 7Tenets-Front-smallbe. Let the Supreme Intelligence and the minions of Jesus into your life to assist you.

To see how we are enveloped by the spirit realm read my book about my personal experiences, 7 Tenets of Spiritism – How They Impact Your Daily Life. You will be surprised at the involvement into the smallest details in our lives by our spirit guardians.



Brian Foster has a BSCS degree and a MBA. He has worked in R&D for medical device corporations and in IT for large financial institutions. Brian Foster has a blog at

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