Spirits Tell Us the Hardest Spiritual Battle is Beginning – Fighting Materialism in the West

regenerativeWorldA new stage, a new battle is forming – it is one that will change our culture and have ramifications to our society. At the end of a message from the spirit Kathleen to the Rev. G Vale Owen on November 17, 1917, concerning the difficulties of reaching out to us on earth, Kathleen tells him of the coming challenge: Read More.

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One of your sentences in this article states that:

#1) “In essence, Spiritism lays out the reason we are here on earth and what is our destiny.”

Then another sentence in parts states:

#2) “For we have seen that the hardest battle before us is to conquer the materialism of the West, and ……”

I would love to offer you an “additional” and perhaps a Pan-Meta Perspective that is being overlooked by the sources dictating these declarative statements.

From my personal experiences may I suggest that:

a) Materialism is a tertiary effect way, way down the “Self-Sustaining Systemic” domino supply chain of human suffering in states of emotional and spiritual agony and thus “materialism” is not “The Problem!” It is however a huge Effect creating chaos, deception, political craft, greed and thus human agony at an incredible scale.

b) The Primal Causal “Functional Reason” for what “Spiritism” should Lovingly and Truthfully be all about is providing humanity with the reflective mirrors of human ignorance, be that born of the Ignorance of a i) Humble and innocent nature, ii) Protective and survival nature, iii) Defiant, arrogant and narcisstic nature. Ignorance not revealed is Ignorance Ignored is Ignorance sustained.

c) Therefore “the hardest battle before us is to conquer” ( not) “the materialistic” … drives of humanity but rather to conquer the Ignorance of Our Identity’s Ignorance and means for each of us to personally Experience … in order for us each to personally Discover …. THAT Being-At-One-With Why and Who We really are … IS … our ultimate Destiny.

If you sense my “irritation” that these alleged spiritual mentors are either ill-informed or intentionally misguiding us … well your sensory preceptors are “Spot On.”

I offer you one of many Power Point Slides I used last month while giving a talk at the popular “One Soul Boise” event. And this slide is located at the peak of the pyramid under which are many, many slides and group discussions on other definitional states of where one is at and all of the various way one may actually learn How to C Change … that which needs changing to move from where one is A At … to where one really wants to B Be.

I hope your beliefs are able to receive this feedback as enthusiastically as I (my beliefs) did when this stuff was offered up to me in the first library I was “Escorted Into.” J

Dam … how I would love to get on the transformative phone to have a continuation of that conversation with that Celestial Traffic Cop that came to my Identity Rescue. J

Ciao for Now.

Lawrence J. Carson II

1186 W. White Sands Dr.

Meridian, ID 83646


! ME Bow Tie


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