Descending to the Lower Zone – High Spirits Helping Lost Souls

umbra-andreLuizDiscarnate humans who have chosen to reside in the Lower Zone – a region of relative darkness – where they exist until they begin to thirst after light and love … are not left to their own devices to find their way to heaven. They are helped and guided. Read More.

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Looks like some are trying to encourage university students, and society as a whole, to take a “critical thinking course, be skeptical, get rid of pseudoscience”. AKA, embrace the materialist view, and deny all paranormal or metaphysical experiences.

From comments:
“They are quackery. Telekinesis, remote viewing etc. is nonsense.
Also, it’s just as rational to think and explore that the idea that all of Nature, cosmic and local, is locally and non locally interconnected. It’s efficient, and it may help explain all kinds of things
NOPE. No physicist would agree with you on that. Thats new age mumbo jumbo. It explains nothing. Its like some quacky claims in religion.”

“Scientists shouldn’t even be hired if they believe this new age stuff. Crackpots and believers in remote viewing.”

“How the hell was Michael Persinger even hired? The guy is a loon and has no qualifications in anything to do with physics. He believes in remote viewing and telepathy. This guy died a renowned professor. Travesty. Should have been fired for the extreme anti-scientific disinformation that he is spreading. Making students believe in nonsense like telepathy and remote viewing is EVIL and doing a disservice to science. Peer-review system weakness.
Poor students having their brains filled with this nonsense!”
Nothing but insults in the comments.
And nothing but whining about Sheldrake, Dean Radin, and others who question materialism.

And yes, while I agree that belief in the paranormal gives one a sense of control when life gets hard, and the belief that mental and physical pain/suffering has meaning, I still wouldn’t believe in any of it with zero evidence, just because it gets me out of bed in the morning, and lets me sleep at night.
But the whole believing in paranormal phenomena, and accepting/trusting OBEs being linked to “poor education, pseudoscience, fantasy proneness disorder, unemployment, lack of critical thinking, Schizotypy, etc“ has got to stop.
That association has been popping up on research papers and Skeptical Inquirer. And it still is.
btw, more and more universities are actually being more OPEN to the paranormal. Not discouraging it or calling people who accept it wishful thinkers, uneducated, and poor critical thinkers who need a dose of “reality and a mental hospital/medications”.
I know some ‘skeptics’ don’t like hearing it, but it’s time for science as a whole to move beyond materialism.

Here’s CSICOP whining about post-materialism. Clearly they’re not ready to accept it:

Like I’ve said before, I’m just learning to trust my experiences. I’m not going back to denying them as neurons misfiring, mental illnesses, or trauma when in reality I have none, just because it’s not accepted by ‘mainstream science, doing science a disservice, pseudoscience,’ or they think it’s all fairy-tale nonsense and new-age mystic woo.

And it’s funny when materialists ask for a peer-reviewed paper on paranormal it’s automatically “Peer-review weakness, broken system, pseudoscience can slip in, be given credibility, and disguise as science, peer reviewers were fooled and we shouldn’t always trust peer-reviewers.”:
I’ve got news for you, materialists: I don’t really trust the peer-review system. I think a lot of people don’t trust the peer-review system.
The blogger seems to only trust it when it’s materialistic. I don’t trust it whether it’s paranormal, ‘pseudoscience’, or materialistic.

You can’t win with materialists.


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