Believing in a Future Life, Completely Changes Your Point of View in this Life

the-gospel-according-to-spiritismIn the book, The Gospel According to Spiritism, by Allan Kardec, there is a passage which succinctly summarizes what it means to us, once we truly believe in reincarnation:

“The clear and precise idea that one holds of the future life provides and unshakable faith in the future. This faith carries enormous consequences for the moralization of human beings because it completely changes the point of view from which they consider earthly life. For those who through  their thought place themselves in the spirit life, which is limitless, corporeal life is no more than a passage, a brief stay in an ungrateful country. The vicissitudes and tribulations of life are no more than incidents which they bear with patience because they know that they are only of short duration, and that they must be followed by a happier state. Death no longer has anything terrifying about it and it is no longer a door to nothingness, but rather the deliverance that opens the exile the entryway to a dwelling place of happiness and peace. Knowing they are in a temporary, not final situation, they accept the worries of life with more indifference, which results in a composure of spirit that mitigates their afflictions.” [Chapter 2, #5, Point of View,p. 62]

Nothing could be more clear than what is written above. What matters the small problems of life BookCover-Reincarnationagainst an eternity? An immortal existence in a paradise compared to the unhappy state of earth.

To find out more about the process of reincarnation, how you actually take part in planning your life and what is expected of you in this life, please read my book, The Case For Reincarnation – The Path to Perfection.


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