YouTube – Reincarnation – How Your Spirit is Prepared for Birth in a New Body

Reincarnation – How Your Spirit is Prepared for Birth in a New Body. Watch the YouTube video to find out! Click Here.

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Maybe i ‘ ll be there quite soon


I ve got an op ed.
While you may submerge yourself in the depth of the theoritical details and personal experiences of NDEs, OBEs, channelings, psychographies and other regressive or progressive experiences of individuals in the present or the past and just lament, analyse on these, you may very well miss out the actual events of this existence that may influence, or even more determine your form, conditions, characteristics of existence for the next eras and planets. Because it is happening in front of your eyes, so open those eyes. Not the ryes that are circled by fake and unnaturally painted eyebrows, but your own spiritual eyes. The Nether is struggling spewing its venom under any disguise, it is a question of life or death at least perceived for the next long period. Inaction, denial, indifference equals evil on your level. Pizzagate is real. Join the planetary awakening. Jesus Christ pleads his protection upon you.


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