Our Current Pandemic – A Message from the spirit Liel

From the Spirit Liel:

Friends, the disease that scares us is just a tool of conscience for the readjustment of being. In this way any fear of the dark pictures of the moment in which we live must be replaced by the certainty of divine protection and by the understanding that the disease is collective proof for improving the relationship of humanity with the real values ​​of life. Too much materialism, the cult of ego and money are the face of those who at this moment panic, not with the loss of lives but with the possibility of the economic and financial collapse, that will not come because it is not in the interest of the greater world to abruptly change human relations; but rather the awakening of consciousness towards new forms of work and production. Fear is a reflection of the materialistic and greedy minds that have become ill. Do not fear outbreaks or disease. Seek firstly vigilance and understanding over the means of contagion and remember the serenity within yourself that soothes and sustains. Do your part with tranquility and trust in the highest that does not neglect the ways of man, even if man does not perceive his action. Jesus remains ahead of the world and everything is in his enlightened and merciful hands.

Watch and pray.


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