The Pandemic is moving the Earth toward a Goal – A Message from the spirit Araken

From the Spirit Araken:

Psychographed message Thursday, March 12, 2020, during a mediumistic meeting of the Spiritist Fraternity Sister Scheilla Center by the medium Alessandra Miranda Lima.

“The powerful on Earth are faced with something they cannot control.

It is useless to impose physical barriers to something that goes unnoticed by the eyes.

Suddenly, scientists and leaders from around the world are faced with a virus that they cannot explain, that they cannot stop.

In the invisible eyes of the brothers of light, a spectacle of rare beauty is revealed, changing the world scene, reducing the disagreements among peoples, making men return to their homes, in a habit long abandoned by modern society.

In addition to the fear of death, there is the wonderful experience of spiritual renewal.

Mass disincarnations are part of the current panorama of the terrestrial globe. Whether due to biological causes or natural disasters, the time is ripe for change.

This includes the way of thinking, the way man behaves towards others, towards nature, with everything that surrounds him.

Everyone who is affected, directly or indirectly by this virus, is given the opportunity to change. Be it the habits of life, the concepts about earthly existence, and even about the goodness and the prevalence of God’s will over all things.

Finally, the Earth is traveling through the moment of changing its vibratory pattern to enter the Age of Regeneration. All spirits connected to your orb, whether incarnated or disincarnated, are undergoing significant changes to adapt to the new vibrational pattern.

Let us have faith and courage to face these challenging times, certain that everything happens for the progress and for the good of humanity.


Much peace,


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