Go Forth and Be Positive – the World Will Survive and Prosper – from the Spirit Euripedes Barsanulfo

* Out of the Fire, from the medium SUELY CALDAS, has just RECEIVED A MESSAGE FROM THE SPIRIT, EURIPEDES BARSANULFO, regarding the crisis that befalls our people! (Click here to watch the video)

Dear Brothers,

In the face of this crisis that is befallen our people, in the face of this wave of pessimism that is taking over Brazilians, in the face of the clashes that the country is going through, we are inviting all Spiritists to engage in this campaign.

There is an urgent need for faith, hope and optimism to be reborn in the hearts. The wave of pessimism, discredit and discouragement is so great that even those who are well intentioned and aspiring to do something constructive and useful for the country, at any level, find themselves stunted in their purposes, stifled in their desires, hitting insurmountable barriers.

It is necessary to change this spiritual climate. It is imperative that the renewed breath of confidence and faith in the high destinies of our nation, sweeps away the miasmas of discouragement after discouragement. It is necessary to open clearings and spaces for the light of hope to shine. Only through hope will we be able to regain the strength of our suffering and tired people.

Spiritists must not join the ranks of discouragement. We have an unavoidable duty to transmit courage, instill courage, rekindle hopes and awaken faith! Ah! Faith in our future! The certainty that we are destined for a noble mission in the peoples’ concert, but that our hesitation, our neglect can delay. Our responsibility. Our task. We are aware of all this and let ourselves be carried away by discouragement, this virus of unimaginable danger.

Discouragement and their companions, uncertainty and pessimism, go together and spread very subtly, weakening the individual, the groups, the community itself. They are like termites corroding structures in silence. Not infrequently, inflated by disheveled minds, by enemies of progress, by agents of chaos, this virus expands and spreads, contagiously, defeating human beings before the fight. Given this picture of negative forces, any reactions become very difficult. Therefore, it is up to the Spiritists to fight for the transformation of this general state.

Let each Center, each group, each meeting focus on this campaign. May they strive for a renewal of this dark psychosphere and may people who are really suffering and overwhelmed by trials find in our Houses a climate of peace, optimism and hope! That you take our words everywhere. Those who can do it, transmit it through the media.

We need to infect our Movement with these positive forces in order to effectively help our country to grow and move towards progress.

It is these forces that impel the individual to work, to believe in himself, in his own value and ability. It is these forces that lead you to believe and fight for a better future.


My brothers, the world is not a rudderless ship. We know that “Jesus is at the helm!” and that we will not crash. Enough of doubts and uncertainties that only delay progress and hinder work. Let us be supportive, yes, with the pain of our neighbor. Let us do what we can for him. We have an undeniable duty to do so, especially by transmitting the clarification that the Spiritist Doctrine provides. But also, that solidarity exists in our ranks, so that we continue in the blessed work, united and confident in the preparation of the future of peace for all desired. And let us not forget that, if Brazil “is the Heart of the World”, it will only be the “Homeland of the Gospel” if this Gospel is being felt and lived by each one of us.

✨Euripedes Barsanulfo✨

By the medium Suely Caldas Shubert.”

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