A Message from the Spirit Ishmael (The Protector of Brazil) Concerning the Current Pandemic

This is a message from the Spirit Ishmael, who is the Protector Spirit of Brazil. The Spirit Ishmael was the first born of Abraham as mentioned in the Old Testament. This should illustrate to all the care and importance the spirit world takes in leading all life on earth to become a better world. This message is also on YouTube.

I received this in a voice transcript from the Brazilian actress Ana Rosa who is the mother of Patricia, who was the spirit who sent the book “Violets on the Window” to Vera Lucia Marinzeck de Carvalho. I highly recommend this book.

First, how I translated this message into English. I used an audio translation program to record the words written in Portuguese to a word document. Next, I used Google Translator to translate the Brazilian Portuguese into English. Lastly, I cleaned up the translation, since from audio to written Portuguese to English, errors and bad syntax can occur. Therefore, for those who have heard the original audio, please send me comments on any substantial mistakes I may have made. I had to rewrite several sentences to make them more readable by English speaking people and I may have mis-interpreted a concept or two.

Overall, this message conforms to the other messages I have been presenting to an English-speaking audience over the past weeks concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. But there are several interesting points of information we should all analyze.

Message from Ishmael about the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19)

My dear ones. Good Morning. This message received between the 17th and 18th of March 2020 dictated by the spirit Ishmael. My beloved children. with great regret that I speak for this instrument of today because the globe is in emotional collapse generating harmful energy and discharges harmful vibrations to our community, spreading hysteria and fear in our psychosphere, affecting the entire spiritual zone. We on the spiritual plane see this event happening to everyone as in the infamous wars of the last century.

Brothers, keep inner peace, especially if you already have enough understanding, do not let fear make you instruments of discord. Unloving, inferior spirits had been orchestrating several attacks for weeks; some were shunned by divine mercy. However, many people who have been consciously frail, this negative attack was carried out by the incarnated through their negative thoughts, that harmed many at the core of being. We have enlisted all possible resources to contain the advance. However, divine free will in the universe opened the door to yet another expiation. That collective expiation, follows its course in the light of divine laws. As a result, we are doing our best with many prayers for humanity. as well as we sent many phalanxes that came from other areas at the request of our mentors of a higher order who have vast knowledge in cosmic genetics. With the mastery necessary for immediate assistance. in a few days, vaccines will be synthesized and perfected to have plausible effectiveness and distribution in the viral fight.

We sent spirits specializing in helping the sick to recover and reduce the suffering of our beloved brothers who received the most painful discharge in this initial phase of contagion; because over time it loses strength. We take all measures possible and ask in the depths of our hearts to help us and keep us in physical and mental vigilance as it is not only a matter of spread but also of intensity. The person who contracts and maintains the energy vibration in relative balance; you will feel your symptoms less and dramatically decrease your mortality. Many are even imperceptible. It is obvious of course that other factors exist in that equation. However, the factor that increases your mortality is your disordered emotions which decrease your blood cells responsible for immunity. I want to appeal to you, pray a lot, calm the people around you, because God is in control. It is during these hours of crisis that he wants to count on his workers. How many people have passed through time how many miseries have affected humanity? How many disasters have devastated our planet? We have been through it all and we are stronger than ever. This time it will be no different.

We will overcome another obstacle. The inferior spirits I referred to are in need of fear and hysteria so that people are easily manipulated by spreading erroneous messages of fear and aggression and as a result of fear are less able to withstand the virus and these people also spread fear. In this way they are instruments of chaos propagated by not only inferior spirits and other incarnates, but also in the virus itself. Which is attracted by the thought of the emitter dispersed in the spiritual field, because the viruses are also living microorganisms. Here on the spiritual plane they are not confined, they have more freedom to move around. For this reason, we ask you to stop thinking about this problem all the time. It hurts everyone. Try to get on with your lives as much as possible. We are following solid guidelines. Dr. Bezerra de Menezes who works with me with regard to physical, emotional and spiritual illnesses. He begs all of you to take all the necessary precautions, including helping your neighbor. If it is not within you to feel that you should help by staying at home and sending positive prayers as well as words of comfort by electronic means, then please ask Jesus so that He may bless your task on your behalf. If you think you are able to supply a helping hand to those who live through their daily crises; then Jesus blesses you doubly because many are at the mercy of the virus and negative thoughts, and require material and emotional resources supplied by others, such as you.

We understand that nobody is reckless or that he sacrifices himself in the wrong way. What we ask is to help without God helping. We want people who are active and not sick. At this point, we should not criticize anyone’s choice because each person can help in their own way. What would happen to the patient if the doctor refuses to examine him or her. What would be of the doctor without the help of the rescuer who takes the patient to bed. What would happen to the rescuer be without the help of the helping hand that warns the patient waiting until his arrival. Each is part is important to the scale of life and it is not wise to criticize the other. Leave critiquing to the one who judges ultimately and knows all the motives of all actions. Brothers, we work together in the Lord’s work with faith, courage and willpower so that we imperfect beings may be worthy of his mercy and that we can overcome another stage of this beautiful story that is called, rise of the humanity, in the scale of the Universe. Peace and good to everybody. So be it.

End of message

My YouTube video analyzing this message.

Please spread this message to others in your community and help us defeat the negative aspects of the Pandemic. Thanks!

Brian Foster


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