A Message from the Spirit Ishmael (The Protector of Brazil) Concerning the Current Pandemic

This is a message from the Spirit Ishmael, who is the Protector Spirit of Brazil. The Spirit Ishmael was the first born of Abraham as mentioned in the Old Testament. This should illustrate to all the care and importance the spirit world takes in leading all life on earth to become a better world.

I received this in a voice transcript from the Brazilian actress Ana Rosa who is the mother of Patricia, who was the spirit who sent the book “Violets on the Window” to Vera Lucia Marinzeck de Carvalho. I highly recommend this book.

First, how I translated this message into English. I used an audio translation program to record the words written in Portuguese to a word document. Next, I used Google Translator to translate the Brazilian Portuguese into English. Lastly, I cleaned up the translation, since from audio to written Portuguese to English, errors and bad syntax can occur. Therefore, for those who have heard the original audio, please send me comments on any substantial mistakes I may have made. I had to rewrite several sentences to make them more readable by English speaking people and I may have mis-interpreted a concept or two.

Overall, this message conforms to the other messages I have been presenting to an English-speaking audience over the past weeks concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. But there are several interesting points of information we should all analyze.

Message from Ishmael about the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19)

I have provided a link to my site, since this message is quite lengthy – https://nwspiritism.com/2020/04/06/a-message-from-the-spirit-ishmael-the-protector-of-brazil-concerning-the-current-pandemic/


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