Future of Religion

The future will not only alter our culture and technology, but also religion. That which has been set in stone for thousands of years, whether Hindu, Zoroastrian, Islamic, Christian, Buddhism, or any other type of religion or sect will be modified. The fact that a spirit world exists will reawaken our spirituality. When we know with certainty that we are immortal spirits under the guidance of the spirit world – Everything will change. Read More.


Hi Brian hooked on your shows started watching them as u look a lot like my father who’s also named Brian
I’m keen to know spiritism’s take on microchip to buy & sell vaccinations mark of the beast and all that sort of thing watch all your shows on youtube can’t recall 1 on this subject a show on it would be fascinating


    Hi Kent,

    I am so happy you discovered Spiritism. You may be interested in the Apocalypse according to Spiritism, where I cover the mark of the beast – https://nwspiritism.com/your-destiny/the-apocalypse-according-to-spiritism/

    I believe our guardian spirits in heaven know full well about our vaccines and the overall good that they do, but they also know about some side-affects. One of the near death experiences that I wrote about has a prophecy that the use of internal micro-chips in our bodies will go too far and the spirit world will have to intervene. We shall see.



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