Message from the Spirit Bezerra de Menezes – Prayer for Family Unity – During our time of Quarantine

Below is a message from the Bezerra de Menezes Team, they have a web site with messages from Bezerra de Menezes – Here is the address of the site (it’s all in Portuguese) –

Link to message in Portuguese:

Bezerra de Menezes was a Brazilian doctor and politician who stunned Brazil’s society when he declared himself to be a Spiritist in August 1886. He is credited with the first growth of Spiritism in Brazil. He died in 1900, ten years later Chico Xavier was born to continue with the work of establishing Spiritism in Brazil.


Prayer for Family Unity

Blessed be our lives,

Praising God our Father,

Every day of our walk,

United in the family angle,

To carry out our earthly journey,


We fulfill the sacred role, oh! Sir,

To walk the paths of life,

From birth to the return to the spiritual homeland,

With the divine mission of evolution,

Progressing step by step, in our earthly march,


We were all born into the family, Beloved Father,

United in blood ties,

To facilitate joint evolution,

Of the members of this lineage of people,

Around higher purposes,


Nobody is born, Lord God,

In a family community by chance,

Because each member of the intimate caste,

It has a relevant role to play,

In everyone’s evolution,


Knowing yourself, generous Heavenly Father,

That the threads that weave personal relationships,

Among members of the same family,

They keep reasons prior to their existence,

Now of feelings of affection, and spontaneous friendship,

But sometimes out of indifference or disgust,

And other times, of great disagreements and hatred,

Without apparent explanations,


We know how to treat ourselves, Lord God,

Of the fulfillment of your purposes,

Where no disagreement from the past,

You can never be without a friendly resolution,

Or even awarding good spirits,

Who are reunited in the bonds of love,

Conquered in previous lives,


Thus creating, generous Lord,

The conditions for renewing opportunities,

For all members of this new earthly family,

Now as challenges, now as tribulation,

Helping each other,

In the sacred task of everyone’s spiritual evolution,


Family unity, Beloved Heavenly Father,

It will be the basis for overcoming difficulties,

And the easiest way to solve problems,

Forming the ideal conditions,

From this group of spirits who were reborn,

To progress together on the path of life,


We know, Sir,

That there will be times of difficulties and sadness,

As well as moments of joy and satisfaction,

The moments of discouragement and weakness,

And the moments of courage and motivation,


In all these situations, generous God,

Family unity will be the difference,

Between success and failure, facing life,

But mainly before you, our Father,


Aware of these divine purposes, dear God,

We pray to you, by faith and merit,

Bless our family angle,

So that, united around mutual love and respect,

United around forgiveness and tolerance,

United in common goals,

We can progress in life,

In the moral, material and spiritual direction,


We ask, generous Father,

May you mobilize your angels and missionaries,

To assist us in this great endeavor,

That has enormous challenges and difficulties,

But that, with perseverance,

And with the help of our spirit guides,

We will go through successfully,

Our journey of life,

United in the family,


We know, however, Lord God,

That to overcome such challenges,

Each member of the family,

You will have to make your own intimate change,

Overcoming hurt and selfishness,

Moral imperfections, envies and intolerances,

And surrendering to brotherly love,

And generous charity to the other members,

To strengthen the family angle,

And the progressive evolution along the journey,


So be it,



Dr. Adolfo Bezerra de Menezes


Ari Lima

Bezerra de Menezes Team


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