Message from the Spirit Dr. Bezerra de Menezes – We Will Understand the Reason for the Pandemic After the Fact

Below is a message from the spirit Dr. Bezerra de Menezes. It is from the medium Divaldo France on March 16th, 2020.

Jesus, my children, is the zenith and nadir of our speculations. We have never been in greater need of this beloved Shepherd and never has humanity shown so much love as in these days. The love of nature in its most varied expressions. In this love for nature, for everything that lives and vibrates in nature, our brothers on the biological scale. Furthermore, our enemies, our friends and brothers, there has never been such a beautiful and noble awareness of Jesus’ sayings, because it did not leave us alone, it allowed the luminous stars to fall from the heavens on Earth in the post-French revolution darkness that would stimulate the world to songs of freedom throughout the Americas, breaking the chains of colonialism that humanity still somehow imposes on needy society. At no time was Jesus so exalted, so striven for, and that deserves our reflection.

Let us exult and not fear, death is not the end, it is the great liberator of carnal slavery. Do not worry too much about the pandemic presence of the virus, whose moment will later be understood in its reasons, in its origins and in why it has now reached us causing panic and pain. You who know Jesus, maintain respect for the laws, seeking the precautions recommended by the health authorities, but do not hide the helping hand from the sufferers. Do not deny the word of liberation to those who are preparing to face immortality. Do not leave where you were placed in a useless and deceptive attempt to prevent contamination. Seek intimate purity and, above all, nourish yourself with dynamic, courageous and gentle faith, loving everyone, avoiding the passions that divide, and the experiences that unite.

Today, perhaps, more than ever, Jesus needs your hands, to speak through your lips, to feel the warmth of your compassion and the mercy of your feelings. The great antidote to all ills is responsible love, dynamic love, love that gives and is not concerned with receiving even the smile of the beneficiary. Do not think that you are alone, the heavens send their ambassadors so that the exchange between the incarnated and the disincarnated is much easier. Take care that your mental waves are synchronized with the minds that manage lives and avoid descending your thoughts to the pages of agony where the outrageous forces that are producing pain due to the planet’s evolution are to be found. Go, as Jesus said to the five hundred of Galilee, and preach by example, by the enlightened word and by the example of self-denial. The living forces of the Universe are with us in sweet exchange with you. Go and love! In the name of the Spiritist Spirits, we plead, oh Lord, to bless us and keep us in peace. These are the vows of the Humble and Paternal Servants.

Medium: Divaldo Franco

Spirit: Dr. Bezerra de Menezes

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