Message from the Spirit realm – We Have an Urgent Need to Love One Another

Message sent by the spirit: Brother Guilherme. Received on April 25th, 2020 at the Semente Cristã Spiritist Center. The medium was Mario Lúcio Marinho

Time advances, the time of eternity. The struggle for good against evil advances in transformative intentions. Never has man needed so much balance and common sense to guide himself in the face of life’s struggles. The sun of transcendental revelations appears on the horizon, where the search for the spiritualization of being becomes a matter of life and not death.

Despite the sublime light of our sun that emerges every morning, man still travels in the shadows of himself; it is prudent to recognize the time of change, investing in knowledge that will free him from the bonds of unthinking and destructive acts of greater values. Even though it navigates in the shadows of ignorance, the human creature is protected under the Laws of love, justice and mercy of God, which never ceases to provide opportunities for the resumption of the lessons not learned.

As long as it does not light up completely, removing any trace of obscurity from itself, the angelic being by nature will continue to carry in his soul the hardships of pain and suffering, inevitable for the circumstantial and meritorious repair, within the grand Law of readjustment, of the cause and effect.

Experiencing the now with fruitful reflections on the past, embracing the future with the certainty of doing better today, are the precious notes that we must face in ourselves, to create the harmonious and fruitful field for the splendid reach of the good news of Jesus and definitive construction of the Kingdom of God in us.

There is an urgent investment in loving one’s neighbor as oneself, an unshakable faith that can face reason face to face in every age of humanity. Then, only in this way, man will recover in himself the title of man of the third millennium, of the world of regeneration, where good will prevail over evil and of the earth fertile with love, the message of the new Age will flourish.

By the spirit: Brother Guilherme


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