What is the Hierarchy of Spirits? – Third Order – Imperfect Spirits

umbra-nossaLarThird Order spirits are the least advanced spirits around the sphere of earth. They exist close to the surface, a little above and below the crust. Many walk around us in everyday life; observing and participating. Third Order spirits are those of us who have left this life in either one or more in these conditions (I have created broad categories): Read More.

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How are you “really” assisting your audience members to explore these alternate states of reality?

Or are you?

Lawrence J. Carson II

Conscious Mind Research


Meridian (Boise) Idaho

IQ’s & IA’s

“Only Intelligent Questions …

Attract and Discern …Intelligent Answers.”

IQ #1 à “Did you choose your belief systems …

or did they choose you?”

Lawrence Carson – at a 2011 Seminar:

“On Navigating the Geography of The Mind.”

1 – Small Me

Summary Bio:

Lawrence Carson was trained at ARCO Idaho and then served as a Nuclear Electrician on a Polaris Nuclear Sub; A CPA in both public and corporate accounting; Held the SEC’s series 7 & 63 licensures; Created NYSE’s first performance based, directed trading system; Served as Program Director and board member for Idaho’s American Society for Training & Development; Founded Boise Global Finance Alliance; Co-founded Boise’s non-profit Spectrum Trainings – a human awareness expanding program. He served as Chairman for American Samoa’s and Executive Director for Idaho’s Public Employee Pension System Turnarounds; Worked as a Change and Transition Coach for over 550 Coast-to-Coast U.S. based companies; became a Certified NLP Practitioner. And that constituted his identification with the library of his ego’s mind.

And then he experienced an amazing and bazar “Out Of Body Experience” (OBE) merging within the timeless infinite state of Singularity’s “Essence,” coaxed out by a brilliant Celestial Tour Guide letting him experience three alternative Universal Libraries of Reality … three massively different States of Being. The “Awakening of Awareness” has no equal, has no limits, and has infinite freedoms from and freedoms to.

Then a short time thereafter Lawrence was asked to live at the bottom of the Grand Canyon for two years while serving as the CFO & Executive Director for the Havasupai Tribal Nation assisting them in turning around their financial meltdown.

And once again, while living within the canyon with these incredible Indigenous Peoples … something very bizarre began to happen again – something deep within began to escort him on a very different expedition into . . . “The Geography Of The Mind” … the Ontology of Our Collective Universe.

And so this research continues to this very day by offering exploratory workshops for those already equipped with the levels of curiosity, courage, commitment and compassion to help our world transcend and evolve.

If interested in your own self-awareness discoveries &transcendence read:

1 – Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth”

2 – Childre & Rozman’s “Transforming Anxiety”

3 – Dilts, Hallbom & Smith “Beliefs – Pathways to Health & Well Being”

4 – Andreas “Core Transformations Reaching the Wellspring Within”

5 – Hawkins “Transcending The Levels of Consciousness”


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