New book on Audible – The 1000 Year March – Toward a Just Society – Order your audio book

My latest book, The 1000 Year March – Toward a Just Society, has finally arrived in audio format. Click here to order your Audible book today.

“The development of these ideas (Spiritism) present three distinct periods. The first is that of curiosity, excited by the strangeness of the phenomena produced; the second, that of reasoning and philosophy; the third, that of applications and consequences.” (Allan Kardec)

We are in the third period of the Third Revelation, that of Application and Consequences. Hence, the excitement has been worn off during the early heady years of Allan Kardec, the Doctrine has been discussed and further defined by the books of Leon Denis, Francisco (Chico) C. Xavier, Yvonne Pereira, Divaldo Franco and other mediums. Now it is the time to start applying the Doctrine, to not only our daily lives but to transform the world.

What should happen when more and more people believe in the Doctrine of Spiritism? Do we collectively continue on as before? A mass market for consumers, while the media feeds us moral relativism? Absolutely not – as Spiritist, we must begin the transformation from a planet of atonement to a world of regeneration. A world of respect and justice, without martial conflicts.  Sounds easy, but extremely difficult to implement. And it must be a gradual and non-violent evolution. For the end does not justify the means. The means (love, charity, fraternity, respect, and honor) justify the end, for that is the only path which adheres to what we have learned.

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